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  1. From the video of the shooting, she seemed genuinely surprised that she'd shot him. It appears to be a genuine mistake by the last person one would expect to make such a mistake. Such mistakes, however, do happen--and sometimes with much more catastrophic results.
  2. Kim Potter Charged With Manslaughter In Shooting Of Danute Wright This is the 26-year veteran police officer who mistook her firearm for her taser.
  3. Not just the pistol. It looks like he swiped Malcom Reynolds' entire look.
  4. You can almost hear the Star Trek fight scene music--
  5. My compliments to the artist---but no effin' way am I sleeping under those covers!
  6. This could almost have gone in the MLB thread. Almost 2021 All-Star Game To Be Moved Out Of Atlanta
  7. When Life Becomes An X-Rated Movie
  8. Kermit the Frog's The Rainbow Connection Honored by National Recording Registry
  9. The Official Announcement Here's hoping everyone who wants to attend ca do so.
  10. I'm sorry, but that all just seems a little too much like an all-female version of VIPER. To my mind, the leader(s) of WITCH--in my conception, The Matriarch--would see such paramilitary organizations as tools of patriarchy, and WITCH is determined to eradicate patriarchy in all its forms. Which brings me to this point-- Not Happening. As far as WITCH is concerned, men are THE ENEMY, full stop, and must be completely eradicated from humanity in order to restore the planet to peace and harmony. Men may be used as dupes in order to to secure essential resources (by WITC
  11. Apart from the History/Background of Gremlin in Classic Enemies, there's only a couple of sentences in 4th Ed Champions Universe about WITCH. My own supposition about WITCH was that they weren't like all the other supervillain organizations. No fancy uniforms. No high-tech blaster weapons. No VTOL troop carriers. No ranks, or chain of command. They are organized in a cellular structure, with each cell capable of independent operation. They are thoroughly covert, using second-hand stores and other such low-key businesses as their safe houses and headquarters. They
  12. Qanon Shaman To Remain In Custody Pending Trial
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