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  1. I'm currently "contemplating" a Sword and Sorcery game, and I'm stuck on how magic works. More specifically, how magic works at a PC level. My general thoughts are: 1. Everyone uses magic all the time. When you get up in the morning, you are likely to put on your amulets and/or say your prayers even before you put on pants (or whatever). 2. This magic has a real impact on life and society. It covers things like crop yields, maternal and infant mortality, whether or not a wound becomes infected, and a whole host of other things. 3. At the same tim
  2. I can't see how you would get much value out of it without faster than light travel.
  3. A generous assessment of the force that produced Abu Ghraib. While we are at it, and to show I am not America-bashing, there is an ongoing scandal about war crimes committed by the Australian SAS, plus a more general culture of imbecility throughout the Australian Defence Force. The ADF is just as much a high tech, modern military as the US one, despite having vastly inferior budgets. I'm not familiar with the Canadian situation.
  4. I was wondering about that today. My thought was that Trump's support was likely to be strongest among the enlisted ranks. By which I mean, those sections relatively poorly educated, conservative, and white. Obviously, that's not anything like the whole US military. And equally obviously, the officer corps can be quite terrible too. I won't even speculate on the social base of that, because I'm not from the US.
  5. Not basically. A hole in the wall burger joint already owned the trademark for Burger King in Aus. If it wasn't for that... Also, I thought the whole "Big Jack" thing was actionable as soon as I saw it. They weren't subtle.
  6. More than 200 retired generals, admirals endorse Biden, including some who served under Trump Oh no! It's the Deep State!
  7. If your life is not your own, you are a slave. Given that in this case, the "master" may or may not exist, it is appropriate to ask who does "own" you in practice. You can come up with a "family and friends" answer - that is, people it is worth living for - but it is equally viable to come up with a "whoever rules society" answer, where the purpose of your life is to work on their behalf. The latter suggests that the theology has, if not an ulterior motive, then at least some interesting social implications. (I agree that we should leave this discussion alon
  8. Wyndham City is part of Melbourne. Victoria, and Melbourne in particular, has produced the vast majority of Australia's COVID-19 cases (over 20,000) and deaths (nearly 800), and has endured the most stringent lockdowns as a result. This includes mandatory mask wearing in public - the only State that has had to implement this.
  9. Both Viper and Until agents were in the original book. Enemies I included GENOCIDE agents. The authors of Enemies I were the old school Hero Games people. Going through the table of contents, they were: Glenn Thain, Bruce Harlick, Steve Peterson, George Mac Donald, Ray Greer, Steve Goodman, and Stacy Laurence. Enemies II added Steve Perrin, Kevin Dinapoli and Mark Williams. We know that Steve Goodman crunched the numbers before 1e Champions was published. Other people repeated this once it was published (I did, too, partially.) T
  10. The "standard" values are set by the game system itself, through there being optimal values for certain characteristics. As a result, if you try and force characters into a particular (non-optimal) range, you will end up with character concepts that cluster at the high end of the range.
  11. I haven't done it before, but it should be relatively straightforward. Pre would work the same way as Str. Defense: Average or higher of PD/ED, minimum of 10. Resistant defense might need to be fiddled with (reduced). For CNow Body, use 3e Con Rolls. Modify upwards if a character has unusually high 3e Body. (EG: 23 Con becomes 14 Body.) This might give results higher than you would get if you were building the character from scratch in CNow, so you might want to adjust this. Speed is a little tricky. Halve 3e Spd and round up would work, although
  12. It wouldn't be Australia if it didn't have Death Trees, would it?
  13. Australian stinging trees and cone snails share something in common, Queensland researchers say
  14. Every fire season in Australia, "greenies" are accused of being responsible, because they supposedly prevent hazard reduction burning, etc. This is despite (a) the stated policies of all the serious environmental organizations; and (b) the complete inability of such organizations to actually set policy. Coincidentally, these accusations overwhelmingly come from climate change denialists, and often politicians that have acted to cut funding to fire preparedness measures and fire brigades. So seeing these arguments pop up in the USA is something less than surprising.
  15. Another option: using magic requires the ingestion of powerful entheogens. These have side effects. In short: magic causes diarrhoea. (And vomiting.) A player can still play a wizard if they want. More generally: most PCs won't be magic users in low fantasy games. That's kind of the point.
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