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  1. I feel like no one knows what's going to happen, and the statement is hearsay, but Eric has told people that if they didn't like working for him they could go to work for the competition, and they did CES
  2. Apparently Eric told people that if the wage increase goes through, he'll fire the drivers and use door dash. Since half of our business is deliveries, I don't see that working out well for him. CES
  3. That's what i'm saying. Archer's daughter should not have her tips counted as her day's wages. The Federal law is already saying that a restaurant has to pay the hourly and they can only pay two dollars an hour if the wait staff is making at least five dollars an hour in tips. If she is working five hours a day, she needs five dollars an hour to be charged at anything lower than the minimum. The moment she is off the floor and not making money is the moment the manager has to pay her the minimum wage. It's not as soon as you make twenty five dollars, you go wash dishes the rest of
  4. Dr. Leonard Lennon is a master roboticist capable of instilling a quasi life in his creations. Over the years. he has made enemies of both Mechanon and the Engineer, but his army of steel keeps them at bay while he carries on helping the world as Dr. Lightning CES
  5. I thought about this as to why my own boss is so adamant about not raising our wages no matter what. Like we netted a 100k in december. If the bills attached to the store are less than half of that, where is the rest going? jim and eric like to buy into other franchises. I'm wondering if the money goes there, like our part of the business is funding their speculation in other businesses CES
  6. Okay. building a setting is good. Since Superman is the most proactive hero in most of the media he is in, he should probably be your role model: Disaster relief, urban renewal, humanitarian efforts, scientific accomplishments, bring corruption to light. CES
  7. i think we just need Old Man and Hermit to fill out their drafts. old man needs a detective, and hermit needs a blaster, 2 options, and a target CES
  8. There is a lot of reasons for the belief, but mostly people don't realize wages have nothing to do with the price going up. They just think that's part of it when wages almost never go up unless it's for the executive staff at the head of the company. CES
  9. Did you ask your players what they want? CES
  10. What do your players want? you're wasting your time if you think you can build the Authority when your players are all in on Legion of Substitute Heroes CES
  11. The Nevada governor wants to privatize parts of his state, and hand over control to companies. It's always former businessmen who go into politics that think this will work out. It's like don't you remember the other disasters that happened when government decided to let businesses do whatever they want CES
  12. I need a detective and two options and a destination to fill out my draft I'm picking Gravedigger from our men of war for my detective. I'm optioning Simon Templar the Saint I'm optioning the USS Enterprise The destination is Tokyo. The mission: While the powered heroes cause a distraction, Gravedigger and the Saint steal the Holy Grail to erase the Axis bubble over the Pacific and turn the Axis superhumans to the Allied side CES
  13. plus a destination. The last pick of your draft should be where you are invading CES
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