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  1. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER *Pokes his head in* I found a kinda fun idle RPG game that I wanted to share: s2.sfgame.us/index.php?rec=59008 An Idle RPG basically involves setting your character on a quest or a task and waiting real time while everything is done automatically. You control buying weapons and armor and spending money to improve your statistics. These days when I have little time, low key games are all I can handle. I created a guild. The guild benefit is straight forward. You can donate gold to the guild that is used to improve one of three features. You can improve your gold earning rate, exp earning rate, and the maximum size of your guild. I have a guild with 7 open spots +10% Gold and +2 XP. If anyone joins the game and is interested, give me your in game name and I'll invite.
  2. Re: 6th Edition Books on eReader? The issue is that I'm trying to find out how well they load to determine if the .pdf is a good investment or not. If I had a .pdf of one of the books, I could simply plug it in and load it up.
  3. I have a Sony PRS-700 eReader. I love it. I've been thinking about picking up the 6th Edition books for my eReader but before I do so, I wonder if anyone has used them on the Sony eReader and, if so, how well do they load and display?
  4. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER You act like you have a choice anymore.
  5. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER We provide the bullet to put you out of your misery if you need medical assistance.
  6. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER How about mook chef?
  7. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Perhaps a promotion is in order. I will see if the budget has room to raise you to the level of "Mook".
  8. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER Yeah. Gaming has all but disappeared from my life since the move. I tried to get into a LARPing group but that has started to become a big disappointment. Real life has really taken over things for me.
  9. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER A challenge appears!
  10. Re: The cranky thread Got hit in the head by a beer can walking home from work. My flash drive failed and I lost over two weeks of editing. I'm cranky but not as cranky as I would otherwise be. I guess that means I've become happier with life again.
  11. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far This should be enough of a change that I can convince my housemate to start playing Hero. She hates math and complicated systems. Also the impact this has on things like Drain is wonderful. This makes things so much simpler to figure out and calculate mid-game. I have to admit that I like it.
  12. As with all of my campaigns, there are spoilers. Players in my game should avoid reading the thread. I've got this wonderfully interesting world under creation for my next campaign. I'm not far along yet with the campaign design but I'd like to share what I have now. Fantasy Side: Morality 2 - Good and Evil are easy to identify but not always Realism 2 - Romantic Outlook 2 - Almost Everything Works Out Seriousness 1 - Campy or Fantastic Continuity 4 - Mostly serial The Flip Side: Morality 2 - Good and Evil are easy to identify but not always Realism 3 - Neutral Outlook 4 - Success is rare Seriousness 3 - Some ironic humor Continuity 4 - Mostly serial I'll be running the game from the "Fantasy Side" of things but keeping into consideration what is going on with the flip side. Arca is a very, very large space ark. The keepers of the ark were collectors that went from world to world collecting a variety of alien species to put into a special habitat. One day, one of the species they acquired managed to "escape" the ark and broke it. Fantasy Side: Arca appears to be a single continent on a flat earth. The ocean flows off the edge of the world in all directions leaving all species in this giant island. Their is a sun, weather, and all of the fun expectations of a fantasy world. Playable races include three tribes of elves, three tribes of dwarves, sirens, lolcats, and orly's (a sentient owl species). I'm open to new race ideas as well. The Flip Side: Arca is a broken space ship adrift. Fortunately most of the residents of the zoo haven't realized that the colony connected to the space zoo has been exposed and over run by alien life forms. This is a post-apocalyptic setting with the only playable race being humans.
  13. Re: Feudalistic Concerns I'm not ready to shell out 8.00 for that right now. Besides, I've got so much material together now, I think I'm good for at least a few months of games. I have some great plans for this game.
  14. Re: Feudalistic Concerns That's a mighty good resource! Thanks!
  15. Re: Feudalistic Concerns It looks like between Markdoc, Cancer, and my own additional research, I have all of the information I needed. In case anyone is curious, I'm working on a Robin Hood-style campaign. The similarities are few. The players are outlaws in a large forest that is relatively the same size as Sherwood forest (I'm calling it Shirewood which was the original name of Sherwood). The King is away at war against a great necromancer army in the south. The king's brother is equally compared to the way modern Robin Hood depictions speak of Prince John. There is no Maid Marion, Sheriff of Nottingham, Nottingham, or even Robin Hood. It is up to the players to figure out how they want to go with the game.
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