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  1. Colin Kaepernick's Nike Ad Wins Emmy Award
  2. I was thinking a sorceress and her familiar--either she's actually a child, or she's shapechanged for some purpose known only to herself.
  3. Are you gonna argue with him? It's your funeral.
  4. Saw this in the Hero System Fan Group on Facebook and thought I'd pass it along. As I said there, this is what Nighthawk should have looked like all along. You want to strike terror in the hearts of evildoers? This is how you roll.
  5. I like that song. A lot. Sure, the fight choreography could be better, but I think it was bad on purpose. You have annoyed me, Sir Duke. Just for that--I'm going to scowl at you. Don't you dare look away, DadGammit.
  6. Independent Mark Charles Announces His Candidacy For President
  7. Scranton Toy Company To Make Army Women
  8. Superman, I think, would need to eat occasionally--there are some nutrients you just can't get from solar radiation. I couldn't tell you what his favorite food was off the top of my head, but I know he does eat. I remember a scene in an old comic where as Clark Kent he orders a filet mignon, then asks for ketchup--presumably to reinforce his image as a clueless hick. As for sleeping, he physically doesn't need it, but it's been established in the comics and in the novel Last Son Of Krypton that his mind needs to dream on a regular basis for his mental health. The novel also established that he can sleep anywhere, anytime. There was a scene where he needed to talk to the President, so he flew to the White House very early in the morning and napped on a patio until the President woke up. Hope that helps.
  9. +1 for Danny Elfman's Batman theme. Beautifully melded with the movie's visuals. A thoroughly worthy successor to the 1960s TV theme. +1 for John Williams' Superman theme. Heck, +1000 for anything written by Williams. If there's ever a Champions movie, we need him to do the soundtrack. Batman Forever had more than a few good moments--most of them belonging to Nicole Kidman. But I did like U2's song for the soundtrack--"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me." I wouldn't mind if an instrumental version of this was the theme for a new Batman TV series. I tried to come with some Batman-centric lyrics for that song-- You Know Him When You See Him, He's Gotham's Darkest Knight, And When The Bad Guys Come To Town, That's When The Bat Takes Flight, --and that's as far as I got. Hope that helps.
  10. As BoloOfEarth said, Quackhell knocked this one out of the park. Now I want my own Blazer Sword. Good Job, Quackhell. Post the next image, if you please. (And Thanks to Bolo and archer for not making it a one-and-done.)
  11. Atlanta Has Successfully Raised 50 Million To Provide Homes For Homeless
  12. I doubt he realizes that. More likely he believes, "I'm President! I'm the law of the land! I should be able to pardon anyone, anytime!"
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