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  1. Richard Benson Allard has made a fortune adventuring around the world, discovering hidden gold and other treasures. Allard has also added to an arsenal of magic weapons he has unearthed. He is the most likely of the Capitalists to take a personal hand in things, and uses his various businesses to gather information on regions in case he has to intervene in a problem. He has become known as Doctor Tombs. CES
  2. my wife and i were arguing about something NSFW on my laptop I didn't want to show her Even when I'm asleep, we're fighting CES
  3. Fake Facebook page credits W-S police with heroics from other parts of the country and slurs and other things. Police found out when citizens called to find out what was up. CES
  4. Scouting in the Woods 8 The rest of the day went by in a whirl for Stella. She had to sit back and watch everything from the sidelines, but the Morgans and Bond acted like what came next was something they did all the time. Mister Morgan asked them to stay in the van while he went to get the park rangers. Then he returned with men in uniform and they went up the trail. About an hour later, the adult Morgans and rangers escorted a group of men in torn clothes and battered faces from the trail. Ruff rested his body on Stella the whole time so she had to struggle to watch what was going on from inside the van. The beating of a tail on the seat didn’t help. As soon as all of the goons were taken away, Mister Morgan got the fish bucket and had them go back to their camp. They had to cook the fish for dinner. The next part was the preparation and cooking of the fish. Stella was glad to sit that out as the Morgans did all the work. The strips of fish were speared and set over the fire to cook. A pot was produced and noodles were dropped in. Mister Morgan used water from a bottle for cooking. He frowned when the water didn’t boil over the open fire. He asked a small animal to heat the pot to the right temperature to boil the noodles. The salamander agreed, and soon they had fish and noodles ready to go. Mrs. Morgan cut up vegetables and put them in the pot with the noodles and let them simmer for a bit. Then she served all of it out on paper plates. Plastic forks were given to Bond and Stella. The Morgans had chop sticks. The meal went fast. Stella noted that no one talked about what had happened in the woods, or the men being hauled away by the rangers. She also noted that being a furry puppet didn’t stop Ruff from trying to sample some of the food from her plate. She finally pushed some off on the ground so he would be stalled in his efforts to take the whole plate from her. That worked for the six seconds it took for him to clean the ground with his tongue. Then he was back for more with his puppy dog eyes. “Down, Ruff,” said Mister Morgan. “Let the girl eat. We have some dog food for you.” The rest of the dinner went a bit faster with Stella being able to eat without a pest at her elbow. When she was done, she put the small amount left down for Ruff to eat. He devoured it with gusto. “All right, kids,” said Mister Morgan. He put his own plate down on top of Stella’s. It was empty to Ruff’s annoyance. “We have to head home tomorrow. Stella is going to have to catch her flight home in the afternoon. Let me feed Ruff, and then you can tell me a story better than the one I told you yesterday. Then it will be time to hit the sack.” “It’s pretty early, Dad,” said Mark. “Can’t we stay up longer?” “I don’t know,” said Mister Morgan. “Do you think you have earned the right to stay up longer?” “Yes,” said Melinda. “We didn’t do anything bad the whole day.” “And we kept out of the way when you wanted us to,” said Mark. “Plus Bond solved his mystery in his book.” “If you guys want to take Ruff for a walk and play,” said Mister Morgan. “I guess that will be fine. Don’t wander off that far. When you get back, you can tell your scary story.” “Then it will be bed time?,” asked Mark. Stella could see he was already trying to find ways to stretch out his awake time. “Sure,” said Mister Morgan. “I want a good scary story.” “I’ll see what I can do about that,” said Mark. He jumped up. “Come on, guys. We can hide and seek.” He rushed off into the dark, calling not it behind him. Melinda and Bond rushed off after him. Ruff looked up from his dog food and then continued to eat. He could hunt the kids down at his leisure. Stella remained where she had sat through dinner. “Something wrong, Stella?,” asked Mister Morgan. He put another log on the fire. He sat down against his log. “The thing that happened today,” said Stella. “That was because of me, wasn’t it?” “What do you mean?,” asked Mister Morgan. “Those men wouldn’t have come up here if I hadn’t been here,” said Stella. “So I caused that mess.” “Do you think so?,” asked Mister Morgan. “Yes,” said Stella. “They come up here because they were looking for me to find my dad.” “That’s a good chain of causality,” said Mister Morgan. “Take yourself out of the chain. If you weren’t around, what would they have done to find your dad?” “I don’t know,” said Stella. “You were the easiest fix for their problem,” said Mister Morgan. “If you hadn’t been around, someone else would have been used to put pressure on your dad. The thing is you can’t make people do what you want. You can trick them, you can make them think the thing they are doing for you is what they wanted to do in the first place, you can pay them to do what you want, you can coerce them. There’s always going to be people who only do what they want and nothing you do is going to change that no matter what you do.” “If I hadn’t been here, they would have threatened someone else?,” said Stella. “I guarantee it,” said Mister Morgan. “People who threaten other people’s loved ones will find something else to threaten if there aren’t any loved ones at hand. Something else deemed as valuable would be used. I’ve seen it a few times since I have been doing this heroing stuff. Most people who do that are bullies on the inside.” “Is that why you started being a hero?,” asked Stella. “No,” said Mister Morgan. “I was a kid, and I was adopted. Being a Scout was adventuring with your family. It was about doing things to help people when no one else could. When the Scouts were killed, I lost my family. I had to make do on my own for a while. Then I adopted others as my family, and then I had a natural family to go with the one I helped forge. Protecting the planet like we do is the same to me as protecting my family.” A lion drifted across Stella’s mind. She understood what he meant. “And he’s the finest example of the saving the planet hero I know,” said a voice out of the darkness. “Dad!,” shouted Stella. She jumped to her feet with a grin on her face. Pete Marston stepped out of the darkness as if appearing out of thin air. He wore a smile on his thin face. Keen eyes took in the camp as he caught Stella on the run. “Hey, Petey,” said Mister Morgan. He waved a hand. “Eavesdropping is bad for you.” “It’s how I make my living, Marty,” said Marston. “I heard you had some excitement up here.” “Nothing the wife couldn’t handle,” said Mister Morgan. He looked around. “She must be watching the kids to make sure they’re not scaring the bears. I didn’t expect to see you until tomorrow.” “When the Goreman Mob left town, I came up after them,” said Marston. “I heard what happened on the radio. You made the news with your capture of them.” “So much for my weekend off,” said Mister Morgan. “It’s a good thing we’re leaving in the morning. Reporters will be all over the park looking for us.” “Thanks for looking after Stella for me, Marty,” said Marston. “I didn’t think the mob would go for her, but I wanted her to be safe in case I was wrong.” “The next weekend I get off, you can look after my terrors for me,” said Mister Morgan. “Look out for Lin. She’s a biter.” Marston laughed. “Could I say goodbye?,” said Stella. “I don’t think it would be good if I just left without a word.” “Go ahead,” said Marston. “I’ll be waiting for you to come back.” Stella walked down the trail. She saw the thoughts of the children, but not the placid lake she associated with Mrs. Morgan. She wondered where the woman had gone. Maybe she was back at the campsite doing something to get ready for their leaving. “Hey, guys,” Stella called out. “My dad came to pick me up and I have to go.” “What?,” called Melinda. She appeared out of the darkness. “Your dad’s here? I thought he was meeting us at the airport.” The boys joined them. Mark frowned at the thought that Mister Marston had arrived at the camp and Ruff did nothing. Shouldn’t he have signaled danger, or new guest, or something? “So you’re going home now?,” said Bond. “That’s too bad. Mark and I have been trying to come up with a scary story to tell.” “It was great hanging out,” said Stella. “Mister Morgan already asked my dad to look after you guys the next time the weekend is free. I think Dad said you can come visit us.” “All right,” said Mark. “We’ll be in the city. Maybe we can chase some bad guys or something.” “I don’t think Dad is going to do let us do that,” said Stella. She smiled. “Wait,” said Bond. “You live in San Francisco?” “No,” said Stella. “I live in Los Angeles. San Francisco is a train ride away.” “I was thinking if you lived in the Bay area we could hang out,” said Bond. “I think all of you should come down and see the neighborhood with me,” said Stella. “It might even build character.” She smiled at the faces the siblings gave her for that. “I have to go,” said Stella. “I just wanted to say goodbye so you wouldn’t think I just left because I didn’t have some fun this weekend.” “It’s all right,” said Mark. He put out a hand. She shook it. “Scouts for life.” Bond did the same, then Melinda. The younger girl looked like she was going to cry. Ruff held out a paw to be shook with a grin and floppy ears hanging. He wagged his tail at the paw shake. “Let’s go back to camp,” said Mark. “It’s too bad you’re going to miss the scary story we’re going to tell.” “I know,” said Stella. “Come up with an even scarier one for your visit.” “I can do that,” said Mark. The four of them traced their way back to camp with Ruff bringing up the rear. They found the dads talking around the fire. Stella didn’t see Mrs. Morgan anywhere. She knew that her ability might be clouded by the other’s control of her thoughts. “Kids,” said Mister Morgan. “Say hello to Petey. You already know my kids, Petey. The other boy is Bond. He’s Corona’s and Ren’s.” “Hello, kids,” said Marston with a smile. “Thank you for looking after Stella for me.” “No problem,” said Mark. “She’s cool,” said Melinda. “Pleasure was ours,” said Bond. Mrs. Morgan appeared out of the darkness. The kids jumped back a little. Ruff wagged his tail. He snuffled in the direction of the box she was holding under one of her arms. She gestured for the kids to come closer. “I totally forgot about that,” said Mister Morgan. He got to his feet. He walked over and opened the box. He smiled. “Look what we have here. Who would like a piece of cake? We were going to save it for tomorrow, but since Stella is going home now, I don’t see why we can’t divvy it up now.” He handed out slices for the kids before taking one for himself. Mrs. Morgan sliced the last piece in half and gave one half to Marston while taking the other half. She threw the box in the fire to let it burn. “We should have got a bigger cake,” said Mister Morgan.
  5. I think I am down two picks. I am going to pick One Other and Dormmannu for my two adversaries CES
  6. Scouting in the woods 7 The kids found the Morgans by the lake. They weren’t fishing any more. Whatever had set Ruff off had seemed to have warned them. Stella didn’t quite follow the link. “There’s someone on the trail, Dad,” said Mark. “We think Ruff went to see who they were.” “Could be other campers like us,” said Mister Morgan. He looked down the trail. “Where’s Lin?” “She went into the woods while we were coming back,” said Stella. “She’s a few minutes behind us.” “Waiting,” said Mrs. Morgan. “I’ll go down to get her while you take the kids back to camp,” said Mister Morgan. “Ruff can get back to camp on his own when he is satisfied.” “I’ll go,” said Mrs. Morgan. “Faster.” “All right,” said Mister Morgan. “Maybe we can salvage the rest of the trip after we’re sure that we’re dealing with regular campers.” Mrs. Morgan nodded and then vanished in the trees. Stella marked a presence but couldn’t see her at all. “Get the fish bucket, Mark,” said Mister Morgan. He made sure his fishing line was wound up and secured. “Bond, get the other fishing poles in case we want to fish tomorrow. Stella, police up any trash. Then we’ll walk back to camp.” The kids hurried to get things done. Stella noted there was a couple of candy bar wrappers but nothing else for her to grab. “How did your mother vanish like that, Mark?,” Stella asked. “Training,” said Mark. “She does it constantly. Everything she does is part of her training. Even folding laundry is used to train reflexes.” Stella caught an image of Mark having to fold laundry while defending against a stick. It made things twice as hard as it had to be. “Why?,” asked Stella. “Because she wants us to be ready to take over for her when she’s gone,” said Mark. “There’s been a line of Finches fighting since ever. And she wants us to be ready to step up and take our place if we want to do that. If we don’t, we still have to deal with stuff that the Hazard Scouts carry with them. It’s like two sets of weights for two different things. We don’t have to be either, but we have to be ready for people who think we are. And Lin and I didn’t get Dad’s animal power.” “It’s the same for me and my dad,” said Bond. “He’s a detective that’s trained all his life to be a detective from a long line of detectives that have all trained all their lives to be detectives. And he’s a Hazard Scout too. Sometimes when we visit Japan, I know the adopted cousins look down on me because I don’t train as hard as they do in all the techniques we can use.” “I don’t have that,” said Stella. She understood how the others looked at things from the feelings she picked up. “There might be some excitement before we get to camp,” said Mister Morgan. He shepherded the kids along with gestures of his arms. “Mark, I want you to get Stella and Bond back to the van. Your mother, or I, will come to get you.” “I can do it, Dad,” said Mark. “So much for our camping trip.” “I don’t think it will be that bad,” said Mister Morgan. He glanced behind them. Stella looked behind them. She saw Mrs. Morgan and Melinda off to one side of the trail. A group of hostile feelings were beyond them and closing fast. She imagined they were mad because they didn’t want to be in the woods, and they had to come up to look for her. She didn’t like that last part at all. She wondered where Ruff had gone. She couldn’t sense him, but she thought there should be something to tell her where he went. Maybe there was something about him she couldn’t read. “I think you kids should keep going,” said Mister Morgan. He waved them to move faster down the trail. “I’ll see what’s going on.” Stella didn’t like that. She brushed off Mark’s hand. “They’re looking for me,” she said. “And I think they shouldn’t find you, so go with Mark and Bond so I can handle this without worrying about you getting hurt,” said Mister Morgan. “Go ahead. If there’s any real trouble, Finch will take care of it.” “All right,” said Stella. “This is about what my dad’s doing, isn’t it?” “Talk about that with him when you get home,” said Mister Morgan. “Now go ahead. This is nothing but trouble, and you don’t want to be around to see this.” Stella didn’t like it. Her dad trusted the Morgans, and she did too. They shouldn’t have to protect her at the cost of their own safety. She would talk to her parents about this. She was old enough to take care of herself. Her gift made it easy. Mark led the way, swinging the fish bucket in one hand. Somehow he had taken Mister Morgan’s fishing pole and carried it in the other. He hummed as he walked along. “Your dad could be in trouble,” said Stella. She glared at him. How could he be so cheerful when things were going wrong on their camping trip? “Anybody who hurts Dad, better be looking for Mom,” said Mark. He gave Stella a smile. “Cause she will hurt them right back.” “Mark’s right,” said Bond. “Mrs. Morgan is formidable.” “And she lives for stuff like this,” said Mark. “Are you two sure about this?,” asked Stella. Maybe they were right. They seemed unconcerned about a group of men talking Mister Morgan in a hostile way. “Trust me,” said Mark. “They’re not going to let us get anywhere close to anything exciting. This is their day off. I’ll start worrying when part of the park goes up in flames.” “Not that we need to be anywhere near anything exciting,” said Bond. He ran his hand through his blond hair. “I’m happy just waiting at the van for the grownups to show up to tell us everything is okay.” “I wouldn’t go that far,” said Mark. He shook his head. “Maybe if Ruff shows up. Everything will be all clear then.” “Ruff will be back when the trouble is over?,” asked Stella. “Sure,” said Mark. “He’s supposed to watch out for us. When there’s nothing to look out for, he’ll come back.” “How do you know he’s doing that?,” said Stella. “He could be hurt and lost.” “He’s one of Dad’s animals,” said Mark. “He’s not hurt, or lost. He’s hunting. When he’s done, he’ll come back.” “I thought he was alive,” said Stella. “I thought I was picking up a weird vibe from him, but I didn’t think it was because he wasn’t alive.” “I don’t know if he’s alive, or not,” said Mark. “Dad still doesn’t know how his power works. He could be alive, just smarter than a normal dog.” Stella kept her assessment to herself. She hadn’t picked up thoughts from Ruff because he was more like a machine than a normal animal. She should have seen that. Mister Morgan was known as the Animal. At least she could let Mark and Melinda pretend that Ruff was alive. That made it better for them. She had liked Ruff enough to wish he were alive instead of a furry puppet. He didn’t behave like a furry puppet. Stella realized she only had her talent telling her that he wasn’t alive. She wasn’t that sure of it. She put aside the question of Ruff’s mortality and looked back behind them. The hostile feelings had run into Mister Morgan’s animal categorization of his thoughts. Neither seemed that happy about it. “There’s going to be trouble,” said Stella. “I can see it in the way they are looking at each other.” Some of the hostile thoughts vanished to Stella’s senses. She paused in their escape to search for them. They were afraid of something. She couldn’t figure out what it was. Then they were painfully knocked down from the real world. “There’s something behind the group talking to your dad, Mark,” said Stella. “So?,” said Mark. “We should keep moving.” “It’s something other than your mom, or Melinda,” explained Stella. “It’s probably Ruff,” said Mark. “This is what he supposed to do when he’s not looking out for us.” “Whatever it is, it is scary,” said Stella. “It’s just grabbing minds and causing fear.” “How do you know this?,” asked Bond. He looked back where they had walked from the pond. He couldn’t see the interaction going on himself. Stella realized she had said too much. No one was supposed to know about what she could do. She supposed she thought they would miss it in the excitement. She should have known that Bond would catch the slip. “I can sense things from a distance,” said Stella. “And I know that the group with Mister Morgan are starting to realize that someone is picking them off one by one. They want to know what’s going on.” “Mom’s probably taking some of that action where Ruff couldn’t grab someone,” said Mark. “Dad’s not going to like us getting too close. Do you see Melinda? We should get her and take her down to the van with us.” “She’s closer to us,” said Stella. She searched for a more precise direction. “I think she wants to join in, but she’s holding station.” “Let’s go up and get her,” said Mark. “Then we can head back to the van like we’re supposed to be doing instead of getting in trouble.” “Okay,” said Bond. “We can’t let them see us. We really can’t let them see Stella if that’s why they are here. They’ll stop what they’re doing to go after her.” “I agree with that,” said Mark. “We can’t ask her to stay behind either. What if there are more goons out here? Dad will be irritated if we lost her.” “So we all go as sneaky as we can,” said Bond. He nodded. “Let’s do this before more trouble shows up.” “This is better than running from expanding frogs,” said Mark. He grinned. “Which way do we go, Stella?” Stella pointed at where she felt Melinda’s thoughts. Mark set off, vanishing in the undergrowth like a ghost. Bond started after him, working his way slowly along. She fell in with the blond boy, helping him push branches out of the way. Mark and Melinda met while Stella and Bond were halfway to the spot. The siblings came back toward them faster than they could travel the same distance. “All right,” said Mark. “Mom and Ruff are taking care of things. We should get to the van before Dad does. He doesn’t look like he’s in a good mood.” “His weekend is ruined,” said Bond. “I can see why he wouldn’t be in a good mood. I mean we have his fish dinner right here that he won’t be able to cook because of what’s going on.” “I know,” said Mark. “Let’s go. Maybe we can salvage something if we beat him down to the van.” “I don’t think so,” said Stella. “I think we’re going to be packing up the camp and going home early.” “Maybe that will blow over if we don’t say anything,” said Mark. “Let’s go.” Mark led the way down to the van. He kept an eye open for more trouble. Ruff usually ran interference when possible. The guardian was back on the trail with their parents. They reached the van without a problem. Cars marked by trail dust were in other slots. Mark checked them but he didn’t see anyone sitting inside. “I think we should key them,” said Melinda. “No,” said Mark. “If any of them make it back here after dealing with Mom, Dad would want them to be able to get out of here without problems. We just need to get in the van and make sure they can’t see us.” He opened the back and stored the fish and the poles. He closed the hatch. He went to the side and opened the door and helped Melinda inside. He pointed for her to get in the back, and be ready to hide if someone other than their parents showed up. Bond and Stella took their own seats. Stella looked out the window. There were a few people close by, but nobody was interested in them. Mark took the front after closing the side door. That gave him two doors to use if he had to get out of the van for any reason. And his dad had been showing him how to drive so he was reasonably sure he could follow the signs to any ranger station that might be near by. “Who knew camping could be so exciting?,” said Bond. “This is because of my dad,” said Stella. “They were looking for me. I wonder what he did.” “Your dad is a detective, right?,” said Mark. “Maybe he found out something he shouldn’t have.” “But he’s been handling divorces,” said Stella. “All he does is prove people are cheating on each other.” “That’s all he does now,” said Bond. “He might have taken a criminal case again.” “Those guys looked like criminals,” said Melinda. “Maybe your dad took a divorce case that involved criminals.” “The main thing is they didn’t know who Dad and Mom were,” said Mark. “If they had, they probably wouldn’t have come up here after you.” Stella looked out the window and saw Ruff sniffing along the trail. Mister Morgan walked behind him. He seemed in a better mood than what she had felt previously. “It looks like we’re eating fish tonight,” said Mark. //253693
  7. When Tracy Karr took on the identity of Blue Beetle, and then Solar Scarab, her use of her mystic powers awakened Seti, the Sultana of Sand. The mummified villianess wants the book that is the source of Solar Scarab's powers to be more human and more than human after all her time buried in the Earth CES
  8. NCIS investigates crimes against naval and marine interests. One of its part time assets is Gail Harper. Gail is used for recoveries at sea because of her unique ability to merge and control any water she touches. Gail was asked to join America's Best in case the Navy/Marines needed the team to help out as expendable assets in edge cases that NCIS should not be touching. CES
  9. I would like to pick John Constatine as my support CES
  10. I need someone to be my heart. I think I am going with Jennifer Kale. CES
  11. I would like to pick Jules de Grandin as my smart guy. CES
  12. I would like to pick Hellboy as my big guy CES
  13. I would like to pick Old Nathan as my lancer CES
  14. Marvin Mole, the Monstrous Maw of Minnesota is known for his fatal biting attacks on his victims with his large teeth CES
  15. I doubt it will eat him entirely CES
  16. The Groundhogs are a vicious pack of murderous monsters. Who are these five villainous voles? CES
  17. (I created these guys when Egyptoid did the USA 50) Mike and Matt Lerner are brothers based out of Montana. They named themselves after the state motto Gold and Silver. Mike, Gold, has all the powers of a metallic liquid, and can conduct electricity. Matt, Silver, can change other things, transmuting them into what he needs at the moment. While there aren't that many Montana heroes around, they are among the best known thanks to their stint as reality show heroes. CES
  18. Transvont is a giant bot used as a mobile base disguising itself as a tractor trailer. In combat, it lets the trailer hunker down as a bunker for its passengers while it changes into a robot with a big gun. CES
  19. What are you using for your campaign, Dayson? CES
  20. Do you want to run the band draft, Par? CES
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