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  1. More like they want to be bullies to people not in their group. Hur hur watch me own those nerds by not taking their stupid vaccine I ain't scared of some tiny virus. God will purtect me and Trump says it's okay.
  2. The original Jason Bourne trilogy, by Ludlum. Subsequent Bourne novels were written by Lustbader. ...followed by the Kingkillers Chronicles trilogy.
  3. Yes, but I was naïve.
  4. Good news: The Novavax vaccine, which uses a new technology unrelated to the traditional (J&J / Oxford Az) or mRNA (Moderna / Pfizer) vaccines, has cleared trials and should receive FDA approval shortly. Ungood news: The Delta variant, which is estimated to be 60% more contagious and also more deadly than Covid Classic®, now accounts for 10% of all cases in the US and is expected to become the dominant variant by the end of summer.
  5. If the last four years have taught me anything, it's not that a lot of people are stupid. It's that a majority of people are dangerously stupid.
  6. That's an elaborate way to say "stay back".
  7. Werewolf by Night (Is it weird that Werewolf by Night and Man-Wolf are both Marvel?)
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