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  1. I know. And bikers still routinely ignore helmet laws. They loved to wear masks up until it became an affront to mah freedumb though.
  2. They're actual violations. People ignoring restrictions are why there was a serious spike in cases over the past two months. As it is nurses had to be flown in from the mainland to handle the influx of covid patients, and there was a real risk that ICU beds would run out. The enforcement campaign is the only reason the spread started to slow down.
  3. You mean aside from being underwater in 20 years?
  4. You laugh, but I've often wondered if we wouldn't be better off with a physical combat aspect to earning the presidency. I mean, enough with the old men already.
  5. Enranged Enringed Enridged Enridge Eridge Ridge Ride Rid Id I
  6. They cannot; the Senate GOP eliminated the filibuster for SCOTUS nominations in 2017, to appoint Gorsuch.
  7. A brief review of SARS-CoV-2 and the testis
  8. That’s the game. No way Trump is forced out of office now. Time to move somewhere where the climate won’t kill us for a few more decades.
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