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  1. It's not that gerrymandering isn't enough, it's that it's no longer in contention. The GOP won control of the legislatures in virtually every state where redistricting will occur before 2024, and the newly packed SCOTUS will let them gerrymander all they want.
  2. There was already discussion of adding teams to the playoffs so that’s definitely on the table. The Ravens outbreak is spilling over into Week 13 now, since apparently they were supposed to play Dallas next Thursday.
  3. Already happening. From The Escalating Terrorism Problem in the United States, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  4. And now the minks are undead, because 2020 is not finished with us yet.
  5. Four teams play tomorrow. Ravens-Steelers has been postponed to Saturday or Sunday because covid.
  6. Oh, are they done destroying evidence already? Thought it would take way longer than three weeks.
  7. Looks like there’s an outside chance Burrow might be ready for week 1 next season. Depending on how the surgery goes.
  8. Nuisance birds and accompanying recipes - American Airgunner
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