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  1. Sounds complicated. I'll look at it later
  2. I have a chrome book laptop. I downloaded hero designer. I open it and see the jar file. I open the gear icon. I choose advanced. No Javascript option to enable. Advice please. And would it kill you to make hero designer to work on your phone too?
  3. It has been a very long time since I've posted here. Medical issues. So, going into the subject of Enemies, I want to talk about 2 iconic major bad guys. Dr. Destroyer said Mechanon. Both have been around since basically day 1. One of the first books was The Island of Dr. Destroyer. And one of the major first villains was Mechanon. One wants to rule the world, the other wants to destroy all life. Both have had major changes. The Book of the Destroyer and the Book of the Machine go into great detail. But be careful when usi
  4. Bryan is curious if the girl had a mermaid ancestor or if it was an attack
  5. Bryan is trying to be more social. He likes swimming, but has never taken it up. His mouth pops open in surprise as the girl turns into a mermaid.
  6. Panda and Raccoon are villains from different walks of life. Both were born with unusual features. Panda was a poor orphan and Raccoon was from a rich family that kept him hidden away. They met. Fell in love, and are married to each other. Both have martial arts and I am surprised neither is hunted br Genicide (now called IHA) They both appeared in the original Enemies book and in Classic Enemies. I also think they were in the original Island of Doctor Destroyer but I don't have that book and cannot confirm this. In the original Enemies book. Martial arts is no
  7. When Cornerstone realized that Foxbat said look behind you. He will look in the direction he was talking about. Normally Foxbat is no that easy to capture, meaning he may have wanted to get caught.
  8. Cornerstone was heading to the playground anyway. He also sees Foxbat but hopefully Foxbat doesn't see him. He tunneld under the ground getting ready to attack if needed. But waits for Foxbat's reply.
  9. "I'm guessing dusting the ticket for finger prints is out of the question. I think Foxbat wears gloves. " "The zoo is a big place, do you want help?"
  10. Once Cornerstone realizes they are leaving he will follow, but he can't fly.
  11. (I can only post about once a day. A lot has happened since I posted including Samantha joining me then joining another part of the group. It is difficult to keep up and now I'm not sure what to reply to. )
  12. "That is possible. Now many stop lights have cameras. Maybe they caught him. "
  13. "There goes that theory." He says to himself. He start to look for clues or somebody who might had seen something
  14. Cornerstone will check out the fire escape to see if it had been tampered with or opened recently
  15. (Since the alarm may be still connected. He will check it out from outside,)
  16. "Well, I was checking the basement, but I didn't see any evidence that he had been there. I could check the parking lot for clues. Does Foxbat's vehicle fly?"
  17. "I didn't phase through the ground because I thought it would freak out the police, and there were a few pipes and wires under the floor i didn't want to mess with. I'll come up the stairs. " Cornerstone goes back up.
  18. (Does it look like it was opened ?) "I'm in the basement. Do you need me to come up?"
  19. (But is there anything else that his detective skills noticed?)
  20. Cornerstone remembered the crew had some lighting problems earlier that week as well. And technically no one told him he couldn't go downstairs. They all were concerned with what was happening upstairs. He looked around some more. Perhaps the breaker box had been tampered with. He uses his detective skills to look for clues.
  21. There is a possibility that Foxbat could have been downstairs waiting until the perfect moment to nab his goal. Cornerstone heads downstairs to see if there is any evidence Foxbat was there.
  22. Cornerstone is trying to stay out of the way of the police. He uses his vision power to see if there are any underground passage ways.
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