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  1. Well Hero uses either 1meter or 6 foot hexes depending on edition, do different scale hexes would be useful in a Hero context.
  2. Critique wise, you made no mistakes. Good color choices, and very gameable. How many pixels across is it? As for their use, I find maps and minis necessary for any game that has a large tactical element.
  3. I watched both videos. The build other than triggering my eye twitch at the gratuitous steam punk aesthetic, the build was fascinating. The use however was...lacking. The heating speed made it a less than poor defensive weapon, and the infrastructure either limited it to five minutes, or feathered it to a oxy-acetylene line and it’s pair of five foot tanks. Facing a wildly waving 1 meter or less torch would be terrifying, but it would allow a defender to run away. Os shoot the torch Wielder. If you are going to fight in a confined space,?you would do better with a sharpened old school E-Tool
  4. Those look really nice. We made our own originally(<— Artist here) But agents and NPCs we used the cardboard Heroes.
  5. Article on the suit; https://comicbook.com/gaming/news/dungeons-dragons-dragonlance-margaret-weis-lawsuit/?fbclid=IwAR3nyrkObJDMCQWHzffQusVMTEHKmt5K7CdSgrcTi4E4nmrI1iIxRE-nId8
  6. Well now.., https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/7245020-Weis.html?fbclid=IwAR2rejSRT02Vy9hjy_YqTQQZszDnUQqEgKYpswTo2z_jsjThLisEzeB4lj8 it seems that Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman are suing Wizards of The Coast for Breach if Contract, and Tortious interference I guess Dragonlance will Not be one of the realms WoTC will be revisiting.
  7. Do you, now? Similar, maybe, but not the same. Mechanics and assumptions are different. But then again, it goes back to why one emulating a D&D background in the first place. I itch that comes the baggage of class, and class advancement, and with published adventures, that advancement is almost baked in. The incremental and measured Hero Advancement as well as the point costs of several new spells per level kind of bend Hero out of shape, especially when trying to balance encounters. Also those levels expand capability, but do not expand DCV or defenses evenly. There is no Hero equivalent
  8. Well in my case it was giving the players character types they wanted more than powerful wizards, and give them something to do. But then the folks were not powergamers to begin with.
  9. Currently running an FH campaign with no magic other than some alchemy. It’s going great.
  10. I am currently running a low fantasy campaign that has no magic. It’s working quite well.
  11. Exactly. It seems counterproductive to use Hero to closely emulate the mechanics of a D20 system, when that system works fine me as intended. Hero, due to its flexibility, can, with work, emulate the effects of 5e D&D, but why? There are different assumptions between the two systems. I am a little depressed at how many articles here are about emulating D&D spells and effects. If you like D&D, except X or Y, then it would be a lot less effort to house rule those issues; than to make a conversion to Hero. Character progression between the characters two systems is vastly different
  12. Oh Lordy. Someone caught a case of lethal stupidity, and it was contagious. Woof. Two turns and 3 segments. That's a fairly quick fight. In a similar situation, I and my fellow nobles survived, when we disavowed the actions of the impulsive character, and did nothing, other than stepping back and voicing their displeasure at the breach of manners. Another time, I sold out the rogue for nearly causing a diplomatic incident, and remanding him to local justice. 😁
  13. I just used the Hit location tables, and if the D20 converts complained, I just passed it off as a different rules system.
  14. Oh absolutely. this matters. For me I tended to keep combats to every other, or every third run, to space things out. in between is shopping, investigation, RP, research, or reconnaissance for the next combat. Surprise combats do happen, but they are usually consequences of player actions, so it's understood to be an anomaly. Though my Campaigns were more travelogue, than intrigue and criminality.
  15. As one of the folks involved in the creation of Teenagers From Outer Space, back in the day, it was a humor based cosmetic transform, much like the Ranma Saotome effect, where there was no possibility of any hanky panky and played strictly for humor. So it was a Minor transform as it changed no stats or powers.
  16. I found these at the local Comic store. They are metal, about 40mm tall, and these are two of the three boxes. They cost me about $12 per box, so they weren't a painful expense. IF one feels ambitions you could drop them in paint remover, clean, re-prime, and paint to your own heroes." As to their use, for any sort of tactical combat game, which Champions is one of them, I find Maps and miniatures mandatory, because it allows everyone to agree on the same terrain, and can plan their moves. It also keeps people more involved, planning out their next moves. We didn't
  17. Non standard dragon from Firt Edition Fantasy Hero.
  18. The other way to do it is to force either a CON or INT Roll to perform any action?
  19. Duke understood it perfectly. Heroes and Villains use the same mechanics and the same rules, but not the same number of points. Point disparities have been a thing since Champions first edition and have been accepted. The problem is different MECHANICS between Heroes and Villains, and that is my objection in a HERO based game. If the villain Necromancer's skeleton army can last thousands of years, standing guard over his Phylactery, but the Hero Wizards 10 or 20 Skeletons last a day, when they are in lore supposedly the same spell, that is unacceptable. If they are different spells , with
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