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  1. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


    *Pokes his head in*


    I found a kinda fun idle RPG game that I wanted to share: s2.sfgame.us/index.php?rec=59008


    An Idle RPG basically involves setting your character on a quest or a task and waiting real time while everything is done automatically. You control buying weapons and armor and spending money to improve your statistics. These days when I have little time, low key games are all I can handle.


    I created a guild. The guild benefit is straight forward. You can donate gold to the guild that is used to improve one of three features. You can improve your gold earning rate, exp earning rate, and the maximum size of your guild. I have a guild with 7 open spots +10% Gold and +2 XP. If anyone joins the game and is interested, give me your in game name and I'll invite.

  2. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    All the other Characteristics will remain, but none of them will be "Figured," i.e. derived from other Characteristics. They'll all start with a base value that must be bought up separately. The costs of some of them have been "tweaked" -- no further details yet.


    OCV, DCV, OECV, and DECV will become separate Characteristics, not derived from DEX and EGO. They'll start with a base value of 3 and will be bought up separately.

    This should be enough of a change that I can convince my housemate to start playing Hero. She hates math and complicated systems.


    Also the impact this has on things like Drain is wonderful. This makes things so much simpler to figure out and calculate mid-game. I have to admit that I like it.

  3. Re: Via Rebooted - 15 Years Later


    I've decided I'm going to do something cool with Gilian. I'm going to recap each week's session by adding to a musical ballad. It is meant to be sung in they way you'd sing a drinking song with people slapping their legs or stomping their drinks. I'm going to start off with a couple of stanza's to start as there is a lot of information to get it established. Each week we run, I'll add one or two stanzas depending on what happens.



    Sit right back and pour another ale

    I'm going to tell you a great big tale

    Its of the Heroes from Shadowdale


    It starts off with a bard it's true

    Who wanted to be a hero and do a thing or two

    But her honesty kept getting in the way

    Twice she found herself taken away

    Once by bandits who felt kind of bold

    Once by a baron that was cruel and old


    Off Gillian set on a simple errand

    And there she met a young boy named Aaron

    He desperately wanted to hear the young bard play

    So he, to the tavern, went on that day


    But he did hear some men plot and conspire

    They called themselves Children of the Vampire

    Aaron left to warn Gillian of the plot on her

    But before he could, out stepped Connor


    He threw up his fists as they drew their swords

    And to the floor they went like boards

    But Connor was one and outnumbered 's he

    Even though a few of 'em had started to flee


    But along game the third hero of our tale

    Hope, daughter of Flora, whose skin was rather pale

    She game to him and fought by his side

    It wasn't long before they turned around the battle tide


    Having defeat all of the men they fought

    off to the bard the heroes went and sought

    She listened intently to the evil plan

    And they worked together to defeat the earless man


    Late at night did the Children strike

    But never before an ambush had they seen the like

    Pretty soon they were once again defeated

    And their evil plot was completely unseated


    This hardly concluded the end of the tail

    For these persistent men were made of fail

    They came back later and abducted the boy, Aaron

    Why is it all bad guys seem to behave like an evil Baron?






    / yeah, its crap but who cares. :)

  4. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it...


    What does that expression mean? I've only heard it as a movie title.


    And I didn't even see the movie.

    Coyote Ugly in its original context means this:


    Waking up with someone extremely ugly asleep on your arm, realizing what a mistake you have made and eating off your own arm to prevent any risk of waking them while you are still there.

  5. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it...


    . . . Did you really mean that? 'Cus some plaques are really hard to avoid.

    Yes but you should go out of your way, doing anything possible TO avoid seeing it. Make an excuse, get a friend to call you and pretend your father died. Do ANYTHING you can to avoid seeing that movie. Heck, Coyote Ugly your own arm if it will get you out of it.

  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...


    Quotes from last night's Lab Work episode:


    GM: Describing a 13-year old boy in a homemade costume with a bow and a quiver of arrows, "He's smaller than you."

    Striking Tiger: "Than a Japanese girl?"



    Later on, regarding the same superhero:

    Singirl: "*sigh* Omnipresent, what are the laws on underage civilians helping out supers?"



    Striking Tiger is in an office room where two terrorists are talking. She rolls a 16 on her stealth roll and bumps into a cabinet. For some reason, I asked her if she was in costume or not (trying to determine if they would mistake her for a hostage or not).

    Striking Tiger: "I would have to be in-costume. I'm not Brick."



    While I was up getting something to drink, Alice started talking about the character requirements for her 15-years later game. Mandy decided she was going to play the daughter of her current character. Mandy's current character is very, well, emo and traditionally she plays short characters.

    Mandy: "My next character isn't going to be like that, she's going to be made of sugar and spice and everything nice."

    Me:"Don't you mean short and pale and full of fail?"



    The Infiniteens have been dispatched to deal with a 8 story tall Labrador puppy.

    Singirl: Okay, we need a giant stick . . . or a frisbee."



    Singirl: "Who's driving?"

    Brick: "I am."



    Brick: (I think) "Can we get some sort of pitch only dogs can here . . . ?"

    The rest of us give him very perplexed looks as we realize it was a serious question.



    After having been chased by the lab all through town, the puppy finally catches up to the Infiniteens flying vehicle (currently nicknamed The Short Bus) and chomps down on it:

    Singirl: "Bad dog! Drop it!"



    After having knocked out the giant lab, Singirl jumps onto the public broadcast channel of her radio:

    Singirl: "Okay, we need some animal control out here."


    Animal control arrives before any other emergency services. The guy takes one look at the giant, unconscious puppy and decides to turn around and leave.

    Singirl: "Okay, we need some animal control with a really, really big truck."

  7. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


    You can obtain a Sword of the Reaper without using the Party House.


    To do so, you need to first gain access to the Reaper Missions. Second, you need TicTac and Robogirl and complete the "Tictac and Robogirl have a Sneak Plan" mission. Once you have the Soul Candy, you will unlock "A Voice Beckons". The first mission is a 10/6 Gen mission. The second part requires letting yourself lose 2 levels in Gen, Nin, and Tai. However, this gets you the Sword of the Reaper which GIVES you +2 levels. So while your Character Level drops by 6, your levels with your rolls remains the same.

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