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  1. Vixen tends to imply savagery.
  2. To be honest, the only thing that stands out about the character to me is the Killing Attack. It's not a problem, and the rest is just the eye straining small print I dislike about 5e/6e. A nice set of abilities, but nothing to write home about.
  3. Better than that, the Vibranium boom didn't start until ten years before the Fantastic Four went there for the first time. Before that it was just another backwater. The full high tech Disneyland effect didn't kick in until later.
  4. Par for the course for Sorbo. He's a "nondenominational" evangelical Christian of the RWNJ variety.
  5. This is a pretty good summary of where I am trying to go overall. I am currently trying to nail things down at a what PCs can do on an immediate tactical level. I don't want to go all DnD, but I want magic to be relevant enough to be interesting for the PCs.
  6. A bit more detail: Everyone uses magic all the time, so it mostly cancels out and is mechanically absorbed into physics. What matters on a game level are the exceptions. "Strategically", in periods of conflict, magic functions like an intelligence service. Typically, it is used for information gathering, with the occasional digression into subversion, assassination and so on. That's easy enough. The hard part is PC level magic. To some degree, they can do the strategic level stuff, although they aren't necessarily the most powerful practitioners at that level. They can do wards, dispels and curses, obviously. A bit of mind domination is fine. Detection as an immediate effect of broader scrying and precognition/prophecy. Beyond that though...
  7. I am currently working on a magic system and am a bit stuck on my list of common spells. So naturally I am going to pick the collective brains here. So I am asking what people consider to be the essential basic spells a magic system needs. This will not be DnD, so no fireball or lighting bolt type spells are needed.
  8. It's not the first "international event" that's been in Brisbane. The worst to date was Expo 88. For months, people were going around asking "how many times have you been to Expo?" My answer never changed: 0. Thankfully, I don't live in Brisbane any more, so I will be able to avoid most of it by avoiding Brisbane, being very selective about the TV I watch, and being rude to people who want to talk about it.
  9. It would have been Victoria, except the dirty southerners got in first.
  10. When the war starts, the Palestinians will be blamed... Israeli forces raid Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, allowing Jewish settlers to pray at site
  11. Not what the headline says, but the actual story. A planeload of US military personnel in the Northern Territory have been declared close contacts after a fellow US Army soldier tested positive for COVID-19.
  12. You probably wouldn't be alone in that - and how many supervillains can fit on a small island? What would happen when the Indian Government and UNTIL find out? It could be an interesting twist on The Island of Doctor Destroyer. I wonder how much magic the North Sentinelese have?
  13. Have you seen the interior of (North) Sentinel Island? As far as we know it could be Alien Wakanda. With Sentinels. Or the home of the Ghost Who Walks.
  14. To be honest, none of them really float my boat. The Price of Dreams (Teen Champions) Obviously, as potential child soldiers, they can't do official missions. That just makes it another super school game, with extra authoritarian bits. Turncape: The Defectors (Cold War period Champions) This feels like it would require heavy handed GMing to avoid it going off the rails - and I would be at the front of the derailing queue. Universal Rejection (Champions) Probably the most traditional game, which is why I voted for it - but it's really just a traditional game with a bit of extra fluff. Wrongfully Convicted, Divinely Conscripted (Champions) Meh.
  15. The effect of the oil differs depending on how it's used. Sometimes the effect is slippery, and sometimes it is slipper-y.
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