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  1. Don’t hold back, Jeff. Tell us how you really feel.
  2. $27 a month for eight years... $2592 to finish a story I started reading before Google existed. Jesus.
  3. The thing is, although I liked the books and I really like Dafne Keen, I’m also dying to get rid of the HBO portion of my cable bill.
  4. So am I, although I wish it hadn’t taken six weeks.
  5. Hasn’t there been a version of Batman that was a vampire already? If not there ought to be. Although the original scary version, not the silly sparky kind.
  6. Arrow storage method: awesome. Arrow firing form: atrocious. Arrow firing accuracy: unknown. Facebook video quality: horrific.
  7. Yes, but you are more evil than most professors.
  8. It's been so long since I read the books that I can't remember many details, but I scarcely noticed any religious overtones. I get that Pullman has some outspoken views on religion and that there was an antagonistic Church organization in the books, but I only remember a cool alchemy/steampunk fantasy with occasional angels. It's going to be really awesome when Lyra pops her adamantium claws and goes to town on the kidnappers though.
  9. Bale was the only one who could really pull off both Wayne and Batman. Well, him and West, though the tone was different.
  10. Literal Vampire Cast for Next Batman Film Despite some of the films on his resume, this actually seems like an okay choice.
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