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  1. Leash Your Dog Today is the fourth anniversary of the Central Park Birdwatcher Incident. Amy Cooper, a white woman, called the police on Christian Cooper (no relation), a Black birdwatcher, after he asked her to leash her dog in Central Park, as required. Ms. Cooper dragged her dog, a cocker spaniel, by its collar. She called the police and lied, stating her life was threatened by an African-American man. His video of the encounter was posted to Twitter by his sister, and Ms. Cooper's actions were widely criticized. She was convicted of filing a false felony report and lost her dog and her job.
  2. On this day in 2019, the deepest point on land on Earth is identified under the Denman Glacier in east Antarctica at 3.5 km (11,500 ft.) below sea level.
  3. Chuck Norris doesn't wear Sunblock - the Sun wears Chuckblock.
  4. Bruce Lee had a vegan brother - Broco Lee Happy Thanksgiving
  5. Today, The Lone Ranger drama television series debuted in 1949 on the ABC network. The American Western drama continued to 1957, with Clayton Moore in the starring role. Jay Silverheels, a member of the Mohawk Aboriginal people in Canada, played The Lone Ranger's Indian companion Tonto.
  6. On this day in 2020, astronomers report possible sign of life on Venus, after detecting phosphene in the planet's atmosphere by telescope.
  7. On this day in 1773, Benjamin Franklin wrote, "There never was a good war or bad peace."
  8. 1837: pharmacists John Lea and William Perrins manufacture Whatsthishere sauce, ok, ok, Worcestershire sauce for the first time. Store brand, other brands and private label versions are often inferior, because their main ingredient is water.
  9. 1949: Captain Video & His Video Rangers debuts on DUMONT-TV. It is television's first science fiction series.
  10. Give the Players What They Paid For Example 2: I bought two levels of Striking Appearance for my Player Character, The Lady of the Lake, last Autumn. I mentioned to our crew that she is very attractive, moreso than most have met in person, adding an excerpt from Lord Byron: She walks in beauty, like the night Of cloudless climes and starry skies; And all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes; Thus mellowed to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies. We have seen her repeatedly in combat wielding a sword, without ever taking it out of the scabbard. She hosts monthly dinner parties. Among the invitees are underemployed migrant workers. Leftovers to go are always available. She performs a wide range of solo fantastic live music there, a different theme each month. Did any of this provoke overt admiration? Not in the slightest. Who should take the lead in this role-playing opportunity? The Game Master. This could include; abnormal lack of use of cell phones near her, except taking her photo children asking her to wait for them to grow up so they can marry her staring at her with dilated pupils stuttering when talking to her someone heard asking her for a date _____________________ (fill in the blank) Art: Lady of the Lake 2 by janaschi Update: just now, our GM agreed to take this into account.
  11. Give the Players what they paid for. Example 1: I played Captain America, with a positive Reputation: WW II hero, strives for the American dream. Another Player chose Super Patriot, aka John Walker, an additional character from Marvel Comics. Super Patriot has superhuman strength and stamina. He mocks Captain America, saying Cap is an tired old warhorse who should be put out to pasture. Super Patriot makes such snide remarks every game session. Our Game Master privately expressed concern about these slurs. "Hey, that's on you, GM," I replied. "You knew what personality Super Patriot has before you allowed him in our game. There's some slack on your part, in not having Non Player Characters express their admiration of Cap - ever. You should do so at least once every game session- large amounts of daily fan mail, a cop directing traffic sees Cap and says thank you for helping his grandfather who served in Europe with the Big Red One, etc.
  12. Game Masters should only call for a Player dice roll if the outcome of it provides an interesting result to the game. Example 1: our heroes are leisurely Climbing a building, with tools, out of combat. All else being equal: automatic success. In the above example, there is no time specified. Remember, certain tasks take more than a Phase to complete unless a penalty is included. Example 2: Gone in 60 Seconds, car theft; no penalty to Security Systems roll if a minute or more is allotted to this task. If there is no car alarm, surveillance, time constraint, etc, automatic success for taking a minute plus to steal the car.
  13. 1844: Samuel Morse taps out "What hath God wrought" in the world's first telegraph message.
  14. 1994; Nelson Mandela is sworn in as South Africa's first black president.
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