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  1. S stands for--Saturn The teenage son of the arch-villain Kronos--a scientific genius with a suit of superpowered armor. In his alternate reality, Kronos was the greatest enemy of freedom and justice, determined to impose his will upon the entire world by any means necessary. When the heroes of that world finally caught up with him, he had an escape plan ready--a gateway to an alternate dimension, our dimension. What Kronos didn't count on was his son taking the path through the gateway for himself--and rigging it to self-destruct so that his father or anyone else could not follo
  2. Most likely to curb a VD epidemic. Disappointing, I know, but desperate times and all. . .
  3. K stands for--Knockout Standing three feet nine inches, this little person boxing enthusiast can channel telekinetic energy into a powerful concussive blast that can send his opponents flying back thirty feet or more, or put a massive hole in nearly any wall. He can also use this energy to propel himself in tremendous leaps through the air, and to cushion his landing.
  4. A single ticket sold in Michigan won the Mega Millions jackpot. I didn't drive to Michigan to buy my ticket, so--it wasn't me. Once again-- And I really wanted to fund that Crusader & Starburst streaming series, too. Better luck next time. For all of us.
  5. Really? Because I always thought Ralph never made good on his many, many threats.
  6. I stands for--Mr. Immediate A teleporter with great range and precision, he can transmit himself anywhere he wants to go in less than one thousandth of a second. When he's not fighting crime or helping to save the world, he's transporting donor organs for transplant patients.
  7. F stands for--Freefire Speedster who can project jets of flame from his hands. Can also leave a trail of flame if he runs fast enough.
  8. C Stands For--Caterwaul Catlike speed, agility, and senses with a sonic shriek attack that can shatter steel and pulverize stone.
  9. According to USA Mega, a single ticket sold in Maryland matched all six Powerball numbers, making its possessor 731 million dollars richer. I bought my ticket in Illinois--so it wasn't me. Doggone it. The Mega Millions jackpot is still ridiculously huge at 970 million, so it's still possible to become the richest person in your town--assuming your town isn't a major metropolitan area. I'll play--but you already knew that. Maybe on Saturday I'll have some really good news to share. Maybe.
  10. As opposed to an expensive Waffle House? Where the waffles are like twenty-five dollars with a nine dollar side of bacon, and instead of plain orange juice they offer a seven dollar mimosa?
  11. Trump Supporters Failed To Show On Inauguration Day They can still show up at the polls in 2022, so stay vigilant, people.
  12. I'm ready to put down twenty bucks that she'll serve him with papers within a year.
  13. That's me as well. I'll browse the crowdfunding sites and come upon a really neat project, and I say to myself, "If I had the money I would fund that thing a dozen times over. And show up for the premiere." That's at least one thing I'd do with All That Money--become a crowdfunding mogul. Especially when it comes to gaming minis and action figures.
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