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  1. Griem Ghast drives the Spooky Spoiler. This silvery dagger has a skull for the front, and fog for the exhaust. It's main weapons are poltergeists, while defensively it is usually untouchable as it makes its ghostly way along the highways and biways of the country that is home to the race that year. CES
  2. Once a year, eight racers use a route that cross part of the globe before moving on to the next planet on the route. Their machines are some of the fastest, most well armed vehicles ever seen. And the drivers aren't afraid to do some rescue work on the side even if costs them time. Who are the heroic Star Car drivers and the names of their machines. (I know we did a similar thing for the villain list, and probably one for this list too. I'm trying to stir up the story machine. CES)
  3. The ESPies' last member is the Ghost Mask. A master of espionage and infiltration, no one has seen the real face of the Ghost Mask, or learned his ability to mentally possess others is so good, he can pass for anyone anywhere while remaining locked in his room trying to figure out how to play the latest computer game. CES
  4. Ryuto Nakamara is the villainous devourer of all that is good known as the Kyoto Kama Killing Katana of Kelp. He has two related powers that he loves above all else and claims are better than any others. The first is the ability to grow a kelpish plant to attack any obstacle with its long tentacle like leaves. Then the leaves can eat that substance if he wishes. Nakamara has only taken this job as a temporary shelter since he is on the run from most of the superheroines and villianesses in his native Japan for his use of his kelp on costumes, and taking pictures of the results. CES
  5. Its a strip where a guy has a butterfly land on him and asks him to bring back 80's speed metal CES
  6. I have to agree on this. I have a 911 guy I work with and he was quiet yesterday. Seriously if you actually read the report for this, it basically debunks everything about this. One of the others is a part time teacher and she had to inform him they haven't put mercury in vaccines since the 50s CES
  7. I'm not the smartest guy, but who should I believe in this context: A thousand trained guys who have been doing their job successfully for years, or a monkey in a suit? I think nuking a cane should be done just to see what happens for science CES
  8. The first two Adventure Zone books which are online podcasts of D and D adventures turned into graphic novels as a trio of adventurers join a secret organization to recover and destroy artifacts of doom CES
  9. About time. Greywind and I can't be the only ones writing hero stuff on the board. Snap. That's what you should have run for the september draft, Hermit. Another build your comic verse draft with different conditions CES
  10. I had a dream where an episode of the x files played out where Mulder and Scully trick mind controlling villain into revealing his mind control powers on drivers on the highway by posing as a trooper, stopping the cars, and telling the drivers to wreck themselves CES
  11. Sometimes you need someone who can go toe to toe with a target, and not nuke everything from orbit. You need someone like Kurogane, a man who reads what others intend, and acts accordingly. The fact that he can strike the target's nervous system with any weapon he picks up is a bonus. CES
  12. I have seen a few people point to Steve Miller as the architect for this. Apparently if you aren't born inside the continental US, you aren't good enough to be a citizen to him. CES
  13. Jay and the Americans playing in the background as Yondu kills everyone is a good match of scene to song CES
  14. Some guy in DOD has already walked this back to saying the policy was miswritten, but Old Man is right. The Cruelty is the point. CES
  15. Nora Inu is the muscle of the team. Her command of telekinesis is so great she can change matter at the atomic level. Her code name is Mindspear. CES
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