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  1. I can believe the "Dimensional Rifts" cause for Pennsylvania, when one considers what happened to Centralia. "Coal Mine Fire" my bleeding hindquarters.
  2. A tribute to those who could not be here--
  3. I almost put this in the "Daily Dose Of Cute" thread. I mean, those eyes. . .
  4. I was actually thinking that could happen, given that there's going to be more than one Superman appearing in this version of the story.
  5. "Eliminate Impediment! Eliminate Impediment! Eliminate Impediment! Eliminate Impediment!--" "Just say 'Kill Me!'" "Kill Him! Kill Him! Kill Him! Kill Him! Kill Him!"
  6. Where would we find the Writers' Guidelines for this?
  7. None of the V&V adventures I purchased had Champions stats for the characters--but more than a few of them had notes for converting V&V characters to Champions, along with notes for converting V&V characters to Superworld. One example off the top of my head is that V&V's Mind Control converts to 8D6 Mind Control in Champions. Hope that helps.
  8. I shouldn't have laughed at this--but I did.
  9. I hope this doesn't mean he has to fight in Britain's wars-- "Come along, Sir Michael! The Argentines have invaded the Falklands again! Get on your armor and report at once!"
  10. I was thinking David Tennant for Foxbat. He could be quite effective in playing the wackiness of the character, and he could easily handle the action scenes.
  11. Doggone it--I forgot about Goliath, aka Giant. I would call him Gigantiman, myself, and give the role to Idris Elba.
  12. Sure beats all heck out of the Centralia Mine Fire
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