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  1. OF COURSE my players buy all thier attacks (and Defenses) at 0 END. As well as Make sure they are at the campaign limit for Dex, SPD, OCV, DCV, Damage Class, etc, etc, etc. No one wants to be the "Average" everyone has to be "Ubermenchen Ultra-@$$-Kicker Man" with all thier abilities maxed. One of the reasons I stopped running supers games for so long. In my new campaign all PCs will have the Normal Cha Maxima DIsad. That should help keep Stat inflation down at least (although I expect to see a LOT of attempts to buy Stat as powers so that they are affected by NCM that I will need to ste
  2. I mostly use 5e, with some 4e; because my 6e stuff is strictly PDFs that I haven't printed out. However, at the moment I'm neither running nor playing in anything HERO (or anything else for that matter). Hoping to change that if I can find some players. Unfortunately everyone in my area seems to put HERO in the "Too Complicated" category (these same people play Pathfinder though) My question is: Do most people use the "Official" Champions Universe, come up with there own Universe, or do some sort of Blending?
  3. Thank you, had I read the darn maneuver in detail I could have answered my own question... And also my thanks to the person that pointed out that when combining multiple powers in a single attack Defenses are applied seperately vs. each power, makes it SLIGHTLY less rude... Though most of my players will probably use it as an attempt to get around campaign DC limits (not that I have hard limits). Ah well, let them "accidentally" kill a few people and have to deal with the consequences I guess.
  4. Can I get an "Amen" brethren... I remember one of my early GM's getting in my face about carrying a length of rope. He tried to write up a Multipower of everything one can do with rope, and ended up with a 10' chunk of rope costing over 50 (real) pts. Wish I still had the write-up to show just how silly it was, slots for entangle, bonus to climbing, swinging, other stuff I cant even remember now. UGH! Needless to say I dropped this guy's Game like a hot potato.
  5. Actually for Dr. D the special effects are pretty much the same "Weapon Array" (which isn't much of a special effect in my book, I would certainly never accept it for an EC, although I'm more lenient w/MP)... For The Warlord (5e at least), they are Identical (as are the MPs). As for shooting two DIFFERENT targets, how does one do this? Does it REQUIRE using the Rapid Attack action or is there something I'm missing? Please give a page # (preferably 5e) if you can....
  6. I recently started going through old villain books and noticed that several villains (Dr Destroyer & others) have two attack Multipowers... I was wondering why? In HERO you can't make more than one attack per action (rapid fire excepted), so the only use is to be able to add the 2nd attack into the first. You can use multiple powers together in one attack, as long as they are all accessable at the same time. This would indicate that Dr D, (6e) would be able to fire a single attack for 46d6 damage by combining his Primary and Secondary attack into one "Attack". OUCH! That'll leave
  7. Don't be ridiculous , you can do all of this with the Systems Operations skill. Which (IIRC) is an everyman skill for modern campaigns... I certainly wouldn't require points to be paid for owning a smartphone, however if someone did pay points for it they would recieve some sort of SUPER phone that never loses it's signal, has virtually unlimited memory, and rarely runs out of power. as always YMMV. That said, I also lack familiarity with Smart Phones (although I figure they ain't too much different from my tablet), heck I have difficulty programming the TV to Record.
  8. Appreciate the link, but the "Law" listing in DI was actually just a numeric rating (1-5) of how opressive the legal system was in the country (sort of like GURPS Control Rating, or Traveller's Law Rating)...
  9. The original DI tables had Country, Capital, Languages, Standard of Living, Law, Government Type, & "Alignment" (East/West/Neutral). Most of this can be found on Wikipedia, but I'm having some trouble with SoL and Law ratings. And Wiki's Goverment explanations are long-winded at best.
  10. Exactly where I did start... but thanks. Mostly I was just wondering if someone else had already done this....
  11. I have used Snipers on occasion, however I usually use one (or more) of the following caveats: 1) The PC's should KNOW to expect sniper (ie: the enemy has a rep for using this tactic) 2) Shoot an NPC first (not a DNPC) 3) The first shot narrowly misses (or some shmuck stepped into LoF at just the wrong time) 4) The PC spots the glint off the scope/laser-dot/whatever just in time. That said, I once to out a LOT of innocent civilians with a teleporting Sniper while the PC's tried to get him... nastiest combat I ever ran, and the players really chewed me with "how the <bleep> we
  12. Massively Dark & Grim here... Unfortunately, statistically speaking, most attempts to psychologically break women DO start with rape... The only thing I could come up with was a mixture of Drugs & Brainwashing/Torture, Think something like modern day cult leaders inflict on thier "flocks". Indeed maybe the Crime-lord is also a religious cult-leader type?
  13. Does anyone know of an up-to-date version of the "Countries of the World" list from old Danger International (pp 135-141)? I was kinda trying to update it, then thought "hey, wonder if anyone else has already done this?" Since the original list is from the mid 80's (IIRC), it is horribly out of date (heck it lists EAST Germany and the USSR as countries).
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