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  1. Name: Jasmine Taylor Sex: female Age:16 (2003-2019-?) Jasmine Taylor should have been a tragedy, a young life cut short in an act of callous brutality of a ravening mad man. Caught in the middle of a battle between the Sentinal 7 and the extradimonional undead wizard that called itself The Lich King. She was fell under a wave of necrotic poison intended to slay and turn its victims into zombie puppets, cannon fodder for the dark mages armies. Hasty counter spells from the Sentinel's resident sorceress Alchemiss prevented the rise but wasn't enough to stop the slaughter. With one exception. Jasmine stirred after the battle ended, rising from the carnage, moving aware...but not alive. Not anymore. At first, she felt cold then hungry, terribly hungry and the bodies that surrounded her looking soooo delicious. Always a soft hearted squeamish girl (she often referred to herself a weenie) was instantly revolved to the point of crying out in at the surge of strange hungers. Her call caught the attention of Alchemiss and the looking of her aura told the sorceress she was not a typical monster but something different. There was some aspect of her mind or soul that held together under the necrotic assault, usurping its energies to maintain something like life though it couldn't stop her mortal death. Alchemiss took in the horrified girl, calmed her and helped her learn more about her new state of existence. She was undead, fully aware and in control of her faculties but there was her hunger. Only flesh slaked it but fortunately any meat would do, the more rare and bloody the better and human flesh's smell called to her though her disgust at the notion is stronger (If she ever did consume human flesh, she's discover gain additional abilities but its -highly- unlikely she ever will, willingly at least.) She's learned that if she tastes someone blood she gets clairvoyant flashes of their past and current emotional state though after for uncontrollably licked the cut a friend of hers had. Jasmine is much stronger than a girl of her size and build should be able to casually life hundreds of pounds and with strain up to 2 tons. Pain is at mostly annoyance and she seems to heal almost immediately for all but the grievous injury. Even those will heal giving time but regenerating requires her to dine on raw bloody meat regularly. Her “ghoul sight” allows Jasmine to see life force like as a glow and see in near absolute darkness and her sense of smell is enhanced enough to allow her to easily track by scent. She may have other abilities to discover over time, for now, she is more focused on trying to be a normal as possible in spite of her transformation and continued attention of the Lich King who's seeks to bring her under his control. A number of other occult figure have also developed a fascination (or paranoid fear/hatred) for this occult oddity.
  2. I like to give shows three/four episodes to iron out the wrinkles and file down the rough edges too.
  3. Vigilantes Ghost and Eisen (Iron) have worked together for years. Ghost, an ex-special forces soldier was originally hired by Esien's scientist father to bodyguard her after an assassination attempt left her critically injured. He assisted and helped train her to use her new cybernetic limbs (developed by her father) and in the combat arts and together took revenge on the organization that had tried to kill her and her father, the Russian mafia. They've been operating together ever since protecting Hudson City from the organastatya and other criminal forces that threaten it. Originally protective of the younger woman, Ghost found his feelings for her changing over the months, growing into something deeper and intense. As her self consciousness about over her appearance and cybernetic ebbed, Eisen found her attraction her taciturn partner was changing as well but she wasn't ready to acknowledge her feelings just yet. After the pair narrowly escaped an ambush by the Russian hit-man Gregor Vosnekiev and his so called “Cossacks”, Eisen and Ghost went underground to regroup. Almost being killed brought their feelings to a head, driving home the tenuous nature of their lives and how they had to seize the day because they never knew if it might be their last. And that night, the couple consummated their long simmering passion, forging a stronger bond between them but not one without complications of its own.
  4. I'm really pleased this thread is continuing so well. It....hasn't worked out on some of the other sites I and my co-gm tried to start it on.
  5. Wow, guys I'm really happy to see that threat had continued so well!
  6. Its been awhile, open the floor for a new submission or pick a winner based on likes?
  7. I am part of a Champions PBEM (Wyldstrike) as a gm. We've been talking about certain disadas and how to handle them. How do you tend to handle rolled Disadvantages/Complications like Hunteds? Do you roll them each time, put them in when it 'feels' right, some combination like roll for it and if you can't come up with a interesting, plausible why to work it into the scenario, save that occurrence for a scenario where it does fit?
  8. Gaia Gaia is one of the newest members of the Thunder Guard. Born in an isolated neo-hippie style commune, she was born with a powerful psychic connection to the Earth and its creatures. Her psychic powers were matched by her physical might which increased exponentially as grew up. Though she loved her home, Gaia felt her powers could better the Earth and the greater good outside it and went to New Babylon to join up with other, more experienced heroes to do her part. Gaia possesses immense physical strength and durability being practically invulnerable to conventional weaponry. Her bond with the Earth allows her to draw strength from the biosphere to renew herself and, to a limited extent others. Being bonded with the Earth, she can sense disturbances to the environment, get psychic impression from plants and the terrain itself, speak and command animals, control the weather to extent along with other druid like abilities. Her most potent is to use the power of biosphere to enhance her already formidable physical power but it takes some time to achieve and is very taxing to maintain for very long and leave her exhausted afterward. Personality: Gaia is kind, quiet and somewhat shy, speaking little and quietly most of the time. Her compassion is nearly endless and she tries to avoid violence as much as possible. Though perhaps somewhat naive she is not foolish however.
  9. Shidoku (Deadly/Lethal poison) *Shunk!* 8 inches of razor edged steel sank into the supine man’s back, pinning him to the restaurant floor like a butterfly to a collection pan. He twitched once, gurgled then lay still. Aiko rose, smoothly unsheathing her katana from flesh with s sharp jerk. Stillness surrounded her, silence and blood, her two lifelong companions. The riot of battle, rising a fever pitch then ending a sudden, dreadful silence. It was almost like sex but slightly messier. She smirked, a crimson trickle running down her cheek like a tear. Yes, empty, quick and unsatisfying, she thought, looking over remains of her attackers... like bad sex anyway. Aiko made her across the dining room battlefield. One Dragon remained the first one that had tried to jump her. He clawed at the sai that pinned him to the wall right below the Specials. Nice touch if she did say so herself. Shidoku grabbed his chin and turned him to face her. “You’re bleeding to death. You’ve got maybe 3 minutes? I have one question. Where are the Osakis?” She whispered in Japanese. She wanted to be perfectly clear. He just glared for a moment then smiled, blood and spittle seeping past broken teeth. “Heihachi Santo….sends his regards.” Shidoku saw his jaw tense, the way the way muscles in his throat were working and jerked her head to the side just enough to the avoid the wad of bloody phlegm that came next. Her grip tightened and she repeated her question, adding a slow twist on the blade embedded in shoulder for emphasis. He groaned, but said nothing his eyes flickered toward the back. Answer enough. She left the punk hanging, hurrying into the back, nauseous with terror and a sense of familiarity, like déjà vu. Shidoku rushed threw the kitchen doors and froze there, horror written on her face. Kenzo and Ms Osaki lay there, their blood congealing around their bullet riddled bodies long dead. She felt numb and her katana fell to the floor from nerveless fingers. And she was back, back in that small apartment in Osaka, years ago. ------------------------------------------- Her father Ryo was a simple but honorable man. A teacher by trade and nature, he ran a local dojo. Popular enough with is students, he had the misfortune of offending one of the local crime bosses by taking insult at the thug’s advances on business and his lovely wife, an American woman named Rose.. Refusing to bow to their intimidation, Ryo fought the gangsters at every turn, by whatever means he could muster but physical violence. He was, despite his art, a peaceful man. The conflict came to a head when Santo and a group of thugs broke into Hanamura home intent on putting an end to Ryo’s interference once and for all. Aiko never saw what happened. Her parents hid her away in a closet. But, she remembers hearing the sounds fighting, her father’s cries of rage, screams and breaking furniture as she huddled in the darkness. Aiko sank to her knees, the images playing out in her mind again. She’d pressed her eye to the door when it had gotten quiet and peered out into what used to be her home. She saw bodies, several of the thugs lay broken and moaning but her father was terribly still. Santo tossed her mother across the bed and… Aiko’s throat tightened around a sob. Too much, but she’d seen it, watched it all until she couldn’t take anymore and she’d dashed out screaming at him to stop hurting her mother. Santo had struck her then. A casual brutal knife thrust that knocked her out and took her right eye. Her mother survived but was never the same. The scars were too deep and from that night on her mother was more a shell than a woman mechanically going threw life as Aiko’s rage grew. She poured her anger into rebellion, turning to the streets and a bad crowd. As if by some dark design, her body responded growing hard and strong. She discovered a natural instinct for violence and knack for reading people, understanding their weaknesses and how to exploit them. It was a talent the served her well. From streetfights to underground tournaments, Aiko tried to work out of her anger on any convenient target. She’d formed a half mad plan. Work her way into the underworld to get close to Santo again and kill him. She held onto that threw long nights of fighting, pain and madness, going from underground fighter to enforcer to assassin. She found she possessed a singular talent for mayhem. Now, looking back, she saw that part of her even grew to like it, her goal of vengeance fading in the light of acclaim and fortune. At least in part, she could always look in the mirror for reminder. It took years and allot of bodies but she got what she wanted. A shot at Santo. He’d fallen out of favor with his syndicate. One too many power grabs, a little too much attitude. There was truly no honor among criminals. His “friends” wanted him out of the picture and she was contracted to do so. But someone tipped him off. She didn’t know who but it was all a set up to sniff out who he could trust or not. There were a few dozen heavies waiting for her when she made her stab at him. And she cut her way threw them. It was perhaps the most glorious moment of her life. Until the police arrived on the scene before she could get to her goal. She could almost feel the rage again as she instinctively tore into them as well without realizing to caught up to stop and battle spilled out into the streets of Hong Kong. It was the screaming that stopped her, the child screaming as her parents were cut down. She’d become one of them, one of what she’d hated for years. She broke off the attack then and ran, ran from her former allies, the police, from what she’d become. It was the act of a coward, but she hadn’t cared. Anything was better than facing what she’d become. Or so she’d thought but she didn't run far enough, maybe she should have never stopped. Her past caught up with her years later and a country away. Her sins had come it come home too roost. The family that had taken her in was dead. Because they’d been kind to her, because she’d lied to them and because she’d been to weak to take care of her own problems. Weeping from her remaining eye, Akio dropped to her knees as the cops closed in slowly, ordering her to freeze. Her instincts screamed at her to run, to lash out, to do something. She did nothing and said nothing. The United States’ policy toward metahuman criminals was extremely draconian. Aiko’s mixed legal heritage made her processing complicated, but eventually she was confined to the US’ Fortress metahuman criminal containment facility, a bleak slab of reinforced concrete and steel located in virtually unknown area far from civilization and hope. It wasn’t a prison, it was a landfill where the rejects of society were dumped to rot. Akio was less than a model prisoner; you couldn’t be one and survive very long. But she didn’t make more trouble than it took and no one died. After two years, certain sectors of the government remembered her and found a use for her talents. A skilled operative always had uses. One with few options and total expendability along with superhuman powers even more so. Akio was given an offer she’d had to have been a fool to refuse: a chance to get out of the Fortress and have something approaching freedom. Part of her still felt the need to be punished, but more so she wanted another crack at her tormentors. So why not make everyone happy? Yeah, a totally win-win situation, right? Sure… Personality: Akio is jaded, violent and cynical. She's seen the worst side of life since a very young age and its colored her personality perhaps irrevocably. Years of living in a kill or be kill environment have made her jumpy with a healthy paranoia. She has little tolerance for social and head games and tends to be blunt and to the point. Akio also have an unbelievably foul mouth and curses fluently, often and in a couple of languages. She has peculiar sense of honor for her background and adheres her given word. She also never forgets a debt or a favor owed in either direction. Akio has taken too many lives to be squeamish about lethal force but she's trying to learn restraint and use regulated amounts of force, but old habits die hard. Her trainers have committed at its almost like she doesn't know how -not- to kill in combat and has to work at it, but she does try if that counts for anything. Also for what its worth, she tries to minimize or eliminate any danger to innocent bystanders, particularly children. Threatening them is a certain way to earn her ire. This is one of the reasons Shidoku disdains the use of firearms and explosives along with the fact her mutant powers don't readily increase her ability with them. Shidoku is bad with money, spending freely and is thus often broke. She figures work hard, play hard.
  10. Congratulations, ScrewySquirrel!
  11. Congratulations, Death Tribble!
  12. I'm going to give it to wcw43921's Smoke!
  13. Hosts seem to take "dramatic damage" like some film zombies. They can ignore damage until its dramatically appropriate so sometimes they're bullet sponges and other one shot take them out. It can be difficult to deal with effects like that in the context of a rpg.
  14. Do you mean multiply M and M Stamina by 10 to get Hero 5th Constitution?
  15. I'm still not certain about Speed. For the moment I'm just eyeballing it, assigning it according to the 'type' of character, relative power level and intended campaign standard. I think I made Hardbody's too high for the game he might appear in. Active Defenses are an interesting difference. Mutants and Masterminds breaks them in down in a more granular fashion across two different characteristics and a couple of values.
  16. My Preliminary and in complete draft so far. Hero 5th Str: 15/60 Dex: 12 Con: 14/24 Bod: 14 Int: 12 Ego: 10 Pre: 12 Com: 15 PD: 28 ED: 28 Spd: 3 Rec: As Figured End: 48 Stun: As Figured Powers: Augmented Strength:+45 Strength Augmented Stamina: +? Power-lifting: +20 Strength No Figured Characteristics, only for Lifting/throwing Hardbody: Resistant on PD/ED Impervious: Hardened PD/ED Multipower: (Strength Tricks):? Cut Loose: Armor Piercing on 60 Strength Thunderclap: Area of Effect on 60 strength, damage only, gestures (Must have arms free) Makeshift handholds: Clinging 60 strength, max 90 Degree incline, damages surface Bracing: +40 Strength, only to resist being moved, Knocked back, No Figured chars Skills: PS: Construction Worker +1 Power: (Strength Tricks +4 Martial Maneuvers: (Brawling/Boxing/Wrestling) Takedown Defensive Strike Offensive Strike In my defense, it is a WIP and done quickly from memory.
  17. What would you make of this character in Champions 5th from Mutants and Masterminds 3rd? He's a player character of a friend offered up as an example to be worked out.
  18. Did you have a formula in mind? Or would you suggest more eyeballing it, using the M and M numbers as guidelines?
  19. How do you handle characteristics rated 0 in M and M? Conceptually they seemed be to that equivalent of 8-10 in Hero as in "Typical to slightly 'heroic' human.
  20. Hello again. I've been absent for awhile, RL things, but I'm bqck for a bit. Glad to see the thread is still going. Who's up?
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