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  1. And I'm not. It was even called out in the very first paragraph of explaining the idea that the character's own abilities would likely be bought via a Mulitpower set. And Shapeshift is a whole different hill to die on that I'm not touching right now.
  2. My recommendation is to narrow down what the player wants to try and do a bit more. Simply effecting the world on the quantum level and changing reality is... broad. Very broad. Worse yet, it's not the sort of broad request that the game handles well. "I want to be big," "I want to shoot fire from my hands," "I want to be as strong as a tank." All of those are very broad, and can be handled any number of ways. So too can your request. Manipulating reality at a quantum level... As far as science jargon goes, means nothing. And unfortunately, in comic science jargon, it is also unhelpfully br
  3. Good Evening! I've a trio of very simple and annoying question! The first is easy. How would you handle a Player or Foe who's main method of attack was using Transform: Abilities? The other two require context. I was kicking around the idea of a character, player or foe, would be nifty in my eyes either way, who's main gimmick was Transform. Build them pretty average for a character, probably pulling from Metamorphic examples and have most of their Standard Abilities as small Multipowers. This would represent that they have Transformed themselves in whatever appropriate way. They've grow
  4. Wait, TMNT 3's there? But it's full of such stupid silly moronic moments. A good time for a laugh. Though, less at the movie, and more at the movie. Actually, yeah. Makes sense it wouldn't be received well. And the "highest" I remember watching was some scene from Underdog. Beyond the fact it exists though, I can't recall it.
  5. Whether it is x16 Active Points, or x16 Applications of Difficult to Dispel, the effect in practice is the same. A Unbreakable focus cannot be dispelled, and thus, rendered inert. A far better way would seem to be to use a Severe Transform: Focus to Broken Focus. Which is... Expensive, but likely closer.
  6. @dialNforNinja Hmm. I was not aware that each magical spot or foe could only funnel to a specific type of spell/foe. Specific magical spots to restore spells I would probably have as Campaign ruled Locations. Base them off of Aid with an increased return Delay, so they last for like, an hour before returning. Running the Spells off of the Casting from Stats version, that's easy to do. But, if each foe can only give "Energy" to a specific Spell, in this case that translates towards increasing the amount of "Energy" in each Stat that is being boosted by not using that Spell. So... You
  7. Several points of note before I dig into this with blind uncertainty. Firstly, I have never played FF VIII. As such, I will have to be re-explaining what I think you are aiming for, before trying to answer that. Secondly, as Thia Halmades made note of, it feels like a fair bit of this would be under Campaign rules rather than anything else. But with that out of the way, let's try this. So firstly! From what I am gathering, the magic system you are wanting to build is as follows: Magic Energy is gained via Specific Locations, or using "Draw" on a Foe Magic Energy can be converted
  8. Multiform is what you are looking for for the boss. At least, I think so. If you are having the Boss able to take on the essence of a Character and he himself transform into that Character, Multiform. If you are worried your players might decide to Off your Reoccurring Villain first, you could flavor it that the Boss absorbs and Recreates the Character to lead his forces, ala Duplication. Add to it Can't Recombine and so on, and you're golden. Think Mega Man for a boss like that. As for your gang members... A Variable Power Pool on them with the "Only in Appropriate Costume" and "Only withi
  9. Sounds fun! Download should be finished in an hour or two. Then just yell at me at some point, can see how it could go!
  10. As a target? It can be done. Why is it not seen? Well, this is conjecture on my part, but that would be due to efficiency. PD and ED and DCV are all Defensive Characteristics. What that means for Adjustment powers like Drain is that they are twice as hard to effect. (6e1, 141) So what does that mean? Well, if you are trying to drain a Resistant PD, that's clocking in at an active point of 1.5 per point. So you need to drain 3 Active Points to drain 1 Resistant PD. Considering that one can expect to roll 3.5 on a d6, you are essentially getting 1 rPD per 1 Dice. So that's a cost of 10 P
  11. After forgetting to buy bread for the third day in a row, today's breakfast was a bocaburger patty, grilled, with cheese. And Milk.
  12. Ah, see, this is where the grader made a mistake. You see, you see this? Chicago has a set space, but is treated as public. Just redefine Chicago's values, and have it cover everywhere. Then, the answer is Yes. You are already in Chicago.
  13. Well. This gives me reason to re-download Tabletop. Maybe mess around and see how stuff goes.
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