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  1. That might be how they are describing it now, Matt, but the Hulk explains to Rhodie why they can't just kill Thanos as a baby in the womb because that wouldn't help them in the present at all. Think about Nebula. The old one killed the young one. Why didn't she just vanish? She would have if they were using the river and not the many worlds. CES
  2. I just told you how time travel works in the MCU. You don't go to your past. You go to another timeline that resembles the past. That is why Cyclops has all these kids running around. There's two different versions of Cable. It clearly states in the movie that is how time travel works. Most time travel stories work that if you change the past, you change the future. Back to the future, Terminator, TImecop. Marvel time travel creates alternate branches from the event changed so Steve going back in the past to be with Peggy means he went to the past and changed somebody e
  3. I'm two picks behind and I don't know what I want to do. I think I have all of my major choices already CES
  4. I'll have to disagree with that. She's saying he came back because everyone thought he was dead, not because he suddenly got younger. Steve went back in time, lived in another timeline until Peggy died and then returned with that Universe's version of his shield. Otherwise where did the shield come from? CES
  5. marvel's Time Travel has always worked like the movie shows. Whenever you travel into the past, you are traveling to a past. Whatever changes you do, changes the future for them, not you. Every time you go back to kill Hitler, you kill a Hitler, but Hitler stills starts WW2 in your timeline. It's the whole basis of What If? All those stories from the Watcher are different timelines where the event we saw in the comic was changed and the future changed too. The implication that you guys should take away is that 2014 Thanos left another timeline to attack our timeline and failed and
  6. I have to stop and think for a second. I'll have another pick tonight. CES
  7. Jaime Alexander had her own television series for a while, and guested on AoS during that. I think Jane and Thor are going to get together and have little Thorettes CES
  8. Charisma Carpenter was talking about him since Angel, whenever that ran. I think it was before 04 but I am not sure CES
  9. And Suicide Squad had four different editorial staffs going over it because Warner Brothers couldn't decide on the tone. If 84 was disjointed, barring the discovery of the same thing, then that's on Patty Jenkins. CES
  10. Gift to Civilization: Karma. You put the work in, you get rewarded. You do something bad, you get punished. CES
  11. In the words of my man Weird Al, i going to have to edjumicate you. Ready? Okay. Let's go. In certain fanfiction fandoms, there is a thing called Mpreg. This is a tag that one of the male characters will be impregnated by another male character and have to carry the baby like the movie Junior with Arnold. I don't know how popular this type of story is. I write adventure stories, not romance. At a certain point, an organization of Romance novelists (books where couples bond over their trouble with sex offscreen) sued over the use of this, and sued an online critic for her take on th
  12. The local restaurants here are adverting for help between the minimum and what Walmart pays for a starter. CES
  13. Mythic Guardian: Some people did not want to appear in court to answer complaints. Erinyes, bailiffs of the overworld were created to serve these summons out of the elements in the vicinity of their summoning. Seeing a creature of earth dragging someone to a courthouse is not common, but it does happen. CES
  14. Whedon has something. Michelle Trachtenburg confirmed they had rule on the set of Buffy that he wasn't allowed to be alone with her. CES You're old. This has been such a thing, there has been a lawsuit over male pregnancy and who can write it CES
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