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Champions 3,4,5 edition Pick-Up Game


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I want to do a "pick-up" game of Champions, where it's really sandboxy and not overplanned.


I remember games where we basically started with whose Hunteds showed up and winged it from there. This is that kind of game.


It has to be by email, due to time restrictions and internet restrictions on my end.


Submit characters by posting here or by sending a Private Message. Or ask questions. Just send me or post the standard level of character with the standard amount of Disadvantages. You can send me a character in 3rd, 4th, or 5th Edition. I can work across the systems.


Game is set in 1981.


If there is interest, my plan is to go long term with this idea. But it's also okay if you play a few rounds and drop out.



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It's actually pretty nice. You can split characters off into different threads and choose whether the group sees it or not. If there is some kind of intrigue where a PC is keeping something from the team, they can send you a Private Message and no one knows. 


Perhaps the best part is the improved ability for the GM to react to character decisions. To me, tabletop games are always a bit railroad-y just because you kind of have limitations when you're reacting in the moment. If a character wants to consult a physicist you might dodge it in the moment to think about the answer, but in a play-by-email you can just research your answer before you reply.


Send me a character. It's really a trial basis (isn't everything?) so if you don't like it you can drop out, or drop out and drop back in.


I'm structuring the game so that it's very freestyle, and it will have the feel of a very made-up-on-the-fly. Structuring is the wrong word. Deconstructuring?

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I'm just about ready to start. I decided I'm going to rely on Enemies II (1982) as the campaign opens, and branch out from there.

So if you're building a character, choosing one of those villains would fit right in.


Note that the game is set in 1981, but the ruleset is Champions 3, 4, 5. (If any die-hards want to use even earlier editions of Champions, I can actually work with that.)


Take a look at Shelley McTyre's explanation of how pbem games work if you're thinking of joining, and send me a PM. :D




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Some new openings in this game. It has evolved into a more traditional 2022 campaign (not 1981). There are some elements of classic Champions; VIPER is playing a big part.


Contact me on the forum with your character idea. We are focusing on 5th Edition.

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