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  1. Judge Chutkan has presided over several insurrection cases so far and has been consistently harsh in all of them. She observes that most of the perps are being convicted of trespassing when in fact they are guilty of sedition, so a slap on the wrist would be inappropriate.
  2. That happens a lot actually. I see a lot of fairly high budget films where the muzzle flash is obviously added in post. The last film I remember seeing this in was Army of the Dead, the Dave Bautista postapocalyptic zombie heist Aliens ripoff. It looks the same from film to film so it might literally be some kind of Final Cut Pro plugin, like the one YouTubers use to post lightsaber duels. We're gradually getting more information. This L.A. Times article noted that there were at least two accidental firearm discharges on set in the days leading up to the shooting. People are going to jail for this one.
  3. The Broncos were definitely the second best orange team on the field yesterday. There are bright spots. Let's start with the QB. Teddy is playing, not really well, but solidly above average, at least by DVOA. He's about Tannehill level and that's not nothing. Playoff caliber in fact. In the running game, MGIII is 8th in the league in DVOA. He's playing at a high level. Javonte, like, isn't. Not sure what's up with him. For receivers, Jeudy's been hurt. Patrick and Sutton are 9th and 19th in DVOA. They're not the problem. Fant appears to be mostly a blocker. The O-line is really average, a little better at pass pro than run blocking. What about the defense? The line is top-third... ah, but the secondary gives up a lot of deep plays. That's a problem but hardly enough to explain the record. Well, let's google the coaches... Oh, dear. Why are there this many recent articles criticizing Fangio and Shurmur? Skimming them, it appears Shurmur is far too predictable and refuses to go away from a pass-heavy approach even with his top WR on IR. And Fangio seems to be struggling to manage both the game and the defense. Anyway, this is a roundabout way to say "don't panic", at least not yet. Admittedly I have little hope the coaching staff will get a clue this season, but a new regime next year with the current lineup could improve things drastically. Alternatively, you could unearth a trove of deeply racist and offensive emails from the coaches and get them ejected midseason. Worked for my team!
  4. AIUI "live round" in Hollywood means any round with powder in it, including blanks, as opposed to what it means... everywhere else, which is a round with both powder and projectile. It sounds as though there were all manner of safety problems with this production in the first place, as well as an attempt to replace the union film crew with nonunion people. Film productions have been militant about prop gun safety ever since Brandon Lee, so a lot of people had to screw up for something like this to happen.
  5. Murderer murders girlfriend, steals her van and credit card, runs home, hides in the Everglades, Swamp Thing finds him and metes out justice. QED.
  6. To be clear, while I still love Hero and play it every chance I get*, I also just enjoy the company of Hero gamers, who tend to be able to do math, think critically, and still appreciate cool stuff. * Just had a potential PBEM Star Hero game fall through a couple weeks back, which sucks.
  7. If happiness is reality divided by expectations, then this season should have given you infinite happiness.
  8. Influenza lineage extinction during the COVID-19 pandemic It's almost like masks and social distancing actually work.
  9. Derps can’t even collapse correctly.
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