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  1. Rand Paul filed a motion to declare the second impeachment unconstitutional. The five R senators who hate Trump voted against, the rest went all in which is no surprise. Good job Republicans. Good job CES
  2. I think I have a draft if no one else is ready. I am not saying it's a good draft idea, but it's doable. CES
  3. The Ewoks were supposed to be Wookies according to rumors. I don't how true that is after all this time. CES
  4. The word is Biden just fired the labor relations board and his second. They are mad because they got fired at will CES
  5. Beyond all that, the thing with Hunter Biden is barely above a conspiracy theory at this point. It's at the Benghazi level from what I understand CES
  6. I wonder if he is trying to cull the stupid CES
  7. THis is the lady that told Parler participants to hand over their ID and they did, exposing themselves CES
  8. You are missing the looming threat of Vigo the Carpathian from my picks. I am picking Ghostbusters Multidimensional for my title CES
  9. The Jelly Fish is the greatest of aquatic villains that can stretch and poison his enemies. CES The tenth member of the decade does not exist. He/She may be a placeholder, or imaginary, or something else but no one knows. A hidden hand helps out the scheme when the others get into trouble CES
  10. Sid Fleder joined the Musketeers to better utilize the flying technology he developed. If he occasionally has to do some heroics, he is fine with that. Every successful rescue allows him to refine what he can and can't do as the Wingman, master of the air CES
  11. Option 3 I am picking John Thunstone to round out my draft CES
  12. I always thought about trying to get the active members on the board for a convention. All expenses paid to a hotel somewhere we could set up and run. Maybe make it something annually CES
  13. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/01/19/lauren-boebert-tour-capitol-riots/ I think I have read too many stories for free since it asked me to suscribe. CES The leopards will never eat my face. CES
  14. Option One is the Hidalgo trading company warehouse and its contents CES
  15. It has come out that Boebort (the food poisoning, court defying, guncarrying in a no gun zone, restaurant owner congresswoman who tweeted they were moving Pelosi around) also gave tours to insurrectionists the day before the riot. The FBI are like man, that's a big coincidence CES
  16. I would love to win either, but I have never been that lucky. It would be nice to have all my bills paid with a nest egg to draw on for emergencies. I already told my boss I would be the worst employee ever. "THank you for calling. We ran out of food. Call tomorrow." CES
  17. Mine is straight, hermit CES I'm picking Vigo the Carpathian and his control of PKE slime as the looming threat. CES
  18. He was working security and was released. he still has a problem with having a weapon in the District, but he wasn't there to do anything but protect some of the set up from damage CES
  19. Thanks P. When I was looking up the LA rail system, it was like commuter trains down to Palm Springs and back licensed by the state. CES
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