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So how would you referee driving like this?:

Scott Ruggels

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Autoduel Champions uses the vehicle rules from Champions II.  It provides maneuvers and difficulty values, but doesn't really give you a whole lot more to work with.  


In 5e/6e, any kind of stunt would require a Combat Driving roll.  And all vehicles have a Turn Mode, which basically means they can make five equally spaced turns throughout the move, and have to move forward 1/5 of their velocity before turning (this is after the "free" turn everyone gets to make).  A driver can make a Combat Driving roll to turn before they are supposed to, to accelerate or decelerate faster, or anything else that is considered something other than ordinary movement.  


Also, Movement Skill Levels are a thing, though they're not described in 6e other than on 6e2 p. 32.  The Ultimate Vehicle also mentions them, and further mentions that the driver can do anything with them that a character can do except increase acceleration or deceleration (which as I said can be done with a Combat Driving roll).  TUV also suggests other vehicle maneuvers, including the barrel roll (for aircraft) or bootlegger reverse (for cars) which are both essentially "make your Combat Driving/Piloting roll at -X to perform".  


The Ultimate Speedster has an idea that I like, which is a Control Roll for any movement that's considered faster than a normal person or on bad footing (or both).  The runner would make a DEX Roll with penalties for the footing if applicable.  This could be translated to a Combat Driving/Piloting roll, but my idea would be to have the vehicle make a DEX Roll, with the operator's Skill Roll as a complementary Skill.  


I've been looking at vehicular combat a lot for my Star Wars Hero game.  :) 

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That type of driving is more due to the fact he is driving a specially designed car.   You are not going to be able to do that in a Honda Accord. The car will probably require a highly skilled driver to control it.


If I were building that car I would probably have a very high combat speed and the advantage no turn mode.  Add the limitation requires a skill roll on the movement and possibly side effects of uncontrolled movement on a failed roll.   The car and the driver would both have a very high SPD as well.  The driver will obviously need a very high driving roll to handle the car.


In a Dark Champions game have the character buy the car using the vehicle rules. I don’t think you really need to create a new set of rules, the character just needs a car cable of doing that, and the skill to drive it.  

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