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  1. Quick Googling... A bunch of Presidents owned slaves. Some while they were in the White House, others not. Jefferson seems to have owned the most. It's anachronistic to speculate on who would have if it had been legal during their lives, but Trump's father was a piece of work, and it wouldn't be hard to imagine Donnie inheriting some from him.
  2. The ICE dual statted Mythic Greece book has a bit of stuff on ships and sailing. Piracy was a hobby of heroes, although mainly in the form of raiding coastal settlements. So do the Viking and Pirate books, naturally.
  3. It was the Viper's Nest equivalent in the BBB.
  4. That's what lackeys are for. Armour had largely been abandoned for military use in Europe by The "Golden Age of Piracy" (late 17th/early 18th Century). (Helmets and cuirasses were still used by heavy cavalry, and I think a few armies still had it for their pikemen, and maybe some officers.) So not wearing armour was "normal" by that time. Earlier on, though, say during the Elizabethan period and before, officers would routinely be geared up. And they had lackeys to handle the cleaning. At various points in time, a lot of pirates didn't know how to swim, armoured or not.
  5. There's an obvious question here, isn't there? Maybe we should ask Ron and Jason. In fact, I just did, in the Kickstarter comments section.
  6. Penguins ignore police, return to sushi shop
  7. An issue I can see with Champions Now is that Ron's vision of the game makes it difficult to publish adventures for. It's very DIY, with every campaign being different, and worlds being built up from the bottom. Creating an official setting runs directly against that. Individual adventures could be OK, provided that they are presented as an aid to the GM's imagination, not as a replacement for it. Campaign length adventures are probably right out. I do have some ideas for what could be done, but I am waiting to see the final product first.
  8. Or plate when it is available. From Black Colossus: --- At her command they brought harness to replace Conan's chain-mail – gorget, sollerets, cuirass, pauldrons, jambes, cuisses and sallet. When Yasmela again drew the curtains, a Conan in burnished steel stood before his audience. Clad in the plate-armor, vizor lifted and dark face shadowed by the black plumes that nodded above his helmet, there was a grim impressiveness about him that even Thespides grudgingly noted. A jest died suddenly on Amalric's lips. "By Mitra," said he slowly, "I never expected to see you cased in coat-armor, but you do not put it to shame. By my fingerbones, Conan, I have seen kings who wore their harness less regally than you!" --- On the other hand, in The Scarlet Citadel, we have this: --- The clangor of steel rose deafeningly; the black-mailed figure of the western king loomed among his swarming foes, dealing blows like a butcher wielding a great cleaver. --- I couldn't find a clear description of him in armour in Hour of the Dragon. There's a mention of mail and a surcoat, and that's about it.
  9. Actual Sword & Sorcery. Sword & Planet stuff is useful on one side of the equation, obviously. I know how I will be handling the Sorcery too. By "Actual Sword & Sorcery" I mean Pulp Fantasy. Stories that could be rewritten as (lurid and not particularly realistic) historical fiction - and vice versa. Westerns. The Last of the Mohicans. Beau Geste. King Solomon's Mines. That kind of stuff. Not specific works, but settings capable of supporting versions of these stories, with swords and the occasional wizard or monster. Actually, it's obvious that people don't get what I want. I'll just have to decide "what is cool" without feedback.
  10. I'm not buying anything. I have mountains of stuff to milk. I'm just trying to decide which bits.
  11. I'm pretty well up on the source material, although other people reading this thread might not be. I'm aiming for something of a Hyboria-style patchwork world, where you can point at bits of it and say "Here Be Pirates", "there's the City of Thieves" and "Jungle Adventures Here". What I'm trying to do is decide which patches to use, and particularly which ones to concentrate on. I was hoping that people would say things like "You have to have Pirates! Pirates are cool!", which would suggest that players might respond well to pirates. I'm well aware that there are a bunch of patchwork fantasy maps online, but none of them are mine.
  12. Got it, but it doesn't leap out as being particularly useful. Its feel is "wrong" - neither Howard, Burroughs nor even Lin Carter. I'm looking at stuff more like 3e's Lands of Mystery (for Justice Inc.) Pulp adventure with swords rather than guns.
  13. Champions Now will be a physical product. Just not "Champions" in the strict historical sense.
  14. I'm still waiting for someone to tell the English they lost the Hundred Years War.
  15. While I don't usually do Fantasy Hero, I've developed an urge to design a Conan-style Sword and Sorcery setting. The most notable thing about Conan's stories (the Howard ones, at least) is that they are basically "historical" fiction with fantasy trappings. So I'm putting together a list of historical settings to rip off. I'm looking for suggestions to add to the list, although with a twist. I'm not going to initially share the list I have already have. My idea is to see what other people think of as interesting settings.
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