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  1. Name: Jasmine Taylor Sex: female Age:16 (2003-2019-?) Jasmine Taylor should have been a tragedy, a young life cut short in an act of callous brutality of a ravening mad man. Caught in the middle of a battle between the Sentinal 7 and the extradimonional undead wizard that called itself The Lich King. She was fell under a wave of necrotic poison intended to slay and turn its victims into zombie puppets, cannon fodder for the dark mages armies. Hasty counter spells from the Sentinel's resident sorceress Alchemiss prevented the rise but wasn't enough to stop the slaughter. With o
  2. I like to give shows three/four episodes to iron out the wrinkles and file down the rough edges too.
  3. Vigilantes Ghost and Eisen (Iron) have worked together for years. Ghost, an ex-special forces soldier was originally hired by Esien's scientist father to bodyguard her after an assassination attempt left her critically injured. He assisted and helped train her to use her new cybernetic limbs (developed by her father) and in the combat arts and together took revenge on the organization that had tried to kill her and her father, the Russian mafia. They've been operating together ever since protecting Hudson City from the organastatya and other criminal forces that threaten it. Origi
  4. I'm really pleased this thread is continuing so well. It....hasn't worked out on some of the other sites I and my co-gm tried to start it on.
  5. Wow, guys I'm really happy to see that threat had continued so well!
  6. Its been awhile, open the floor for a new submission or pick a winner based on likes?
  7. I am part of a Champions PBEM (Wyldstrike) as a gm. We've been talking about certain disadas and how to handle them. How do you tend to handle rolled Disadvantages/Complications like Hunteds? Do you roll them each time, put them in when it 'feels' right, some combination like roll for it and if you can't come up with a interesting, plausible why to work it into the scenario, save that occurrence for a scenario where it does fit?
  8. Gaia Gaia is one of the newest members of the Thunder Guard. Born in an isolated neo-hippie style commune, she was born with a powerful psychic connection to the Earth and its creatures. Her psychic powers were matched by her physical might which increased exponentially as grew up. Though she loved her home, Gaia felt her powers could better the Earth and the greater good outside it and went to New Babylon to join up with other, more experienced heroes to do her part. Gaia possesses immense physical strength and durability being practically invulnerable to conventional
  9. Shidoku (Deadly/Lethal poison) *Shunk!* 8 inches of razor edged steel sank into the supine man’s back, pinning him to the restaurant floor like a butterfly to a collection pan. He twitched once, gurgled then lay still. Aiko rose, smoothly unsheathing her katana from flesh with s sharp jerk. Stillness surrounded her, silence and blood, her two lifelong companions. The riot of battle, rising a fever pitch then ending a sudden, dreadful silence. It was almost like sex but slightly messier. She smirked, a crimson trickle running down her cheek like a tear. Y
  10. Congratulations, ScrewySquirrel!
  11. Congratulations, Death Tribble!
  12. I'm going to give it to wcw43921's Smoke!
  13. Hosts seem to take "dramatic damage" like some film zombies. They can ignore damage until its dramatically appropriate so sometimes they're bullet sponges and other one shot take them out. It can be difficult to deal with effects like that in the context of a rpg.
  14. Do you mean multiply M and M Stamina by 10 to get Hero 5th Constitution?
  15. I'm still not certain about Speed. For the moment I'm just eyeballing it, assigning it according to the 'type' of character, relative power level and intended campaign standard. I think I made Hardbody's too high for the game he might appear in. Active Defenses are an interesting difference. Mutants and Masterminds breaks them in down in a more granular fashion across two different characteristics and a couple of values.
  16. My Preliminary and in complete draft so far. Hero 5th Str: 15/60 Dex: 12 Con: 14/24 Bod: 14 Int: 12 Ego: 10 Pre: 12 Com: 15 PD: 28 ED: 28 Spd: 3 Rec: As Figured End: 48 Stun: As Figured Powers: Augmented Strength:+45 Strength Augmented Stamina: +? Power-lifting: +20 Strength No Figured Characteristics, only for Lifting/throwing Hardbody: Resistant on PD/ED Impervious: Hardened PD/ED Multipower: (Strength Tricks):? Cut Loose: Armor Piercing on 60 Strength Thunderc
  17. What would you make of this character in Champions 5th from Mutants and Masterminds 3rd? He's a player character of a friend offered up as an example to be worked out.
  18. Did you have a formula in mind? Or would you suggest more eyeballing it, using the M and M numbers as guidelines?
  19. How do you handle characteristics rated 0 in M and M? Conceptually they seemed be to that equivalent of 8-10 in Hero as in "Typical to slightly 'heroic' human.
  20. Hello again. I've been absent for awhile, RL things, but I'm bqck for a bit. Glad to see the thread is still going. Who's up?
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