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  1. Many jobs ago a coworker of mine managed to get third degree burns on her hand when she microwaved her coffee in a new ceramic mug with a silvery glaze. On the underside of the mug, in extremely fine print, it read DO NOT MICROWAVE.
  2. Feed and gun stores. (In America. Other countries' ruralness contains other things, like elephants. )
  3. I wonder if that business model will still be viable post pandemic.
  4. Note the logarithmic scale.
  5. Ziggurat of Ur NT: Things you find in cities
  6. Could you post a link to the studies that show a 50% increase in prices? Last I checked, a $15 minimum wage increased the cost of a Big Mac by three cents. Could you post a link to the studies that show this effect in wages after a minimum wage increase? I'm sorry to be such a gadfly, but any time I encounter opposition to a minimum wage increase I tend to see a lot of conjecture and very little data. I've looked for evidence that minimum wage increases cause problems and found none. That doesn't mean it isn't out there, but I do note that the econo
  7. Can’t you remember to do it yourself?
  8. Particle physics was the class where I really started to question the sanity of the universe. Does it run on rules? Yes, but those rules are wack.
  9. Trombones don't sound shocking enough already?
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