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  1. Perhaps the original character has a bodily feature the shapeshifter doesn't know about or can't duplicate, even with his powers. A birthmark--a tattoo--a scar--a missing or deformed toe--things like that. Ask the hero and his duplicate to expose where the feature would be--the one who has it is the real hero. Alternately, the hero could use it as a bluff. "So--your left middle toe is missing, after all. That's interesting--because my friend has all his toes intact!" Hope that helps.
  2. Alex Ross can make anyone look awesome. Anyone.
  3. There was a recent Simpsons episode--"Bart The Bad Guy"--where Bart becomes the first person in Springfield to see the sequel to last year's superhero spectacular movie that everyone wants to see. He uses his knowledge to blackmail everyone in town to get whatever he wants. That episode may have been inspired by this--
  4. +1 for A League Of Their Own. Since we missed out on March Madness this year, I would recommend Hoosiers for anyone needing a basketball fix. And for any time of year, I would recommend any or all of the Rocky movies, especially Creed and Creed II.
  5. Seven seconds of Amy Jo Johnson in a bikini--and now I can think of nothing else today.
  6. Not sure I see a problem here. Have an A-10 Thunderbolt II make a couple of strafing runs with its Gatling cannon, and you've got enough meat to keep a KFC franchise stocked for over a year.
  7. Swans And Dolphins Reclaim The Canals Of Venice
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