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  1. So much sniping! Anyway, introducing our next tribute--from District 8, Character: Mary Jane Watson (Marvel)
  2. Atlanta Falcons unveil new uniform design
  3. So much for sending my kids to college without crushing debt.
  4. https://covidactnow.org/ has been modified to go down to county-level granularity. There are a lot of counties with unpleasant projections.
  5. How can his library be open when ours are not?
  6. I don't quite understand it either, but HBO's Watchmen series was really good, and those episodes absolutely deserve their nominations. Compared to the ballot stuffing from 3-4 years back I think this year will be pretty quiet by comparison.
  7. Trump administration continues to seize hospitals' PPE
  8. Not me. Also, even though the pandemic itself isn't anyone's fault, the corrupt and inept response absolutely was. Many thousands of Americans will have died unnecessarily before this is over. Will you, the reader, be one of them?
  9. Remember the good old days back when Trump refused to hold any press conferences at all?
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