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Another Possible HPA In The Works: Born To Be Wild

Steve Long

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Re: Another Possible HPA In The Works: Born To Be Wild


As a variant of something mentioned by Lord L. --- someone who willingly "goes native". I.e., someone who takes up some of the local native peoples' behaviors/mores/habits. T.E. Lawrence is the textbook example, though he actually didn't take up that many habits, and gladly laid them aside. I'm thinking more someone who has pretty much or completely gone to "native" mores.


Anything thing: "realistic" Swinging. Seriously, is there always a vine at hand, and can it always hold the (N)PC's weight? Of course, dramatic sense outweighs nitpickery, but it would be nice to have a discussion of what will pass the verisimilitude "test". ;)

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Re: Another Possible HPA In The Works: Born To Be Wild


Sorry' date=' there's no way I'm writing realistic rules for anything for Pulp, especially jungle swinging. I've seen too many Tarzan TV shows. ;)[/quote']


I was referring to, as the big word says, verisimilitude. That's all. ;)

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On 1/13/2009 at 11:05 AM, BobGreenwade said:

Re: Another Possible HPA In The Works: Born To Be Wild


One other thing I'd like to see in this, and I think it'd fit here better than probably anywhere else: A Neanderthal Racial Package Deal. They've appeared as character sheets in a couple of places (a printed book and an HPA as I recall), but what if I want a Neanderthal PC?

Here is my take on a 5red Neanderthal Player Character Package Deal. It costs - (minus) 1 or 0 Points, the difference based on whether Normal Characteristic Maxima is used.


Neanderthals were apex predators. They had a more robust and stocky build than modern humans, thicker bones supporting more muscle. Neanderthals are estimated to be six times stronger than humans. They were less prone to dental cavities than modern man, but due to low population, more likely to have birth defects. Their technology was sophisticated, including Mediterranean seafaring. 




21 STR 

10 DEX

10 CON


8 INT; brain case size within modern human range. More brain tissue was devoted to bodily maintenance and control, and, consequently, the cognitive areas of the brain were proportionally smaller than in modern humans.

10 EGO

10 PRE


4 PD

2 ED



20 END



Every Neanderthal SKILLS: Climbing, Concealment, Native Language (No Literacy), Paramedics, One PS at 11- (job, usually Hunter/Gatherer), Shadowing, Stealth.


POWERS                                                                                                                     COST   END

Nightvision, +4 vs. Darkness Modifiers,                                                  5

much larger occipital lobe

Rudimentary Life Support, Safe Environment,                                        1

Cold Environments, hyperarctic physique

+1" (+2m) Running, higher proportion of fast-twitch muscle fibers      2 

and faster muscle contraction




Distinctive Features: Neanderthal; stocky, sloping forehead,                -10

large brow ridge, eyes, nose, and jaw, reduced chin,  

short arms and legs, Concealable

Physical Limitation: -1 Scent PER: smaller olfactory bulb                        -5

Physical Limitation: x2 Long Term Endurance cost for                            -5

Running; longer heel bones

Social Limitation: No Everyman Social Skills, no Literacy                        -5



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