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  1. The sand method only works when nobody else uses the area. Dogs are better. Or things better than dogs. Some kind of demon-weasel, maybe.
  2. Have things scarier than giants around. Have walls more than 40 metres outside the areas you want to secure. People can teleport in, but they are stuck in an outside courtyard. Detection spells for magic (invisibility, shrinking and other stuff). Suppression fields for magic. (Personal immunity for your own magic, naturally.) You can't protect an entire country, or even your own lands, but homes and castles are another matter.
  3. I don't think personal websites are as common any more as they were then, so at one level that's not a problem. But, on the other hand, blogs have replaced them to a far extent, and where are the Hero System blogs? Of course, at that point I have to ask: where is my Hero System blog? Hmm.
  4. I've been looking through my old stuff. I've got nothing with artwork, and most of my characters are incomplete design fragments. The earliest stuff I have in a relatively decent form is 3rd edition, even though I've been playing since 1st. A lot of the problem is that I tended to use scrap computer printer paper more than proper notebooks beyond a certain point in time, and I ditched most of the former at various points along the way. On the other hand, the fragments show that my modern day characters have distinct resemblances to the characters I was building back in the 80s. Yes, even my 6e characters are basically 3e characters in drag, and could easily be 1e or 2e ones.
  5. Enforcer - the art is interesting. A mix of good - fine insignia work - and terrible. The power set is obviously a mess. I suspect, in practice, a lot of the points in the MP would need to be allocated pretty consistently to the same things, leaving depressingly little to switch around. On the other hand, being able to specialize radically out of combat would be nice.
  6. Vortex - dodgy costume, but I couldn't do better. Some multipower abuse! Skills in MP. Hmm... Still, pretty sweet. The high DEX, low SPD combination is nice. It was one of my favourite tricks. I don't think I ever when quite as far as this in a finished build though. I definitely considered it, but would hold out for 5 SPD.
  7. The Apparition is nice. Obviously a Vision homage. Perfectly serviceable art. I don't suppose you have the "attached sheets"? Looking at it, I can guess Density Increase and Desolidification, but I'm not sure what else.
  8. His clinic is in Gaza, Tehran or where ever and the technology it uses can be weaponized. So it gets bombed. There's no investigation because it was an intentional act by a recognized government. This is both reasonably "realistic", and something I don't want to play. There are good reasons for a setting to be fantastic, rather than "realistic". A "realistic" setting would be both dystopian and boring.
  9. No, but it's an example of how you could make such a character relatively "realistic". The character is Sauron, and actually almost makes a kind of sense in his own right.
  10. After all his patients are killed when his clinic was bombed for the third time, he turned his attention towards attacking the government that bombed it, and those that supported it. Clearly the kind of people that would bomb health facilities are figurative dinosaurs, and it would be quite appropriate to attack them with, or transform them into, literal dinosaurs. And dinosaurs are cool.
  11. I don't have anyone who can fly after her, so whatever character I was playing would collect all available information, and file it for future reference.
  12. Some very cool art there. I don't have any 1e character sheets surviving. That's partly because I've never used official character sheets for any game.
  13. Definitely show us the early characters.
  14. In Australia, votes are made on paper, and counted in front of representatives nominated by the candidates. Those are the original counts, at least. I'm not sure about recounts. Senate votes are weird though, and at least partly computerized. That's because of the weird interactions that happen between proportional representation and preferential voting. We have 12 senators per state, plus a smaller number per territory. Usually only half are up for re-election in any particular election, and blah blah blah. Also the results of our election have come in and I'm "processing" them at the moment. A story for another day.
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