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  1. Queens, from a deck of cards.
  2. X or X/1999 A Manga (Yes I Googled it)
  3. This is just a curious question. What year did the following books come out: Champions Champions II Champions III 4th edition 5th edition (and revised) 6th edition Thanks.
  4. Inosuke (character from Dragon Slayer)
  5. I loved hero central. I now play on rpol.net and roll20.net Not as good, but at least an option.
  6. Zesty popcorn strung on a string A word you would see in a comic book. Bonus if you have a picture of that word being used.
  7. Zombie wars. Next subject: Video or arcade games
  8. Zingers! The longest real word you can think of without searching the internet
  9. (On top of the) iceberg that hit the Titanic (At least I tried)
  10. Zantanna NS: funny, silly, or parody songs.
  11. This time I'm going to talk about 2 adventures/supplements Stronghold and Escape from Stronghold (called Escape for ease of writing) Escape was probably the very first adventure supplement, designed during the very first edition of Champions. It's a bit rough around the edges, but not a bad supplement. When 5th edition came out, they updated it quite a bit. Both editions have guard robots. Escape had 3 types and Stronghold has 2. They eliminated the second type. Escape had Esper, Freon, Ripper, Sonar, Radar, and Indectoid. Insdctoid is a lot like Stronghold"s Dragonfly. Otherwise Stronghold has Requim (yes the same from Deathstroke [called Deathsinger], and the first Champions Universe), Frost (called Chiller in the first Champions Universe), Alchemica, Dragonfly, Geothermal, and Glacier. The guardbots can be reprogrammed, thus allowing a plot seed for Mechanon or other machine controlling villain. Geothermal is basically lava based. Glacier is ice based. Both in hot sleep and just screams plot seed. If hot sleep ever malfunctions... I can see them as natural enemies, but what if they work together? Lots of possibilities. Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading.
  12. Maybe you could have an accessible offline site people can access and build characters. Then just have the characters be pdf.
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