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  1. gritty is one thing, but if a player has a good idea for som,e sort of a stat god , I may allow it. XD> But then with that old style 4th edition multiform I got prtetty gros, myself Dragon Form of the above character.
  2. Like Zslane, I am a Sandbox GM. But like any scientific experiment, initial starting conditions are critical for success. So, first explain to the players what you may be running (it pays to have a couple of options). This is where you set expectations. Next, the GM Will vet the characters and see if they all fit (no asshole loaners, no extreme eccentrics, no one NOT danger worthy). Finally go over their backgrounds and find hooks you can lead them along with, but allow them to discuss in character what they want to do. and from there start filling in the background and lore in the direction they are moving towards. The players will find their own tasks, and you just build the scenery a day ahead of them. XD. But always set your starting conditions firmly, and don't be put off , if you lose one or two players because they arent fans of the campaign.
  3. Just the way I like it. I don't do 4 color any more, except rarely if a friend is doing a nostalgia run.
  4. I edited the post above yours with the HTML< which will give you an idea of what it looks like. The sheet looks fine except for the background information going over long, but that works. give it a go.
  5. Unfortunately, not that I have found, Otherwise I would use it. The closest was HTML - D 3-Collumn Compressed (D 3-collumn Compressed.hde) and it looks like this: [EDIT] Unfortunately, HTML Code does not seem to work within the board. So n I do not seem to be able to display HTML properly as a post reply. But i's similar, but unfortunately writing a long back ground will spawn extra pages.
  6. Heromakr.exe, that came on a 3.5 Floppy that came with the BBB< which I worked on. I do miss that program.
  7. The Elves in that campaign were right bastards, and were a thorn in Northern Kingdom's expansion. Forests burn so well, though.
  8. Here's an old FH character. with a fair amount of experience: Here's a 6th Edition FH Character, a basic fighter, equivalent to a 4th level D&D fighter. Magnus 13 STR 15 DEX 13 CON 12 BODY 10 INT 13 EGO 15 PRE 5 PD 2 ED 3 SPD 5 REC 50 END 35 STUN Abilities: +3 PER with all Sense Groups; Nightvision; Ultrasonic Perception (Hearing Group); Rapid ( x10) with Normal Hearing; Tracking with Smell/Taste Group; Benefit: Squire; ; Positive Reputation (A small to medium sized group) 11-, +3/+3d6; Environmental Movement: Woodlands brush/hazard (no penalties on); Language (completely fluent; literate); ; High Society 8-; KS: Geo Politics: County Thiacast 11-; AK: Duchy Thiacast 13-; ; Tracking 11-; Survival (Temperate/Subtropical, Mountain) 11-; Shadowing 11-; +3 Track / Survive / Shadow; ; CuK: Orc 11-; ; Acrobatics 12-; Breakfall 12-; Stealth 12-; ; Analyze: Combat 12-; +5 Any Blade, small group; ; WF: Common Melee Weapons; WF: Thrown Knives, Axes, and Darts, Thrown Rocks; WF: Sling; ; ; Everyman; Acting 8- 175+ Disadvantages: Psychological Complication: Strict Code of Hono (Very Common; Strong); Psychological Complication: Arrogant, disdainful of non fighting traditions (Very Common; Moderate); ; Social Complication: Seen as a lower Race / Animal or just a pretender tothe World of Man Very Frequently, Minor, Not Limiting In Some Cultures; ; Distinctive Features: Lupine: (Concealable; Noticed and Recognizable; Detectable By Commonly-Used Senses; Not Distinctive In Some Cultures)
  9. Soon... Soon. (playtesting right as we speak and finding a lot of little errors, but they are little errors, so can be fixed, so soon.)
  10. Still use 4th. worked fine for Knights with lanced making move throughs.
  11. Well the two reasons Insee for that are the commonality of killing attacks, and some GMs are a bit free with the distribution of magic band magic items. I would not be one of those responsible for reason 2’in my campaigns, but Incan see it happen.
  12. I just invent my own Races for my own games. Can't help it.
  13. Speaking as an artist, Photorealism is quite expensive. Now I do think that sort of artistic direction is kind of now expected in Modern publications, as the Public Perception of Super Heroes is movies and no longer comics books, But art like that is expensive to produce, and expensive to print. I do not see HERO ever achieving the print capabilities of Paizo or WOTC.
  14. I would probably use the old First edition Albedo, starship combat. Missiles, drones, hyperkinetic weapons. It’s extremely lethal, with a high incidence of TPK, but that would limit such combats. So if two enemy ships show up, one would power down ad coast, and then turn the inside of your ship into a horror survival game for the enemy boarders😄 however BigDamnHero’s vector movement system is so damn elegant I have to use it. My intent is the flavor is like The Expanse. So one depressurizes the living spaces and hope for the best.
  15. The Stevens pump action Shotgun dates from 1885. Before that was an 1867 repeating shotgun.
  16. Welll that sucks. PDF was a useful way to pass around characters to those without HD.
  17. Why does it no longer have PDF functionality? Does it lose it with updates?
  18. Mom reading us kids The Chronicles of Narnia at bedtime. Otherwise it was mostly SF I read at a young age. Didn’t start reading Fantasy until I started playing D&D in 1976. Never finished Lord of The Rings.
  19. Business-wise. While the "Powered by HERO", may be a sound way of getting a game together and using that tool kit to make a game, the problem, though becomes "what game" or more precisely, where to obtain an attractive, but very cheap game license that new players would buy and be bothered to learn?mHI was an inexpensive book license, but either due to inactivity on HERO's part, or lack of sales in general, the License holder is mlving away. Which also illustrates that Licenses are temporary. (Look how many Star wars games there have been). So, how does one attract interest in a game without a license, or a marketing budget? How does one figure out what is popular or even attractive any more?
  20. Read the Jaggiri Thread to get an idea of how I put things together (Blast from the Past Part Two, in the FH Sub-genre). But I was a little disappointed that the players voted to do the Near future thing, as that was one of three campaigns I proposed, So I have to work on that and I have a lot of id3as. Technically they "ARE" atomic rockets as they are using Helium 3 to keep their engines thrusting all the time at 1G or less. for manned ships to get anywhere in the solar system in any reasonable time and without the crew deconditioning into noodle armed invalids due to prolongues Zero G Exposure. So it became an interesting mental excercise, though as I said before writing out all the background materials is slow, and comes after my paying artwork.
  21. You are absolutely right. HERO by it's very structure only supports Hard and Rational magic systems. it takes GMs Vast amount of work to create that "sensawunda" necessary for soft magic to seem unlike GM Fiat, especially for this system. It's mostly why I tended to run low to no magic Fantasy. As a player, I never ran casters, because I am still math-tarded, and just run straightforward characters with just stats and a list of skills (and levels).
  22. No set ending date for me. But I have my preferences for late classic period, Age of exploration/ Empires. or depending on the GM< Modern Urban Fantasy. Typical Medieval Feudalism iass getting a bit old and dry for me, but I have to grin and bear it, as that is what is being run by most gamers, so.....
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