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  1. I remember running into one of these very early on in my Champions career. From memory, we got inside it. One of the reasons why I don't have character sheets for my earliest Champions characters is that my earliest campaigns were ridiculously munchkinized. It was to the point that when I offered to GM, a player refused to show me his character sheet because it would expose the way he had designed his character. Apparently his awesome super design skills needed to remain secret so nobody else could replicate them. Funnily enough, that game never got off the ground.
  2. You beat me to it. By 6 hours, but even I have to sleep.
  3. Speaking of Hekk, back in my less serious days, I used it as the name for my fantasy world's underworld. This was the underworld you could reach by catching a lift on the Sun chariot/boat/beetle, or the Moon equivalent. They were a bit like magic buses you could catch if you knew the right magic. With no relationship to a song by The Who, obviously. I always felt a little embarrassed by my blatant silliness. I know (and knew) I shouldn't have been, but it's hard to break the habit.
  4. That requirement is not in the original post. It also eliminates Batman, Green Arrow, Green Lantern and Iron Man. There is a "single power" thread elsewhere, where this requirement would apply, but the implication there is that most such characters don't have superheroic grade characteristics or equipment
  5. Last night I was thinking of a group of supervillains that all wore skulls and related insignia on their costumes. I was looking at the Black Terror (reimagined as a villain) as an example. The obvious name for such a group would be SKULL. DC has a fairly minor villain group with this name, but I think this could be ignored. Let's see: Society of the Kreative (oops!) Use of Lawlessness and Licentiousness? Unfortunately, licentiousness, while amusing, isn't the right word here. SKULL could be a bit Hellfire Club-ish, I suppose.
  6. Any number of gadgeteers fit in this range. Since I've built lots of them, the answer to the original question is: zero.
  7. Russia Today puts Japan on the map, where New Zealand should be
  8. Have a look at Duplication.
  9. The spirits didn't hate you.
  10. Currently exploring surf rock, both US and Australian, and its non-Anglo influences. Dick Dale had a Lebanese (and Polish/Belarusian) background, resulting in his music having Middle Eastern influences. The Atlantics (Australian band from the same era) drew from Greek, Yugoslav and Hungarian sources. This is one of the reasons why surf rock had such a distinctive sound. A classic example: Misirlou And from The Atlantics: Bombora
  11. David Koch is dead. I can't find a link that adequately describes his contribution to US (and thus world) politics in words that wouldn't get me into trouble. Here is the best I can do - the BBC: David Koch: Billionaire Republican donor dies aged 79
  12. Schadenfreude. 'I cannot get down': Terrified Pauline Hanson gets STUCK on Uluru while climbing the rock in protest before tourists are banned from scaling it Pauline Hanson is a far right politician in Australia.
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