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  1. The one thing that a tolerant culture cannot tolerate is intolerance.
  2. Yeah you guys are better than family. You put up with me voluntarily! Although you should probably seek help for that.
  3. About 12 hours after my 2nd Pfizer shot I got body aches which lasted about 24 hours. Irritating but I managed it with ibuprofen.
  4. Sorry to be late to this thread, but I had to go dig up all my copies of FH to see if I had lost my mind. Because I love all you guys, but I have no idea what you're talking about: every edition of FH has made significant changes to the weapons chart. Bear in mind that I have played a lot of FH so it's very close to my heart. There is no more important chart in any fantasy RPG than the weapons table, because fantasy campaigns are almost by definition melee combat campaigns, and many fantasy archetypes are literally defined by what weapon they carry (swordsman, knight, archer, sam
  5. I haven’t seen greed lose yet.
  6. IIRC the comics eye had many powers that had nothing to do with time or stones, and often had to do with seeing or detecting.
  7. And mind control over corrupt politicians!
  8. Second dose of Pfizer seven minutes ago. Am now manifesting the powers of a pharmaceutical corporation.
  9. Ignite a vast pyre And they'll heed the call Alive comes the fire Enveloping all Eyes kindle alight Scaled body soars Fierce talons shine brightly Searing breath roars As landscape turns ashen Its summoner may chant Beseech the new dragon Three wishes will grant Mythic Monster or Guardian: The Fire Dragon A fire that grows large enough gains form and sentience as the spirit of the Fire Dragon inhabits it. Once summoned, its main purpose is to burn everything in sight, and it will take to this with enthusiasm. But whoev
  10. If nothing else it shows that WW is damn hard to write. Almost a no win scenario with certain elements of “fandom”.
  11. I get the impression some people want to hate certain films and look for ways to attack them. WW84 had flaws but it was still a pretty good supers film, not a trainwreck like Suicide Squad or borderline offensive like BvS.
  12. And what do those unemployment benefits add up to, that fast food megacorps can’t compete with?
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