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  1. Solitaire was one of the b characters from the Malibu verse before Marvel bought it and shut it down. This guy's dad had injected him with nanomachines to make him better at everything so he could take over when the old man was gone. The problem was the machines gave him a healing factor and he took to stopping crimes committed by his dad's organization. I think at one point the machines were reprogramming him too but the comic closed down before it revealed what happened CES
  2. The news is saying some of the big cats at the Bronx Zoo are infected CES
  3. The Beaverette brings water capability, wood sculpting, and a terrible bite to the crime fighting scene. The sound of her teeth clamping down is the terror of villains everywhere. CES
  4. The Snow Leopard operates at higher altitudes, favoring the Himalayas and parts of Tibet. Operatives who have chased him in his natural habitat has learned to fear his propensity to cause avalanches and burying them and their equipment. CES
  5. They did lock up a guy a couple of years ago for food tampering because he was mad at one of his customers and wiped his butt with the guy's pizza and handed it to him. Who knew that was 30 years in the hoosegow? CES
  6. I knew a guy who tried to say that trickle down worked if there was a certain amount of growth. I was like you're an idiot. Don't you read the paper you deliver? CES
  7. Forbes said that Trump's commerce secretary had lied about how much money he made to get on their billionaire list. It's no surprise they would say that big business only acts to secure a profit for the board and not for anyone else CES
  8. I matched out with Malcom Reynolds and Spike Spiegal, but also Ron Weasley, Josh Gibbs, and Jimmy McNulty. I'm either a good captain, or great sidekick CES
  9. This is like the people who got caught licking food at the grocery store and putting it back. "We're infected and giving it to other people" CES
  10. My son loved this when he first saw it. he said the raccoon is t posing whatever that is. CES
  11. When you deal with people who can't tell the difference between a conspiracy and a conspiracy theory, things like driving a train into a hospital boat happens. So naturally no one believes the actual people on the ground to stay home and quit buying all the toilet paper CES CES
  12. The Icelot has felinoid abilities which give her dexterity and hunting reflexes, and the ability to create ice out of thin air. And she is capable with both sides as many a lawman and vigilante have learned to their frostbitten horror CES
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