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  1. I have always liked Blade and Ghost Rider, and I liked the original Moon Knight run, but the others meh. And Moon Knight has had more reboots, versions, and changes than Hawkman so who even knows what they want to do with him? Done as a silver batman he's great. All that other stuff? None of it worked.
  2. Looks pretty good, a bit more square than the original island, but that's hardly significant.
  3. I cannot remember the origin of this character. It wasn't in any of my games, but I recall it either coming up on the old Hero boards or somewhere like that. The character was able to reassemble his body parts or make them act remotely. So he'd take a hand off, put one of his eyeballs on it, and send it scuttling out like a crab to scout, for example. Very strange. Steven Segal, there's always that one last guy in his movies who just watched Steven take out like 8 guys but still thinks he can do it. Usually he fights just regular tough guys, almost no othe
  4. There is something to that; most of the benefit or use of AE is the ease of hitting, although it does make sense. Horseshoes and hand grenades, as the saying goes. There aren't very many source or real world applications of a large area use that are not the typical concept of a cloud or explosion.
  5. Well, they did have those weeks in an open boat with no provisions sailing from Greece to England
  6. What's worst about the "bring Steve to life again" thing is that the relationship really didn't feel like it worked the first time -- they basically seemed like good friends who might have a growing attraction, not the world's deepest love affair. The entire thing was a contrivance to make it seem like Wonder Woman had as much to give up as everyone else did because her ONE TRUE LOVE would die, so her sacrifice was as great! Except it wasn't really, since the bond didn't ever seem that significant, and I mean, people wished dead relatives back to life and cured diseases etc. Not
  7. Actually the Mobile thing makes sense, that works to explain the cost. The other ones like any area though :/
  8. As I understand it, the Vision in the TV show was a construct created by her and not the real one, so no gem.
  9. You can scroll up to see all the poses. I did quite a mix of different ones. My goal was less to fix them in specific poses, than to have two versions of each: one action pose and one very clear pose showing their costume. Also, its not exactly unknown for women to want to look pretty and enticing.
  10. I can see good arguments for either way, just quoting what the rules say. It also says that a GM can come up with their own system of how AE behaves as well, so you can hide behind your dragon scale shield to protect you from dragon breath, if the GM wants.
  11. OK Did some coloring, here's a couple of examples of what I came up with so far. Dr Nope (male) Apex (female) I am not in any particular hurry to finish the art off, still waiting on one playtester and hoping against all reason and hope someone else might want to playtest this.
  12. What's even worse is when someone tries to make it all sciency and explain everything as if it can make sense.
  13. I mean... that's like arguing that a smaller AE radius is better because it doesn't hit as much of an area. Yes technically it can be an advantage, but hitting more targets is a bigger advantage (hence, why the advantage goes up as you buy larger areas). Its not better to have a bomb that only hits the ground instead of a large area. That's technically a limitation, or at least a smaller advantage. It might be more strategically valuable in certain circumstances, but its not overall an advantage. Except the rules state that you cannot hide behind something and be safe
  14. Just buy the slots with OIF to be that and don't buy it on the base cost. Yes, there's not much cost savings that way, but it works the way you want it to. Alternately, buy the entire multipower OIF but then the HA outside the multipower; its not part of your "weapon of opportunity" power set.
  15. Yeah although there is that alternate time line thing going on as well, because why not mess up everything with alternate worlds?
  16. I agree, but each of the individual post-Iron Man movies were actually about the infinity stones and the big Thanos war. The other characters and the story were dressing around that set up.
  17. Be a really old artifact worth a lot of money in auction. Its not magical without the stone. Which, while I kinda understand why they did it, was an annoying way to go with the eye. Its one of his defining things as a character, destroying the Eye was as bad as taking away Captain America's shield or destroying Mjolnir -- oh wait. If a GM ran their game like MCU runs their movies, players would have revolted and left long ago.
  18. I have a question about something... Area Effect Surface is a pretty neat addition and idea (its how to build damage shield, for instance). Its primarily intended for effects that coat something. But its... very, very expensive. That means its more expensive than even Radius, for a tiny fraction of the area effected. Like Area Effect (any) the volume covered is very small for the cost, which seems awfully odd to me. I can buy an area of 8m radius (over 2000 cubic meters) for a +½ advantage but for that same advantage, Surfac
  19. Yeah she clearly does not like the role. Gwyneth Paltrow had to be convinced by RDJ to come back and he fought to give her a bigger and more interesting role each time so she would return. For reasons only he can explain. If they insist on the eye rolling need to gender swap Thor, why not use Sif? She's already established, she clearly can fight, she looks the part, and Jaime Alexander really likes the role and wants a bigger part. For some reason they keep giving her the short shrift in Marvel and I don't get it.
  20. Yeah the only difference between 5th Edition and 6th is illustrated above; the stun die roll. Everything else works the same.
  21. Killing damage is the simpler one: what you roll on the dice is the BODY you get. Total up all the spots and you get your BODY damage dealt before defenses. Then you roll d3 and multiply that total by what your roll for STUN damage. So, say you roll: Your total is 12. That's 12 body off a 3d6 roll (just about average). Then you roll 1d3 (or a d6 divided by 2, whatever) and apply that to the BODY damage (12 in this case) for the STUN damage total before defenses. NORMAL DAMAGE Normal damage is a bit different. The STUN total is
  22. WW84 had some pretty fundamental story flaws and problems (not the least of which was weak bad guys and illogical events), and it didn't really feel much like 1984, so after the mostly great first one it was a pretty big letdown. Suicide Squad was more disjointed and had character problems but was no worse than WW84 in my opinion.
  23. Remember: common sense is not so named for its frequency, but for its humble nature. It is "common" in the sense of being something everyone can have, rather than only the elite, the powerful, and the academic. I use an INT roll for that. If Wisdom were part of the game (probably the only stat I think is missing) then I would use that.
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