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  1. What about star hero? Does it have Psionics? I was thinking about getting it anyways for a Space game.
  2. Will there be a blue book for Psionics in the future? Where would be a good place to locate Psionics til then?
  3. I was just looking at the fifth edtion stuff and was wondering if any new Organization books were planned for the future (Primus, UNTIL, Viper, Demon)? Also, are there conversion rules for 5th to 6th? If so, where can I find them?
  4. She goes back to 1st edition. She is actually in the 5th edition core Champions book page 201, not CK&C 😀(Not trying to be that guy.)
  5. What is his Roomsweeper? Is it like Neo in the Matrix with his power bubble when he was in the hallway?
  6. I have most of the 6E books now and I have looked around, but I can't find her. She was in every edition (Even 5th). So why did she not make the threshhold into 6E? or am I looking in the wrong place?
  7. I was doing a mock fight to prepare for this weekends game and came across a problem. Armadillo got knocked back and stood up to shoot his palm blasters. I can't find dual weilding or is it 2 attacks with one being the off hand and getting -3 or can you even shoot both blasters?
  8. I am looking at the Brick on pg. 252 of the Champions book, and one of the powers is "Super Tough Body 28pts." I went with this because I took the Basic Brick characteristics 28 PD/ 28 ED but I just don't get the math. First, I thought it was a power from 6E1 pg 275 and I did 3 x 28 = 84 (Because 3CP/ 2pts), so that wasn't right. Then I saw the advantage on 6E pg 147 where I find Resistant (+½) but I can't find how it adds up. Is it 28ED/28ED = 56 divided by 2 x 3 or 28 x 3 = 84 with advantage (+1/2) = 42. I don't understand how you get a point cost of 28 for 28PD/28ED
  9. Nevermind I found it thanks to someone in chat. Thanks anyway.
  10. I just bought the PDFs champions complete and the villains solo book also got the Hero Designer the other day and I'm trying to figure this all out. I am trying to load Thunderbird into the Hero Designer and don't know how to do the Blaster Array multipower. Can anyone help me please?
  11. I know it has to do with power armor but I can't find it in the Hero Designer. what does OIF stand for? and how do I use it on the HD
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