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  1. he already jammed pencils in his opponents' heads and not in the eye either. i hope we never see him do what he did to the guy in the subway again to be honest CES
  2. I believe that Buffy is actually as strong as Blade, or maybe Captain America at the upper end. It takes a lot of omph to jam a pencil through a human rib cage. CES
  3. Spectrum news is reporting Trump is considering pardons for war crimes committed by our troops CES
  4. Even as Defender passed his armor down to his daughter, so did the Cavalier to his son. And the corporate hero earned a spot on the Champions and a rivalry just like their fathers' CES
  5. The hero known as Red Rover is Harry Henderson, the son of Hank Henderson, and possesses his father's strength, toughness and speed. CES
  6. I think The Black Owl would be a more serious name, Sterica. DT will be change it for the list I am sure CES
  7. I'll come up with a better name, S CES
  8. i was thinking the son of Nighthawk I think from the Champions. the one everyone calls duckman CES
  9. Matt and Ramona were talking about the cockpit recording where the pilot and copilot were arguing about the various alerts that were going on from the equipment like the landing gear not being down. The pilot was like it's nothing to worry about. The co-pilot and engineer are like this is something to worry about. The pilot is like I'm bringing her in, the copilot is like go back around. So the pilot lands the plane anyway without a nose wheel. He's like I should of went back around. CES
  10. Spectrum news was reporting impeachment parties but I don't know if it was pro, or con CES
  11. They were doing one scene where the driving guys were doing 100 + miles an hour and it didn't look cool enough, so they added people to show how fast the blues mobile was going CES
  12. Night Duck roams the wilds of the city and dispenses justice, a caped vigilante that is the terror that flaps in the night CES
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