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  1. it's like going in and thinking you are getting Judge Wapner, but getting Judge Judy instead CES
  2. I don't think so. I think we lost more members to the new edition stuff that was going on like Bill Keyes, and Ghost Angel. And some of us just died. CES
  3. I think he was talking about Kupperberg's version who wound up blowing himself up CES
  4. The others were also pretty serious too. I have to agree with TJack and say they are trying to copy Deadpool, but I don't think they have a handle on some of the underlying seriousness that was going on in those movies CES
  5. When Peacemaker started out, he used to be a Reed Richards trying to make the world a better place with weird weapons, and then we got Paul Kupperberg's psychotic version, and now a goofball that shoots anybody who might get in his way but fail the mission. CES
  6. Third time. CES That's a thought. They weren't immune to the gauntlet in the regular verse. Are they immune in the MCU? CES
  7. They might have visited other places, but those places don't count because they aren't special like Earth. I'm not sure about the mechanics. The trailer does imply that the Celestials put the Eternals on Earth and told them to stay out of the way as much as possible CES
  8. The latest trailers for the Eternals delves into their secret war and the fact that with all the people coming back from the snap might be pushing for a Celestial visit CES
  9. he's not as grim as he should be I guess CES
  10. Nano starts in sixteen days. That's the time to say no editor, no problem. CES
  11. Cool. I haven't got a vote in a long time, and now I won one. Thanks, Guys CES
  12. Reddit is reporting they found Gaby Pepito's body and the coroner is stating that she was strangled CES
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