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  1. I liked the two Fantastic Four movies with Alba, Gruffudd, Chiklis and Evans, but as I said earlier they weren't the groundbreaking, game-changing movies we've come to expect since the MCU came into play. I, for one, would have liked there to be more movies with that cast--but I doubt Alba would have returned after director Tim Story's treatment of her. (He was supposed to have told Alba in one scene of the second movie that she "Wasn't crying prettily enough." Just how is one supposed to cry pretty?) But again--no Goldface? No Argoman? No Black Scorpion? (The first movie was
  2. The Family Whose Black Lives Matter Sign Shook Their Conservative Town
  3. I thought it was rather clever, myself.
  4. I believe he means the Russian superhero movie by that name, which I enjoyed a great deal. Excellent action, and the first Russian speedster I've ever seen.
  5. What? Condorman isn't on this list? Or Pumaman? Or Supersonic Man? Or any of the Turkish or Indian adaptations of Superman? Or Rat Pfink a BooBoo? (I'll let you look those up for yourselves.) I've seen a number of movies on this list--many of them, like Green Lantern, are not bad--they just aren't the groundbreaking movies that were Ricard Donner's Superman, or Tim Burton's Batman, or Sam Raimi's Spider-Man, or Bryan Singer's X-Men, or any of the MCU movies up to and including The Avengers. Those set a really high bar for moviemakers to vault over, and not all of them make
  6. No, but I did drink the rest of the au jus broth that came with my French Dip & Swiss sandwich from Arby's. Tasted nice and cozy.
  7. That's a good sign for this year's harvest. Remember to leave some corn scattered over the back porch for Tom Turkey.
  8. Thing is, Jango Fett had no problem showing his face to Obi-Wan Kenobi and the Kamino--and presumably Boba Fett didn't have a problem with it either. I do remember a comic where Boba took off his helmet for disguise purposes, and after he put his helmet back on another bounty hunter commented to effect, "No wonder you never show your face." To which Fett replied, "This is my face." So I suppose there are like Orthodox and Reformed Mandalorians--those who follow The Way without a millimeter's deviation, and those who only pay it lip service around the holy days. Or som
  9. By all rights, the title of that episode should have been "Sole Survivor." That way, when the "alien" is revealed, the audience would have been as shocked and terrified as The Doctor was in that scene.
  10. Nebraska Bar Owner Charged In Shooting Of BLM Protester Dies By Suicide
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