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  1. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Crap, you can not make a archer villian:(.
  2. Give me some re-spec I'm thinking about re-specing my main blaster character, (energy/energy). Any suggestions, or guide you like. Mike
  3. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Ok, I'm back in the game. I'm on the Champion server: Hero: Red Ultra (13) Villian: Doctor Mojo (3) Anyone else on the Champion server.
  4. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Did they reduce it for balance?
  5. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game I used to play CoH, but I did feel it got repeditive. I mainly interested if the new part of CoV improve this.
  6. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Is CoV worth 50ish dollars? Trying to decide if I want to get it. Mike
  7. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... Serenity novelization. Easy read, but fun.
  8. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? The 80's channel on XM Radio. Mike
  9. Re: Help me flesh out: Chimera I still have a few points to spend, so anything that would fix the character concept.
  10. I was needing some help fleshing out this villian. Any comments appreciated.Thanks,MikeChimeraPlayer: Val Char Cost 50 STR 40 21 DEX 33 23 CON 26 18 BODY 16 8 INT -2 10 EGO 0 18 PRE 8 4 COM -3 10/20 PD 0 10/20 ED 5 6 SPD 29 15 REC 0 60 END 7 60 STUN 5 21" RUN02" SWIM025" LEAP0Characteristics Cost: 164Cost Power END 10 Chimera Body: Elemental Control, 20-point powers 31 1) Fire Breath: Energy Blast 8d6, Area Of Effect (9" Cone; +1) (80 Active Points); 3 Charges (-1 1/4) [3] 20 2) Chimera Skin: Armor (10 PD/10 ED) (30 Active Points) 0 12 3) Claws: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1d6 (2d6 w/STR), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (22 Active Points) 0 10 4) Leaping +15" (25" forward, 12 1/2" upward) (15 Active Points) 1 20 5) Running +15" (21" total) (30 Active Points) 3 5 Beastily Body & Soul: Elemental Control, 10-point powers 5 1) Three Minds on Body: Mental Defense (12 points total) (10 Active Points) 0 5 2) Soul Locked: Power Defense (10 points) (10 Active Points) 0 5 3) Eyes of the Beast: Ultraviolet Perception (Sight Group), Tracking (10 Active Points) 0 7 4) +4 PER with all Sense Groups (12 Active Points) 0 Powers Cost: 130Cost Skill 7 Tracking 13- 3 Stealth 13- Skills Cost: 10Cost Talent 14 Fearless Talents Cost: 14Val Disadvantages 25 Distinctive Features: Large Hulking Shape with Three Heads (Not Concealable; Extreme Reaction; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses) 35 Enraged: Berserk When losing half total BODY (Uncommon), go 14-, recover 8- 5 Unluck: 1d6 20 Physical Limitation: Hands are mostly cloven (All the Time, Greatly Impairing) 10 Reputation: Evil Minion, 11- 25 Social Limitation: Totally Loyal to Dr. Faust (Very Frequently, Severe) 10 Vulnerability: 2 x STUN Magic (Uncommon) 5 Vulnerability: 1 1/2 x BODY Magic (Uncommon) 15 Hunted: 8- (Mo Pow, Capture) Disadvantage Points: 150Base Points: 200Experience Required: 0Total Experience Available: 0Experience Unspent: 0Total Character Cost: 318 Height: 1.90 m Hair: Black and Green Weight: 115.00 kg Eyes: Brown Appearance: A large hulking figure with three heads.Personality: The merging of their bodies destroyed the triplets minds leaving a mosly mindless creature, totaly loyal to Dr. Faust.Quote:Rgghh!!!Background: It is hard growing up as triplets, especially on the south side of Chicago. Adan ,Miguel, and Pablo Arroyo jumped at the chance to join a local street gang after their mother kicked them out on to the street when they turn eighteen. For their gang initiation, they had to kill a local councilwoman, who was gaining popularity on her anti-gang stance. They caught the councilwoman leaving her office, but as they were about to shoot, the police arrived. The triplets ran for it, knowing that someone had turned then into the police. They ran into an alley with a dead end, trapped with the police only a few seconds away. “Come here boysâ€, a sweet yet sinister told them. In a door way that was not their seconds ago stood a man in a fine blood red suit. Knowing they had no other choice, the triplets ran in the doorway. The man in the blood red suit told them how sorry he was that their friends had betrayed them, and how they did not appreciate the possible power of a man born three. He told them in a seductive voice he could give them a body of great power for the small price of their undying loyalty and their souls. The one catch that Adan,Miguel, and Pablo discovered too late was, when their new master said one body, he meant one body. Powers/Tactics: A basic brick creatureCampaign Use:
  11. Has anyone seen a copy of Hudson City yet in their FLGS?
  12. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it... The Flash: Stop Motion by Mark Schultz ISBN: 0743417135 http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0743417135/qid=1098827640/sr=2-3/ref=pd_ka_b_2_3/002-4472549-3415242 The third in the line of recent Justice League novels. I really the liked the first 3/4 of this book. Character development was well done, you really got to know Wally and the problems the "Fastest Man Alive" has to deal with. The last part of the book was seemed rushed (pun), but was ok. I would give it a 7 out of 10 total.
  13. Re: The cranky thread You what burns my ass, A flame about 3 foot high.
  14. Q: What most people think about the BCS system? A: Look Ma, no hands.
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