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  1. Tnx for usefull topic :) For example, someone could be invisible for sight group, but can be targeted by sonar or radar. Or heat detector. Or something. But what about ghostlike creatures? No warm, no solid body, no sound, invisible. Special stuff for "Ghostbusters"?
  2. What is Your idea to "detect invisibility" power? Or how heros can detect ghost, or invisible ghost?
  3. Please help me... i don't understand how "temporary" are Drain and Aid powers? How long it works? How to restore drained points?
  4. So You say that alternate form (Multiform) could be build on more CP? for example Hulk form cost much more CP than Banner form?
  5. I have Champions Complete rulebook and try to understand. Probaly its easy, but i cant find answer. On page 156 is about damage. I completly dont understand how calculate DC (damage class) to damage dices? For example: how i know how many dices add to HKA if I add 4 DC to attack?
  6. I have more sence as follower. If Stark is in SE Asia, but have few power armors in his lab in US, is dificult to "change form" as "half phase". Power armor considered as follower is not bad idea
  7. Im at begining of adventure with HERO System, but I dont recognize diferent power armors as multiform :/
  8. So, You treat every armor like another form? Intresting... some limitation on change form is nesesery in that case,
  9. Thanks for answers Chris, where I can find examples of warnings and safeguards for Multiform :>?
  10. Im starting with champions and dont understand few things. For example: multiform. It gives player *gratis* points? If I have 100 CP i can spend it on powers or spend all on Multiform, so I grain "normal person" who can transform to superhero "worth" 500 CP? What I dont understand? Where is weekspot?
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