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    I have been roleplaying on-and-off for the last 25 years or so. About the last 15 of these have been almost exclusively using Hero System.
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  1. Re: Two Campaign Ideas I've settled, at least for the time-being, on a mixture of #1 and #2 E. I want my players to think of the "high tech" in the game as something akin to mystic/magical powers (e.g., they cost personal END, devices won't operate in any way unless used by someone with the right training, and suspension of disbelief should be such that "scientific" explanations will not be even remotely plausible). But the characters will tend to view mystical/high-tech as being no more different from low-tech than we view computers as different from hammers; that is to say, there are deep and important differences, but both are part of a continuum of sorts within one consistent world-view. Those who wield great mystical/high-tech power are viewed roughly as we view great scientists or athletes. I will need better, less clumsy terminology than "mystical/high-tech" and the like to use during the game, but I have not come up with any yet.
  2. Here are a couple of campaign ideas I'm thinking about running some time in the next year. Some of you might think they belong on one or another genre-specific board, but I don't see them (and don't want to see them) as fitting any particular genre. I would be interested in any friendly comments or suggestions any of you might have. I have two different main ideas, with variants that partially overlap. I'm further along on my thoughts on the second, and am currently more enthusiastic about it, but the first might appeal to my players more (their feedback is currently trickling in), and I can almost certainly get psyched up for it. 1. I have a kind of nostalgia for the early Star Wars movies and for superhero comics of the same time period (c. '77-85), but both tended to be a bit too naive for my current tastes. Also, Star Wars strikes me as too limited in exceptional character types (mainly Jedi and Sith) whereas mainstream comics were too broad (mutants, dieties, victims of freak accidents, etc., etc.). My goal is a mid-powered (200 pt?) game that tries to capture what I like about these sources of inspiration while removing some of what I do not like. The "feel" would be somewhere between a low-powered Champions game and a Sci-Fi game, but the ultimate power behind most of all apparently high-tech devices would be mystical power tapped by the individual using it. Thus blaster guns and energy swords would be the rough functional equivalent of wands. There would be a handful of mystic "sciences" that would focus are such substances(?) as "energy", "matter", "ether" and "the void". 2. I am interested in a city-based game with a kind of Noir feel, but I do not wanted to be limited by Noir conventions, much less try to replicate a typical Raymond Chandler story(e.g.). The easiest thing for me to do (variant A) is to run a city-based adventure within my ongoing '30's pulp/horror/monster-hunters game (probably in Germany, Italy, or the USSR). But I'm tempted to go further. One possibility is to create a fictional city in a fictional country that is at risk of revolution or civil war. The year would be sometime between 1900 and 1930. The basic version of this idea (varient B, oddly enough) would be fairly realistic and low-powered (100 pts?). Opponents would include mobsters, law enforcement officers (corrupt or otherwise), and maybe a serial killer or two. Variant C: There is some strange, dark government conspiracy to be uncovered by the PC's (not realistic, not too similar to the quasi-Cthuhloid stuff from my current campaign). Variant D: Psi Noir -- PC's and some others have psionic powers (150-200 pt PC's). Variant E: Retro Sci-Fi feel, some high-tech (incl. robots?) mixed with c. 1900 tech (NOT Steam-Punk). Variant F: A mix of 1 and 2. Thoughts?
  3. Re: Inconsitancies I haven't thought about this recently, but I think it's more a matter of typical character design than rules. Otherwise, why not 60 str, 60 con, 120 end? I think the typical solution is reduced end on str. I'm always struck by the high ratio of str to con and especially of str to bod, not only in bricks but in a wide range of characters, creatures, etc.
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