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  1. Re: Wasteland Hero, 10 Years After Lab, What is your opinion on the Post-Apoc Hero book?
  2. Re: Hammer's Slammers Champsguy lives!!!?!?!?!? Thy throne has been empty too long, O'Munchkin King!
  3. Re: Mimm (sci-fantasy game) People like Warp9, Keith Curtis, Surbrook, Killer Shrike, etc. give a tremendous amount back to our hobby. I am in frequent awe of these websites. Nice job, Rob! (Did I say hobby? I meant our addiction!)
  4. Re: Maintaining the Mystery This is a good idea...
  5. Re: Maintaining the Mystery I am willing to try this Mystery sidebar thingie. If it doesn't work, we can always go back to typical roleplaying conventions.
  6. Re: Mimm (sci-fantasy game) Sav, I agreed to being a mercenary and to originating from the place where the campaign starts. Do you want our two characters to know each other from prior to the start of the campaign? I can play it either way...
  7. Re: Mimm (sci-fantasy game) Warp9, I suggest hosting the game at Hero Central. It has a chat feature that Sav can use, die rollers, and lots of Herophiles (most of which are darn fine people) from which to draw players.
  8. Re: Mimm (sci-fantasy game) This requires that you... a)possess some charm b)you can turn the corners of your mouth upwards... I see two problems on the horizon. The only charm you got is in your cereal box! And being hit with frozen trout makes one angry! Edit...I am senile. Sav is getting hit with a frozen trout in Transit City 2. Wrong game! Me stupid!
  9. Re: Mimm (sci-fantasy game)
  10. Re: Mimm (sci-fantasy game) Leaning towards a Gromm-arr Martial Artist! I could go for being Sav's deputy or hired muscle.
  11. Re: Mimm (sci-fantasy game) My charm reptile spell is still going strong it seems...
  12. Re: Mimm (sci-fantasy game) Number 4, Equipment Pools, sounds the most fair to me. Dark Champions has ways to handle this in detail (at least the old one did).
  13. Re: Mimm (sci-fantasy game) I very much prefer interacting with other players instead of going solo. I like the 'clean up the town' idea. I prefer talking with the other players and creating a well-balanced group instead of the typical PBeM "everyone builds what they want and balance be damned" approach.
  14. Re: Mimm (sci-fantasy game) I emailed Warp9 your work email. Hope that is ok?
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