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  1. We all would, that's why we want to get rid of the electoral college in the first place. The presidency is the only federal office where one person's vote is weighted more than another's. You do, actually, because you understand how gerrymandering works at the state level, and you know that applying the same gerrymandered districts at the federal level would drastically affect the presidential election.
  2. So, magnifying the effect of gerrymandering as opposed to mitigating it, then?
  3. Let me see if I can get caught up. I hope today is Thursday. Monster: Gerard Butler as Molkrom, Torg Prince of Destruction Stolen Prop: Stormbringer (The Elric Saga) Theme: Queen (composer) Villain: Tim Curry as Skeletor
  4. Huh. I had no idea he was that old.
  5. Hope not, a full blown case of that is career ending.
  6. All He has to do is sit back and watch us do the job for Him.
  7. Nothing like an eight hour flight for catching up on films. Gemini Man: Will Smith plays himself twice in a Jason Bourne variant. But the action sequences are top notch, especially the gun combat, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead steals the show. Bumblebee: I’ve never seen any other Transformers films, but this one was a very well executed take on E.T., with deeper characters and a better ending.
  8. Rob Zombie is always awesome. ‘80s Action Again: Rocky Balboa vs. John Rambo
  9. What is the difference between a cape and a peninsula anyway?
  10. Since the topic of healthcare has been largely ignored for the past couple of Democratic debates: If anyone has a link to the Republican plan to fix healthcare and health insurance in the U.S., I'd love to see it.
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