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  1. There were two campaign adventures for Danger International, they are very Cold War though. Both of them are on DTRPG.
  2. YouTube and a Discord bot in the voice channel works pretty well. Add another bot for music.
  3. Scott Ruggels


    I would love to see a photo of this contraption if you can manage it.
  4. Ha! My Friend Francis is a mod on that site, and many, if not most of the light box photos are by him. Several of the subjects are from my collection. It’s a good site, especially for movie and video game references.
  5. This is unfortunate. I met Scott before he turned pro, when we were in the same Fanzines. And in Carl Rigney’s sometimes PBM, sometimes live at convention games. After the endless volumes he wrote in that game, it was only natural that he would become a full time writer.
  6. This ain’t Reddit, so I only pass the upvotes out if I agree strongly, actually laugh, or a thank you for information. It’s alternate communication, not ass pats.
  7. No if they are Zero phase, they go off regardless. However gestures and incantations mean they cannot be invoked if gagged or restrained already.
  8. GM could always set a price. Also if the spell is in a defined area, use foci to determine the AOE?
  9. Never used it, and rarely put negative modifiers on skills in stress situations. I had it done to me in a situation where the characters could not sleep, and nearly resulted in a TPK in Hero, so I’d rather not subject my players to that. RSR on magic is at the ragged edge of too much calculation, and too many die rolls to keep things moving, but if the magic requires it, but I made it a flat roll, as it was in the FH playtest, rather than impose negatives due to spell power in the later editions. I do this to keep things moving, and I myself am math-traded and math phobic, so Everythingbis usu
  10. interesting essay on the problems with Snyder’s interpretation of The DC Superheroes. https://arkhavencomics.com/2020/12/30/the-superheroic-virtues-prudence/ Wonder Woman 1984 was overlong, self-indulgent, boring and crushed under the burden of its caricatures of 1980’s MEN. However, its biggest problem was handed to it three or four movies ago, when Diana told Bruce Wayne that after she had lost the love of her life, she had withdrawn from the world, apparently for 100 years. Snyder turned Diana Prince from Wonder Woman into the Dread Ayesha waiting thousan
  11. Innnnnnteresting. Well what I have played was mostly Superhero Campaigns in real cities, but I notice that most Champions Publications are RPG Fake cities. Millenium City, Vibora Bay, San Angelo and Hudson city. These are places I have not played a single game in. The one problem though, is that while comic books can get away without maps, it I belive is really harmful to not have a detailed map of a city, which makes only the current Hudson City feel "real enough". Without a map, to me it's just smoke. I do like inventing fictional cities, but still generally play in Real wo
  12. The funny thing is that skills were not a thing until Espionage came out and that was the first Non- Superhero Hero Games product. The rules were mostly the same, but this introduced foreign languages and skill sets. Before Espionage, Champions skills were rather broad, and vague (Reed Richards has "Science" on a 14 or less). ^th edition has gone a long way away from that, which I think isn't really true to the comic book source material, but... well it's what Steve wanted with the bifurcation of "science" into a vast array of somewhat expensive specialist disciplines. Works for Modern heroic
  13. JRRM Was a master of it. All the characters in ASOIAF, had recognizable, but slightly off names that were not entirely unfamiliar, but odd enough that they felt "of a place". It's probably not a bad idea to follow.
  14. I think most of that is because of cultural resonance. It's one where the players can make more correct assumptions than they could with other cultures they are unfamiliar with. It's easier to work with, and minimizes assumption clash, or problems with disparities of knowledge.
  15. Oh really now? A bit of a surprise, but now I will have to take a look.
  16. Well, if you want to fight them in court, be my guest. But the cost of legal disputes tend to go to the deepest pockets in this country.
  17. Crayons isn’t the proper analogy. Music sampling is. Remixes and sampled licks are often copyright claimed by the original artist, who often ends up with a share of the profits and a credit, or all of the profits depending on the particulars. The problem is that the products of the Hero Forge creator, by the nature of of their creation, cannot be “transformative” works, and as such are still made entirely from Hero Forge assets. Until recently, LEGO, defended their bricks tenaciously, shutting down companies that infringed on their patents. You can do a lot with LEGO, but until the pa
  18. Wellll... if you look at things up through Champions III, that was normal. Skills were for detectives and rarely did anything important happen outside of Hero ID and only gadgeteers and detectives bought skils.
  19. New season (6th) of The Expanse dropped on Amazon Prime last week. No spoilers, but the good quality still holds
  20. That seems more of a personality problem than a problem with power gaming. Did they bitch about the later distribution of magic items?
  21. A good introduction is The Classic Fitearms channel, which covers popular trends. Also 9 Hole Reviews does comparative analysis of various rifles out to 500 yards.
  22. There are various ways of power gaming, though. There is squeezing in every appropriate advantage and limitation, to get the most bang for the points. There is making an attack that is irresistible to almost all defenses, there is tweaking things until you never miss, and then there is piling on DeX and skills so they never miss. What did was spend less so I had fewer disads-attatchments, built with mostly had higher defenses and stun, as my builds prioritized being the last man standing. Offense was variable, but depended on the concept. So there are different degrees of power gaming where
  23. I id neglect to mention that. that yes, when the Noble Characters achieve their goal, at that point they have duties to the land, the realm, what have you and at that point they become an NPC< who can do cameos, but their adventuring days are done. I had a Paladin in D&D 5e, who was a member of the Royal Family, and due to war, was next in line to the throne. IT was a thrilling campaign, and the stakes got higher and higher as he overcame obstacles, Delved dungeons for loot to pay his armies, engaged in mass warfare, and won the throne. The Character was retired at 7th level as the Cur
  24. Honestly, it's not so bad, you get used to being cut open after a while. I had a "Major health event" in the summer of 2018, and I am not the same as I was. Right now I am on Kidney Dialysis, and other than the "enforced relaxation of three and a half hours Mondays and Fridays. MY health has improved a bit since 2018. In fact I have to go in for some minor surgery this morning, but it's out patient, where basically my right elbow is going to be sore for a week. But after that "health event" I have been a LOT more attentive to good health and diet. (and losing 50 lbs. was a big help).
  25. It's not. The problem is there is a sculptor, working for Hero Forge, that has created the sculpts in a specific way to allow for scaling and posing, and the costume and prop elements that work within that same framework, that fit those sculpted figures in such a way that they fit and work together. Each of those individual pieces of artwork have been created by the sculptor on the company dime for this service. Hero Forge (Shapeways) has created and owns those specific shapes. It basically becomes the "Fan art" problem, in that Batman is owned by ATT-Warner. You cannot sell the likeness of
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