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  1. The only movie I remember with you are bad guys if you don't watch this, is GB 2016. Critics loved it, but fans hated it, and it bombed. The same thing is going on with He Man right now. Kevin Smith is like you are all bad for hating my show even though I lied what it was about. Older fans and some new ones are like this show isnt what you promised and Teela is awful in every way. CES
  2. Cyborg lost the brooding and angst over the years, but when they gutted his history and put him on the JL and gave him his own book, he went right back to where he started just like the song says CES
  3. So the guys who made the most money off this are the guys who decided to boost the streaming service over their theatrical release. Then they released Johanssen's pay for one movie to the press when Iger got paid almost all of that in options, with a yearly salary that matches Johanssen's pay for that one movie. But they can't honor royalty contracts like Foster's (he wasn't the only one. There was a group that went after Disney over that), or obligations they signed. That seems a touch greedy to me. CES
  4. The wooden menace of the Hesperite can control plants to do whatever he wants, while also using his powers to split into a trio of plant men CES
  5. This was RDJ condition for Avengers I think. I think I heard that he contracted for the work for 10% of the take. And then the movie blew up CES
  6. I guess what I am trying to say is Black Widow may not make as much as f9 but it has a week maybe two weeks to close that gap if the theater owners stick to the 45 day limit that they said they would. I don't know why Chris is trying to play things down but right now until Free Guy comes out and Shang Chi after that, BW and F9 are the two movies to beat for the summer. F9 is number three for the year and BW is number five. Godzilla versus Kong is number four and I can see BW earning enough to reach that spot in the next two weeks maybe CES
  7. He was in for 30 years which depending on when the movie was set was sometime in the nineties, maybe right after he turned over the stolen secrets. Which now that I think about it, how did he know everything? I don't remember the prison having a television. Also Chris, I have worked with guys out of prison and they were either serious guys trying to keep their head down or comical retards. Sometimes you get both in the same guy. CES
  8. I think f9 has already doubled what black widow has done. CES
  9. I have to agree with Grailknight. Dreykov was pretty bad. And he was using the Bourne/Treadstone technique better than the movies that posited it. It was obvious why he benched the Guardian when you see his network at the end of the movie. His plans need covert operators moving in stealth and completing missions without being seen like Agent 47. A loud red bull is not what he wants to get the job done. CES
  10. META 4 is a team of travelers trying to get by while waiting for their next lift out of the system to something better. The first initial of their names form the word meta CES
  11. That's cool I guess. Don't take this the wrong way but I never cared for her so it didn't matter to me if she got a movie or not. I was more onboard with the GOTG even if they were depowered and personality swapped. I would have loved to have seen a real Nova with real powers on Xandar but I guess that wasn't in the cards CES
  12. There is always going to be hero movies with various degrees of coolness in them. But the creators will try to put their own idea of a concept on the character if it is already established. It's what I call professional fanfiction which pervades the comic industry where a writer comes in and places some idea in the storyverse that he likes and rips up what came before only to have his own ideas ripped up by the next writer with his own idea. Any complaint is met with you don't appreciate my genius and you should read something else. I don't even read comic books any more in part because of this. Why read something when it doesn't matter? Why read something when its writer is gutting the history of the character to do his own take? Cyborg, founding member of the League, Hoorah! What about his status as the backer of the 80's Titans? Nobody cares about that CES
  13. Didn't Danvers go through a hero's journey. I didn't watch Captain Marvel so I don't know CES
  14. Pet A is a chimera created in a lab with the thought that combining various genes could enable animals to be built to do certain work like flying monkey messengers, dolphin tugboats, big red retrievers. Pet A was created in hopes of demonstrating countermeasures against super powers in a living organism. And then the Hippie freed it. CES
  15. 1966. Space is the final frontier. In the battle to be the first to the moon, the winner was Gabe Gaddy, a 12 yr old prodigy who designed his own transport system he called the Boomer. Gaddy with the use of the boomer and other technology he designed has served on every generation of the team from the first day until its last years in the future while remaining a teenager the whole time. Gaddy accomplished this by using the boomer's temporal effects to move up and down the time stream while remaining the same age in transit, essentially only aging when he appears to help his team out of their current problem. Gabe Gaddy was known far and wide as Astro Boy until he disappeared for the last time CES
  16. I always wondered about that because the original fortress from the comics was built into a mountain at the north pole. The only way you knew it was there was the giant key laying around outside. I think the door was only visible from the ground. CES
  17. Your linked story points out the thing can't tell what is going on at the scene and a good number of calls are false alarms. And then the police want to alter the record even more than that. These sensors also need a camera with them so when they hear the noise, the camera tracks in the direction of it. And then takes pictures for confirmation. CES
  18. Reports are that BW lost a ton of money after the opening weekend. Disney came out of this looking incredibly greedy and dumb for not realizing people would treat this like Wrestlemania PPV. CES
  19. This is nothing new. At least one of the departments reported that it took nine minutes for a call which is about the time it takes to write up a report on it after cruising around. Imagine the false alarms these things give off on the Fourth CES
  20. For something like Covid to be taken seriously by the population at large, people would have to drop dead in the streets like 28 days. The fact that so many have died is easily discounted by that was some other country, an error in the news, government lying, Covid only takes the old, whatever. To show people they are being stupid, people would have to start dropping across their towns faster than ambulances could pick them up and take them to the hospital CES
  21. It's only ten episodes. CES
  22. I didn't say it didn't suck cause it did. What i said was that it needed China to break even and China said no. And Sony knew this going in that they couldn't market GB in China because the political commission have a set of rules which include no ghosts in films. The GBs got GBed CES
  23. I have seen some reports that Kevin Smith is getting roasted for telling fans that his new Masters of the Universe will be all about He-man, and then killing He-man off in the first five minutes of the show so Teela is the star CES
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