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  1. Re: Longest Running Thread EVER


    *Pokes his head in*


    I found a kinda fun idle RPG game that I wanted to share: s2.sfgame.us/index.php?rec=59008


    An Idle RPG basically involves setting your character on a quest or a task and waiting real time while everything is done automatically. You control buying weapons and armor and spending money to improve your statistics. These days when I have little time, low key games are all I can handle.


    I created a guild. The guild benefit is straight forward. You can donate gold to the guild that is used to improve one of three features. You can improve your gold earning rate, exp earning rate, and the maximum size of your guild. I have a guild with 7 open spots +10% Gold and +2 XP. If anyone joins the game and is interested, give me your in game name and I'll invite.

  2. Re: 6th Edition Books on eReader?


    The issue is that I'm trying to find out how well they load to determine if the .pdf is a good investment or not. If I had a .pdf of one of the books, I could simply plug it in and load it up.


    The best e-reader that I saw the 6e books on was the Kindle DX. Even then the display was slow and the ability to zoom in close was lacking. The Nook blows apart the PDF's formatting in favor of showing the text so ends up worthless for the display of PDF's like the 6e books.


    I would recommend finding someplace that has a demo of the reader, loading the 6e books on a flash card and see how it performs.


    So far the only reader like device that does a good job at Displaying the books is the iPad. The iPad allows gesture based zooming and scrolling of the books. It also switches very quickly to landscape mode for easier reading of the full page width. So far it's the only thing outside of a laptop that makes the PDF books actually usable/readable.

  3. Re: The cranky thread


    Got hit in the head by a beer can walking home from work. My flash drive failed and I lost over two weeks of editing. I'm cranky but not as cranky as I would otherwise be. I guess that means I've become happier with life again. :)

  4. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far


    All the other Characteristics will remain, but none of them will be "Figured," i.e. derived from other Characteristics. They'll all start with a base value that must be bought up separately. The costs of some of them have been "tweaked" -- no further details yet.


    OCV, DCV, OECV, and DECV will become separate Characteristics, not derived from DEX and EGO. They'll start with a base value of 3 and will be bought up separately.

    This should be enough of a change that I can convince my housemate to start playing Hero. She hates math and complicated systems.


    Also the impact this has on things like Drain is wonderful. This makes things so much simpler to figure out and calculate mid-game. I have to admit that I like it.

  5. As with all of my campaigns, there are spoilers. Players in my game should avoid reading the thread.


    I've got this wonderfully interesting world under creation for my next campaign. I'm not far along yet with the campaign design but I'd like to share what I have now.


    Fantasy Side:

    Morality 2 - Good and Evil are easy to identify but not always

    Realism 2 - Romantic

    Outlook 2 - Almost Everything Works Out

    Seriousness 1 - Campy or Fantastic

    Continuity 4 - Mostly serial


    The Flip Side:

    Morality 2 - Good and Evil are easy to identify but not always

    Realism 3 - Neutral

    Outlook 4 - Success is rare

    Seriousness 3 - Some ironic humor

    Continuity 4 - Mostly serial



    I'll be running the game from the "Fantasy Side" of things but keeping into consideration what is going on with the flip side.


    Arca is a very, very large space ark. The keepers of the ark were collectors that went from world to world collecting a variety of alien species to put into a special habitat. One day, one of the species they acquired managed to "escape" the ark and broke it.


    Fantasy Side:

    Arca appears to be a single continent on a flat earth. The ocean flows off the edge of the world in all directions leaving all species in this giant island. Their is a sun, weather, and all of the fun expectations of a fantasy world. Playable races include three tribes of elves, three tribes of dwarves, sirens, lolcats, and orly's (a sentient owl species). I'm open to new race ideas as well.



    The Flip Side:

    Arca is a broken space ship adrift. Fortunately most of the residents of the zoo haven't realized that the colony connected to the space zoo has been exposed and over run by alien life forms. This is a post-apocalyptic setting with the only playable race being humans.

  6. Re: Feudalistic Concerns


    It looks like between Markdoc, Cancer, and my own additional research, I have all of the information I needed.


    In case anyone is curious, I'm working on a Robin Hood-style campaign. The similarities are few. The players are outlaws in a large forest that is relatively the same size as Sherwood forest (I'm calling it Shirewood which was the original name of Sherwood). The King is away at war against a great necromancer army in the south. The king's brother is equally compared to the way modern Robin Hood depictions speak of Prince John. There is no Maid Marion, Sheriff of Nottingham, Nottingham, or even Robin Hood. It is up to the players to figure out how they want to go with the game.

  7. Re: Feudalistic Concerns


    That fits with what I have read and understood about the feudalistic process in England. Its good to get that assurance that most of my understanding was correct. I also appreciate the addition to churches AND universities being given free land. That will change elements of this campaign for me quite a bit.


    Also knowing that a lord can own land in Grand Lord A and Grand Lord B's feifdom is great information.


    It looks like, overall, I need to understand the distinction of exactly what a shire is (besides being what we call a county today). More specifically, what determined what is a shire, who is in charge of it, and so on.

  8. Re: Feudalistic Concerns


    Okay, so the Lord Mayor only answers question #3. The Lord Mayor is the person in charge of a large settlement such as a city. I don't know if the Lord Mayor of Nottinghamn rules over all of the county or just that area. But he was the one who appointed the Sheriff.

  9. I'm working on designing the feudalistic breakdown of a kingdom for my next fantasy campaign and I've run into a few "problems". I'm hoping that someone can answer a few questions to help me understand this all better.


    Note: I'm trying to base this off of the English feudalistic system for reference. While reference to Germanic and French systems may be useful, I'm looking specifically for English system answers.


    Regarding land ownership, the King owns the land of the kingdom, the land is given to grand lords as a fief. The grand lord gives sections of their land to lords for smaller fiefs. Now from what I'm seeing, these lords also break down the land even smaller to what are known as vassals. The vassals see that the land is worked by the peasants. First question: Is this correct or are the vassals and lords of this breakdown the same thing?


    The second question is based on counties. In the English Feudalism system, a county is known as a shire. What I cannot find is how large a shire is. Is a shire the realm of a Grand Lord, the realm of a Lord, or an entirely different entity?


    Finally, a sheriff (aka a Shire Reefe) is the judicial body of a county. Who does a sheriff report to? This, I cannot find information on as well.



    In modern Robin Hood references, I suspect the feudalism of the story is badly mauled. Most Robin Hood stories seem to imply that the Sheriff of Nottingham reported directly to Prince John which does not seem to be correct.

  10. Re: Foxbat School Colors


    Maybe basing the colors on your class.


    Freshman - Green

    Sophomores - Yellow

    Juinors - Orange

    Seniors - Red


    Student Council - White


    Yes ears are must!

    The players are now Juniors so Orange... hmm that could work.

  11. Re: Foxbat School Colors


    If the theme is Gummi Bears I would think that monocromacy is the name of the game. White' date=' Green, Red, Orange, Yellow only, no mixing the colors and ears can be assigned, if only to be bitten off first.[/quote']

    Mandatory Gummy Ears. I like that.

  12. Without getting too spoilerly about my plans, I need some help with my next episode of the Chester School for Teens campaign. Foxbat is in charge of the new school program. In his many changes, he is implimenting a school dress code that matches the school colors. I need help with the colors and the dress code.


    The theme of the school (including its new Mascot) is "Gummy Bears".


    Thanks for any ideas you might have. :D

  13. Re: Via Rebooted - 15 Years Later


    I've decided I'm going to do something cool with Gilian. I'm going to recap each week's session by adding to a musical ballad. It is meant to be sung in they way you'd sing a drinking song with people slapping their legs or stomping their drinks. I'm going to start off with a couple of stanza's to start as there is a lot of information to get it established. Each week we run, I'll add one or two stanzas depending on what happens.



    Sit right back and pour another ale

    I'm going to tell you a great big tale

    Its of the Heroes from Shadowdale


    It starts off with a bard it's true

    Who wanted to be a hero and do a thing or two

    But her honesty kept getting in the way

    Twice she found herself taken away

    Once by bandits who felt kind of bold

    Once by a baron that was cruel and old


    Off Gillian set on a simple errand

    And there she met a young boy named Aaron

    He desperately wanted to hear the young bard play

    So he, to the tavern, went on that day


    But he did hear some men plot and conspire

    They called themselves Children of the Vampire

    Aaron left to warn Gillian of the plot on her

    But before he could, out stepped Connor


    He threw up his fists as they drew their swords

    And to the floor they went like boards

    But Connor was one and outnumbered 's he

    Even though a few of 'em had started to flee


    But along game the third hero of our tale

    Hope, daughter of Flora, whose skin was rather pale

    She game to him and fought by his side

    It wasn't long before they turned around the battle tide


    Having defeat all of the men they fought

    off to the bard the heroes went and sought

    She listened intently to the evil plan

    And they worked together to defeat the earless man


    Late at night did the Children strike

    But never before an ambush had they seen the like

    Pretty soon they were once again defeated

    And their evil plot was completely unseated


    This hardly concluded the end of the tail

    For these persistent men were made of fail

    They came back later and abducted the boy, Aaron

    Why is it all bad guys seem to behave like an evil Baron?






    / yeah, its crap but who cares. :)

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