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  1. Man, that sucks. I must have seen hundreds of examples of his art in the eighties. His work was always amazing.
  2. New team name to be announced Monday. Rumored options include Red Tails, Red Wolves, and Washington Warriors.
  3. Florida hospitals have run out of ICU beds Houston hospitals out of ICU beds and morgue space
  4. There's nothing stopping you from abandoning quarantine for the rest of your life, however brief...
  5. In America, there can be no winners unless someone loses. In fact we frequently set things up so that everyone loses.
  6. COVID-19 immunity lasts about 90 days depending on how severe your symptoms were
  7. 13% of COVID-19 survivors report no symptoms 60 days after hospital discharge
  8. Favorite episode: The Doomsday Machine. Gripping story, non-reused effects, and some of the best lines in the series. Best episode: Mirror, Mirror. Just based on how often it's referenced, it left the biggest impression on popular culture of any single Trek episode. Why isn't this thread a poll?
  9. Please be careful, there are plenty of instances of people crashing very quickly if it gets severe. Don’t wait around if you start to feel worse.
  10. All the Karens I have known personally were very nice and would never behave in the now-stereotyped manner. Debbies, on the other hand...
  11. They go a whole five seconds before falling down and pretending they're hurt?
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