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  1. 6 Tom Kerry looked the small crowd over behind his mask. Ten people had arrived for the meeting from the groups operating in the States, and over the line in Vancouver. A small group of agents from the government were also present, filling up tables in the large meeting space. Lucinda was there in her Tachyon gear. He spotted her talking to a bland guy in a suit. She waved at him to join them. Most of the people there wore suits so it was hard to see which side of the equation he was on at first glance. Tom walked over. Ryan’s briefing gave t
  2. 5 “I don’t know why we’re doing this,” said Odd Dorfman. He grumped along under the silver and purple colored Uncle Sam hat shaped like a bowler. People looked away from the thing as he crossed the Marlowe Air Terminal. “Because I always wanted to see Las Vegas,” said Kitty Dorfman. She smiled at him under her big glasses and blond hair done up in a pony tail. “Why are you so grumpy about this?” “Because we don’t really have a team of superhumans, and never did,” said Odd. “And half of our founders have quit and moved on to other things.” “I
  3. 4 Wayne Ward checked the work orders for his group one last time. Things could change to make his decisions moot. He wanted to make sure he had everyone in the right place until he went down to drive to the airport. He had to fly to Las Vegas with Lewis Bodenheimer. Shelly was supposed to fly out at the end of the conference so they could take a few days off and enjoy the town. It would be a second honeymoon for them. He had picked Lewis to fly out with him for the conference because none of the jobs they had lined up needed his talent. And he was an ex-
  4. Tracy Nelson had devised a system to respond to threats to the country using aircraft with robotic crews onboard to solve threats where humans couldn't go. Calling her equipment Scarlet Thunder, Tracy remained unknown to the general public. One of her enemies found out who she was and destroyed her headquarters with the Scarlet Thunder machines inside. The explosion inside the complex made sure no one could identify her body if they could find it. CES
  5. The evil genius known as the Sloth has a ton of plans in motion, but he is slow to keep them viable in face of sudden disasters such as heroes interrupting the works. CES
  6. I waiting for Jimmy Hoffa to be found at the bottom of Trump Tower. That's the kind of year 2020 has been CES
  7. 3 Charlie Moser drove southwest toward Las Vegas. He planned to be in the city in a few hours, look for his hotel, and get settled in. He had talked things over with his partner, Dave Pack, and they had decided that was the best way to do things. Flying with the kids would have been too much trouble trying to explain their nature to the airline. They would have been relegated to cargo. Charlie and Dave felt that might have led to trouble eventually. So they had the kids to draw paper straws and the short straw drove down with Charlie. Dave and the remain
  8. The Constables of Caledonia defended Britain's shores from enemies within and without. Who are these six heroes and heroines based on old sixties television shows? What perilous fates befell them before Beatlemania was over? CES
  9. I kind of been waiting for someone else to go, sterica. I don't like to push a whole team on my own. I'll run someone out tonight, and then we'll see if we need a new group or not CES
  10. These were cool. Too bad Image never did a follow up. CES
  11. 2 Calvin Cassidy decided to drive into Las Vegas with Mike Plumb. Los Angeles was close enough that a drive through the desert to get to the oasis was better than a flight in his opinion. His second, Barry Ojai, was flying down from Vancouver and planned to meet them at the airport in Vegas. They had talked it over and he was bringing Bobbi Hastings with him, and leaving Calvin Cooper in charge at home. They had decided on Cooper because he was an ex-policeman and had a grasp on tactics to lead the team in the field with Ojai out of town. Tha
  12. (Author's Note: I have been writing Stranger stories here for a while using the handles of people on the board like Bolo, Trebuchet, Hermit, Satin Kitty, Oddhat, and Death Tribble. They have always been side stories to my main page. So I decided to post this up here as I go along since I will be using some of the handles here. I hope you enjoy.) 1 Tom Kerry and Lucinda Grable stood in the office of the local Federal agent they reported to in Las Vegas. It was just like any other office in Vegas. A glass window to see the outside, a desk of uncertain years and make, a desktop wi
  13. The lawsuit in Penn, not the one mentioned with the senators, but the one that was ongoing has been dismissed with prejudice so it can never be brought to the same court again CES
  14. Well when you ask a question like do Trump lawyers know what they are doing, word has gone around that one of the lawyers I think in Penn tried to enter a picture of a finished ballot as evidence. The problem is having a picture of a ballot is a a crime CES
  15. The key point is they never tested for arsenic in her victims until the last guy when the hospital told her to quit bringing cookies to the hospital. The thing is a coroner is not going to check for a disease when the cause of death is splattered by a semi. It might show up in a tox screen accidentally, but at the start of the pandemic I would think this is unlikely. And I would think it doubly unlikely they would put that down when the cause of death is blunt force trauma It's just the guy was in the Navy, and he should know better than this but he doesn't CES
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