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  1. Re: Final Fantasy HERO Actually... Merging all Final Fantasy games on Ivalice would be a fun project now that I think about it. I know the races, I know the classes and powers, and the maps would be easy to reproduce.
  2. I brought my headphones to work tonight so during the slow parts (almost the entire night) I have been able to watch some videos on Google Video. I figured I'd start a thread for people to share random videos. An amusing Final Fantasy Sequence: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4511700021036249808 A guy lights his fart on fire: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=6304447980554417691 A funny counterstrike video with someone whining because he can't get into the vents (NSFW): http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7118750192530790377
  3. Re: Hero is broken I hate vehicles. In an upcoming article for Digital Hero I briefly contemplated building a vehicle in addition to the character I included. After trying to approach it six different ways, I just decided it wasn't going to happen and stopped trying to make the vehicle.
  4. Re: Standard Deviation and Intelligence I think the reason isn't even a matter of Standard Deviation. Though your StDev agrees with my assertion. I feel that INT starts to break down the system somewhere above 30 or 35. This is mostly because INT is a 1 pt skill and is used for Perception rolls and most skills. 5 XP get you a +1 to all of your INT based full skills and Perception rolls. With 51 points being the very beginning of superhuman intelligence you are talking all INT based skills an PER rolls starting off with a 19- meaning you need to throw down an eight or less penalty
  5. This is an experiment. What we have is an attempt by me to create the longest running, NON game thread. Our record to beat, is the Catsuit thread. Quite a challange. And we are going to have to keep this thing as best we can. Threads and Tangents are welcome. Getting it locked is not desired. Now all we need is a launching point. What does everyone feel about the Red Sox "Curse"? And are you aware that this year Stephen King is going to every game and will be writing a book about the season.
  6. I for one, will never run a game less than 25+25 at start. I tell you, you get some unique characters when you limit people to that many points.
  7. It didn't strike me as too superhero like. However, I can also see where people are coming from. Having said that, these people are wrong.
  8. I have some fantasy hero characters from some playtesting I did for FH. The characters actually turned out quite good considering I prefer 25+25 games. My wife created a fae that is miniscule with Invisibility to Group Sight Always on. She has little combat she can do now but her ability to help the group is monumental and her comic relief potential is not lacking either. One of the players did an interesting twist. He created a farmer who has minor priest abilities. He can call rain after 6 hours of prayer and he can bless crops. Another player went with a simple archer con
  9. Oh yeah, well D&D 3rd is broken because Monks can jump themselves into orbit at like 12th level.
  10. Heh, you couldn't discourage me on my writing skills. Thanks for the input though, appreciated that the first response wasn't "Webpage" or keep it to yourself.
  11. My pursuits to run a fantasy game have led me to an interesting point. I have begun to design a very detailed city. The City of Chrystis is so well detailed (or at least heading in such a way) that I can tell you the names of ever member of the assissins guild (as well as what poisons they have access to) and have write-ups for the normal, poor, and rich average folk. I can tell you the "alignment" of the Thieves' Guild and can give precise detail to the patrons of the three different taverns. I also have plans to create a random chart for who is in each of the taverns at any given point.
  12. Am I correct that if a Mentalist has a Mind Scan lock on to a target he cannot use Mind Control on the target unless the Mind Control is bought telepathic?
  13. Disabling Techniques are covered in the UMA on pg. 157. It is a special move using normal techniques. If you don't want this to count as a crack like you are refering to, than you most likely want to build it as a new power that makes use of a Major Transform.
  14. Well, I want simpler than Shadowrun (i.e. the game doesn't focus on the Decker for an hour while everyone else is bored) but more complex than Hero (one skill to hack them all).
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