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  1. DHS shot a protestor in the head in Portland with less lethal munitions and put them in the hospital. The guy cataloguing this stuff puts it at 750+ for police incidents since the protests started CES
  2. I am going to pick Norbert Sykes as my next protagonist CES
  3. I am picking Jim Hammond the Human Torch today. CES
  4. A hero from the forties and fifties, The Red Rube CES
  5. There is something strange about Dudley. He always wears the same red coat and battered hat. He always has advice from his friend Nell. He receives orders from his commander, Fenwick. The worst thing is the horse, if that is what you want to call the thing that follows him around. Dudley just goes about his business in the most polite way he can CES
  6. Marconi controls the radio. Sonic attacks, broadcasting, eavesdropping, and transportation are all on the plate. His power does require a radio to be present to use his powers. CES
  7. A piece of the action, trouble with tribbles, or assignment earth. CES
  8. I don't know if this is more than a conspiracy theory but Breonna Taylor's family has hired a lawyer to sue Louisville for her death. One of the contentions filed is the police weren't there to execute a drug search warrant. They were there to move Taylor and her boyfriend out of their place so it could be gentrified, and the mayor's office knew it at the time of her shooting. CES
  9. The fairies kept up their battle until the movie ended. CES
  10. The Journal said (I didn't read the whole article because I wasn't supposed to be reading the paper in the first place) that all the facebook groups that targeted Coronavirus problems with lies and urban myths are now doing the same thing with Black Lives Matter CES
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