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  1. John Neiville's death video was released by the FCSO. He had a coronary and died in police custody because he was face down in his cell and the idiots couldn't get his cuffs off, or sit him up. It wasn't deliberate brutality, it was stupidity CES
  2. I was telling one of my customers about the guys who got caught selling bleach as a cure for the virus. He said, "Drinking bleach is natural selection." CES
  3. It's the same thing with any sport. They get paid so much. They are going to have out of pocket expenses for fixing knees and shoulders. CES
  4. Did you ask when Carlson is going to quit to be with Bill OReilly now that people are saying he is a serial rapist? That would have caused a storm. CES
  5. It's not like soccer is a real sport CES
  6. Chalk Wars 4. the chalk warriors are back in action drawing weapons and killing each other CES
  7. I don't think he could kneel. Pinecone is right. He is tased first, then commanded to kneel as he is getting kicked. How is he going to kneel when he is being electrocuted. CES
  8. He's old and people break down when they are old. It happens. Ask Old Man CES
  9. I listened to this again. He says kneel and then kicks. Not kneel, wait wait wait, Kick. kneel, kick. CES
  10. Looking at this again, what was he doing that was so dangerous in a strip mall parking lot they rush him with weapons drawn? Was he jaywalking too fast? CES
  11. I don't think so, but the guy shouldn't have initiated contact with it in his hand. Look at the other police. As soon as the victim starts cooperating, he puts his weapon away and begins to put on cuffs. If the other cop hadn't turned this into a fist fight, this wouldn't have been a thing CES
  12. I admit I just looked at the list at the cdc reporting, but either way what kind of moron thinks a virus is going to stay in one area. Someone should have given them a copy of Virus Attack (I'll ask my boy what the name of the game is, but essentially you design your own virus and spread it around until it starts killing people) from Steam. CES
  13. I didn't hear a command to kneel. I heard something like hands down, bend down, but maybe that was supposed to be get down, but officer number two turned a peaceful arrest into a fight in the parking lot. and then they try to take the girl's phone so she can't record it. And then it is given to the news CES
  14. Man were the political folks wrong on this. Top ten states are California, Texas, Florida, New York, Georgia, Illinois, Arizona, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Louisiana. New York City has enough cases to be its own entry. So how many of these states are blue. I know NC, GA, FLA, and Texas aren't.
  15. Every time I see this picture, one thought goes through my mind. If it fits, I sits CES
  16. Watched Onward. Two brothers summon up their dad's legs and have to go on a quest to summon the rest of him. The fight on the highway between the pixie bikers and the brothers was the best part CES
  17. A master of the martial arts, and one of the trainees of the Yeng tao temple, the villainous Flowing Oxen uses his water style against any comers who think they can stand before the wave of his awesome chi CES
  18. Cameron DeSalle has earned her license as a private investigator, solving crimes no one else can. She joined the team on the recommendation of her cousin, Steve Charlton. She has learned some basic hand to hand from the Captain and Silent Monkey so she can defend herself. Her main function on the team is to get them to the villains before the villains know the Stars are coming. Her masked identity, Seeker, is street clothes and mask. CES
  19. Steve Railroad Conlin has one ability. He can direct any target, or group of targets, in any single direction. it doesn't seem like much until the sky is full of cars. CES
  20. Sam Starn found his sister's blue and white costume while cleaning out her apartment after her disappearance. Further searching gave him her logs and reports for her team. He trained himself to follow in her footsteps, learning how to use any weapon, move through any environment, pushing into as many skills as he could, he adopted her costume in red and white as the new Captain. CES
  21. This is the Shooting Stars team Rocket (Flying Brick) csyphrett Cumulative (Weather wizard) csyphrett The Flying Tiger (Martial Artist) csyphrett Baseline (Magician that uses living energy for spells) csyphrett The Captain (Martial artist and leader of the team) csyphrett Velocity (Controls speed of movement in herself and others) csyphrett Psi Eye (Clairvoyant) csyphrett
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