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  1. Capitol Police Testify About January 6 Attacks
  2. wcw43921

    Pulp Images

    The Hardy Boys were also mentioned earlier in the thread, so here are some pulp-era images of those guys. . .
  3. While I voted for Mr. Incredible, perhaps you could also consider this Crusader--
  4. But not too extreme. This is a family-friendly show, after all.
  5. wcw43921

    Pulp Images

    In real life, this is available on Etsy for a little over one hundred bucks. In a pulp campaign this would be priceless--not to mention cursed.
  6. wcw43921

    Pulp Images

    "You can't have my formula for the perfect pink lemonade! It's mine, you understand? MINE!!!"
  7. AND KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE! (Ooops! Wrong toy commercial. . .)
  8. wcw43921

    Pulp Images

    "As I was meditating in the back yard, and I watched my lawn sprinkler in action, I had this really great idea. . ." Tie a skyrocket to this guy's back, and this could be one of the Coyote's schemes to catch the Road Runner. . .
  9. wcw43921

    Pulp Images

    If law enforcement were baseball, the FBI in the thirties would have been the New York Yankees. . .
  10. wcw43921

    Pulp Images

    Nancy Drew has been mentioned in this thread, so here are some book covers from the 1930s. Not exactly what one thinks of when it comes to pulp adventure, but if anyone is looking to run a "Teen Pulp HERO" campaign, these may provide some inspiration--
  11. wcw43921

    Pulp Images

    Ya know, there are these things called holsters? Ya might've heard of 'em. . .
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