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  1. Re: Pirate Hero arrrrrg! Hi, I agree in a certain way that pirate and generally seamanship adventures tend to be repetitive but if the overall feeling is similar the plot twists can be numerous. And also the situation can be varied enough to keep the player entertained ( they must love the genre nevertheless...) I think that the best inspirational writer in this field is James Nelson with his books about the Brethren of the Coast ( historically perfect for your setting)and the Revolution at Sea ( can be adapted with not much effort). Among the book consituting the two series the Maddest Idea is the one most ripe with ideas... you got Bermuda and New England and a lot of interesting situations for your players to face. I don't want to spoil the book so if you want a brief synopsis I can send one to you via email. Then you can consider to adapt some adventures that were created for Run out the guns, the pirate game that ICE ( Rolemaster) supported for a brief period. i don't know the availability but at the website www.guildcompanion.com you should be able to find some used in conventions. Ciao Andrea
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