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6e Template, missing Power can draw END from Character or END Reserve?


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Using HD ver 20210301. In the 5e template I can find the advantage for Power can draw END from Character or END Reserve but in 6e I cannot find the same, using the same steps to create the END reserve and a power to draw from it. It is also not listed in the Unavailable Advantages.


Another one that I don't see either in 5e or 6e is the Double Endurance Cost (-1/2) limitation from 6e1, pg 206 which causes the power to draw from both the personal END and END reserve, not sure if that is intended or not.


Thank you.


- Ernie

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Just now, HeroGM said:

I believe the either or is a drop down or in the modifiers for the power. My laptop is fried otherwise I'd look.

I am able to find the drop down to switch between them, just not the advantage that indicates to use either. I am able to find it in the 5e template. This was also verified by 2 other people in the Discord chat.


- E

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For both Modifiers, Steve wanted them to be moved to Custom Modifiers (given the options/lack of "hard rules" surrounding).


You can add them back in via a custom template, if desired.  So long as you keep the XMLIDs the same (just copy the definitions from the 5E template), they should pick up the original rules for inclusion.

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