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  1. Somehow, I've managed to be lucky in that I haven't even had to take a Covid test yet. I need to get a booster. I tried to get one a few weeks ago, but the girl working the pharmacy counter couldn't figure out how to process my insurance card to recognize me as covered. I haven't attempted to reschedule yet. I attribute my luck to leveraging my current job role to a permanent WFH and keeping my social engagements to individuals who are responsible. The closest call I had to exposure were at a LARP event where someone showed up with the 'VID that didn't let anyone know, but being an outdoor event, it was a low exposure risk. I was lucky, two others at the event were not so lucky.
  2. The wife and I were talking about this today. She-Hulk has been the worst of the Disney+ marvel shows and the first I've struggled to watch. This episode was a much, much needed relief. The chemistry between the two was great and I actually really enjoyed the episode up until Daredevil left and it just dropped again. Tatiana is spinning gold with what she's being given, but she isn't being given much to work with.
  3. Here you go. A portion of my Idoneth Deepkin army freshly magnetized.
  4. Please tell me where these candidates are. We can't seem to get any interest in a lot for the positions we have.
  5. I suppose it depends on the tech sector. We don't care about degrees, only the certificates that you have.
  6. Does my every growing expansion of Age of Sigmar models count as toys?
  7. Ex-girlfriend. Broke up with her after she beat up my boss, Thanos. That was before he nuked half the population.
  8. The closest you got was granting me storm summoning powers. I might have been responsible for Ivan.
  9. You could easily say the last strike was effective. I found an idle game and then disappeared for ten years. That's pretty impressive.
  10. Respectfully speaking, I'd rather that not be the case.
  11. That is most unfortunate to hear. I'm afraid to ask who because I honestly really love the people in this community.
  12. Life got interesting for the last decade. I could have sworn I came back here recently (in the last two years or so) and I poked my head in, but my post history suggests otherwise. But yes, I'm alive and well.
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