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  1. Chargen, if there is one, would be an appendix item, rather than a core part of the game. The Chargen could use that Champions genre book, or at least that style, however the important thing is to teach the combat system and how skills are used. But full Chargen should not be a part of these products at all. Directions on where to find the full information shopuld be provided, and the index and appendix should lists costs, but other than that keep it hidden from the group. Don't want to scare them away.
  2. Any Recommendations? I am probably going to order a physical copy of MHI. to see what a "powered By Hero " game looks like and compare it to some other games. But the "Model" is the first Champions book in terms of form factor.
  3. Manga, you mean? Yes. Though, specifically, the one that would attract the most attention would be anything based on, or around typical Shonen (boy's) Manga, with it's main protagonist with deep reservoirs of perseverance, and a quirk that makes him different from most of the others, plus a cast of friends and rivals accompanying him to the completion of his journey. There are other genre's of Manga of course, Shojo, for girls. which is more plot, and relationships, and Genre's covering Sports, Fishing, Slice of life, Comedy, kind of like How American Comics were, before the 1960's. But Shonen Manga is the most popular, with Japanese, and Western audiences. Again specificity would be the key to make an attractive product. Specific setting, or near specific. Basically you want a slim volume with as small character sheet, with attractive art, that works for someone sitting at the table at the FLGS< either player or GM, without a lot of prep work. Everything necessary is covered, but only what's necessary.
  4. Marketing wise, being "Generic" is about as attractive as the store brand Macaroni & Cheese. Rather than Generic is has to be specific, and maybe even a bit trendy, hence Manga. Another YouTuber explained that going after a niche market, while still servicing your core market is a winning strategy. We aren't trying to toss the old fans and bring in new ones. We are trying to attract new players to the existing group. I suppose you could do a VERY abbreviated Turakian Age, centered in one geographic area, if there is a desire/requirement to use existing IP. Or any of the other ones, BUT the game must have pre-gens. simple explanations and no legalism in the base rules. Show slim stat bars in the books and extended , point costed stat bars in the Appendix.
  5. The more I think about it, the more it seems, a manga sort of game, with pre-gens, no character creation, with an enclosed, but somewhat open ended adventure in three or four parts that covers an arc within a Manga might work. The goal is getting new players comfortable with the system. without overwhelming them with character generation. Because the system in combat is pretty elegant. Introduce character creation by having an index of how characters and powers are created. But keep it separate from the main book ( different, smaller type face for the index). The people who are motivated will seek out more materials and will want their own game backgrounds to build, but the rest, will be players comfortable with the system and stat bars, so they can pick up a pre-gen or GM-gen and sit down and play. For all the talk of how flexible the character generation is, the fact that 6e Hero comes in two volumes and looks like a tax law text book is not attractive to new young players. 5e D&D does not require a separate program like Hero Designer to create a character. Apparently, you just need the PHB, and an animated character to berate you, to create a Character.
  6. This is exactly the situation. We aren't getting new players. If you judged by this forum alone the audience for Hero is the same Audience that was around in 199, minus deaths and gafiation. Fortunately, this is not entirely true, but the growth is limited. The Discord Server seems to be attracting new players, but their question seem to be of the same sort of questions that most new players are asking, or they are asking how to make (Popular D 20 Based system's) flavor into Hero. Sure it can be done, and that miiiiiight be a way to bring in new blood, but I am not so sure. But since newer players are just now discovering virtual table tops like Roll 20, Fantasy Grounds and TTS, because of the current plague, something simpler, and "complete" needs to be prapared, and available as a PDF or SRD for the online players. No telling when we can get back to face to face. This is a shame. But the reasons are completely understandable. However, Hero if they do want to attract more new players to the systems and products, they might consider offering a prize, or a contract to people submitting such products directly to them. Leave Villain and monster supplements to Hall of Champions, but a complete background with NPCs Monsters, Spells and equipment, and a nice explanation of how combat works, ala The Fantasy Hero Primer, could be made into a slim, attractive product, and then Hero could see through sales, what is attractive and serve their market accordingly. Grow the business back slowly, through metered support to the various games, or release a new one if there is no interest. The books should be thought of in the size and page count of Champions I. Complete, but flexible, and cover original background material, or a low page count distillation of one of our illustrious GM's Homebrew campaign (not Champions*). givi9ng a discussion of how to GM it, and what players need to know. Low page count, Nice but not expensive printing, and some nice art, that is relevant to the text, and not Public Domain art that is vaguely r3elated to the subject. *If it is Champions related it needs to be a set up for new heroes, and have something related. The problem with Champions is the Current slate of American Comic Books is unattractive, badly written, and that whole industry may go away. Manga might be more of a positive example, and would attract the current fan audience, however acquiring rights and permissions would be a bureaucratic mess, what with the language and legal barriers, but it would not be insurmountable. In fact, you may want to skip any sort of character creation within that Manga Based product, and just provide them the characters from the story. I think the licenses would be a little cheaper than anything American.
  7. If you aren't going to Homebrew everything. The everyone else neds to step up and make "powered by Hero" types of books. And to "work" properly they need to be put together in an organized fashion for GMs, similar to how 5e D&D does it. I am an artist, not a writer, much, so I'll have to leave that to others. But I do believe in this modern age, there needs to be a bit more handholding.
  8. A long running meme from our Champions games in the 80's. I was listening to it, while talking with the GM about a Game about to run on TTS next month.
  9. Definitely. Paranoia was a classic piece for scene setting and illustration.
  10. I'd probably say that previous History has occurred. continue forward. Milenium City was founded 20 years ago in the ruins of Detroit. Dr. Destroyer ist todt, so stop talking about him 😁. I'd n up and convert as many of the villains (and Allies) as is possible, add some new ones. i'd rather not see CU history put through "The New 52". or some other current year bull.
  11. Real pro’s like to work.
  12. Awww and she just had a birthday last week. That’s a shame. But a very long and distinguished career. Her maid Marian opposite Erol Flynn’s RobinnHood is a classic.
  13. Probably why I never cottoned to Marvel FASERIP. Too loose for me.
  14. https://www.space.com/spacex-falcon-9-rocket-payload-fairing-catch-success.html
  15. I started with First Edition(which I still have), and kind of stopped at fourth (BBB which I still have), when most of the Face to face players and GMs moved away and did that family stuff. Only just now, reluctantly sliding into 6th edition, and it feels different. Is this overlapping with the Champions Wiki project ramping up in the other thread?
  16. If you are ever in the San Francisco Bay Area when we can have conventions again, then look me up. I may run there.
  17. For me it was a lot of gritty, war gamer, paramilitary mercenaries, versus drug cartels, and Marxist guerillas, in Fictitious foreign countries. The games were essentially 80’s and 90’s action movies, with strong tactical element. And at the time in the 80’s and 90’s, the games started as Danger International games with the occasional weird pulp element or talent. The players were a number of prior service, law enforcement, and cold warriors looking to lay a game with looser rules of engagement, and clear goals. Role play was strong, but combat was careful, as it was a heroic level game. But it usually proceeded like the movies it was inspired by, with a lot of explosions at the finale. This may not be precisely your cup of tea, but it was fun. Suggestions from this, is that you need strong role play at the start, to give the upcoming conflict a strong emotional context so the players are deeply invested. Sympathetic NPCs, really despicable villains, and clear stakes help. Combat in these situations can be wildly unpredictable. As a GM, plan the villain’s forces intelligently for the opposition they expect. This might require a bit of research into real world analogues for your fictional forces , but will give them a firm base as to what they capabilities and equipment are, and give idea and flavor to the players. A Toyota Hillux with a 12.7mm DShK, and a T-55 tank present two levels of opposition to the players. The key is for the players to plan something unexpected, then game it out. Miniatures on a mat will help. This sort of thing is very poor for theater of the mind style play, as distances, cover, facing, and fields of fire, become very important for player decisions and actions. The consequences of poor decisions could be fatal, and giving the characters good situational awareness will keep them thinking and involved. As this is generally a heroic level game with plentiful mil spec weapons, chances of death are high, so warn the players ahead of time, that character death is a possibility. Don’t fudge the die rolls if you can help it, as this can ratchet up the tension up quite a bit. Open rolls during combats, and saving hidden rolls for non combat or unseen actions in the background also help the tension. But a caution Is that some players do not enjoy a high level of tension. Know your players. If a character goes down during combat, hand them Mooks, and enemies to control. It keeps everyone involved, lowers the amount of work the GM needs to do, and may add some variety to the opposition. Keep the goals clear, and never plan the scenario to be completed in only one way. The usual way these scenarios are approached are, direct guns blazing, stealth, indirect through persuasion (“Let’s you and him fight!), or some way that seems plausible that you didn’t think of. Say the group doesn’t have any resources to smuggle their weapons into this exotic, foreign land, but all of them are trained and deadly martial artists, each a master of a different art? This gives the adventure a very different flavor than if the group were made up of CIA special operators. Same set up. Different protagonists. Now, this may not entirely be the flavor you are looking for, but it’s a good formula for running a convention game. Hopefully these suggestions are helpful.
  18. Long ago I wrote an article about a fictitious Italian sports car. The car had 3 dice of unluck. Every time the driver had to make a driving roll, they had to make an unluck roll. The car itself had good stats and would grant pluses to driving skill, but missed rolls spawned unluck rolls, with one level causing minor irritation, two levels ending your trip, and three being life threatening. I’ll see if I can dig up the article.
  19. I think there needs to be some more context in this request. In general, However, you can, in your own game ignore the body stat for characters if you so choose. But body may be necessary for damage against inanimate objects, and constructs. But you can always count one body point per stun die if you need such effects. Keep it simple.
  20. Yikes , into extreme sports? Or are you a chew toy for dinosaurs?
  21. I’d think that superpowers may have always been with us, in fiction, but since Champions focuses on Comic book tropes and gaming, then for the Wikia to be useful for most Comics gaming fans, then, Superpowers should be common public knowledge from 1938, with nods to limited powers from earlier years like, The Shadow, Doc Savage, and the like.
  22. I had to go to a funeral for a beloved Uncle. All us kids were devastated, We all decided to go see a movie afterwards. It was Independence Day. The over the top ness of it made us forget the rest of the day for a while.
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