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  1. Egon is aware of everything on the battlefield. he is able to pinpoint problems and bottlenecks for his comrades, reduce penalties for darkness and smoke with his awareness for others, and track targets in his range wherever they go. He does not carry a weapon. CES
  2. Zis 2, the second hero to bear the name Zis, can punch through the hardest obstacle with relative ease. He tends to look for an opening and then punch, but his defenses are poor. CES
  3. Everyone should have all their picks in. I screwed up the recap. My last two options are Lt Mike Harrigan LAPD, and Royce. CES
  4. This was a finished movie before Disney bought it. They put no money in it, and asked nothing from the director. Anything they get from this will be kickback on the money they gave to buy fox's entertainment division. CES
  5. option Dutch the first person to ever kill a predator CES
  6. How was I to know I wasn't supposed to talk on the internet like that to one of my bosses CES
  7. Will do recaps tonight. Everyone should have six picks plus base CES
  8. Man you guys grabbed all the good aliens right off the bat. I actually thought about picking the ST bugs when I saw Psybolt's pick. I am going to pick Predators as my alien. CES
  9. You should have your organization and base, and five picks, Bazza. CES Good one, Bolt CES
  10. I'm picking Johan Krauss as my smart guy. My team is done. CES
  11. And the Doc has grabbed up the Wolf Man. Who wants the Invisible Man on their team? CES
  12. It's Sunday afternoon and it's time for a recap. I know promised Friday night/Saturday morning but I was wiped when I got home from work so the recap was the last thing on my mind. First order of business is Pattern Ghost's picks are back on the table. So CONTROL and Mt Rushmore are pickable for agency and place of base operations. So this was start up list for the draft: The first thing you need is a base of operations and a sponsoring organization for your monsters The next things you will need in no particular order is a five monster team of monster
  13. Already picked him Friday CES Sorry PG. PG's picks are back in the pool CES I don't think I like the reply merge CES
  14. We're taking a break for the weekend. I'll do a recap when I get home. But it's after 12 so I'm picking Amenhotep as my relic. You can't go wrong with your Mummy CES
  15. None of the pick team can be an alien, but I'm making an exception for you and Log's picks. The alien is the villain of the piece. So when you get your team together which alien are they fighting? CES
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