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  1. The essential spells would be a product of the culture they arose from. But in general, magic is a tool, the question is what jobs are those tools for, and answering that will give you your spells. For instants, a culture from a desert area would prioritize finding water, enhancing of plant growth or harvest, and/or increasing one’s ability to go without food or water for days, and or keeping cool in a hot climate.
  2. I have a large wall of books on weapons, costumes, uniforms and old military manuals. I have a fairly deep interest in WW2, but my D&D playing had me picking up Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance weapon and fighting techniques. Most of it is art and illustration references, as that was my job in the RPG industry, but a lot has been useful dim my games. Yup
  3. The puppet thing was easy to get over for me, because I grew up as a big Jerry Anderson fan, starting with Thunderbirds when I was a small child. No, what got me into this was after the fifth episode, when they got the party together, I realized that this was a very dysfunctional D&D quest party, and if not for the smug manipulative pretty boy leading them, the party would fly apart in a furious emotional detonation. The clashing personalities made it for me.
  4. Watching it now. This is wild. Don’t know if I’ll stick with it all the way, but enjoying it so far. Puppets thst do martial arts? Who’d a thunk it?
  5. Speaking of bull pups, a new contender for the M-16/ M-4 replacement, in the Army’s new 6.8mm is on trials. However the rifle is using a plastic cased ammunition that it backwards compatible eith the 6.8mm brasses caded standard ammunition. See the weapon demonstrated here:
  6. Any links, images? Clips? Whole shows?
  7. Really want to mess with the players? Present them with magical furniture.
  8. He was the director of Danger Island. Those live action segments on The Banana Splits. Directing a very young Jan Michael Vincent.
  9. Turn cape was i initially the mostInteresting to me of the options, however being one of those folks, that nitpick costume dramas, and war films for anachronisms, and incorrect equipment, I would probably not be a good player. So then my first choice then would be universally Rejected. Having lived through the cold war, and attending college R OTC, I have more than a passing knowledge of how the Soviet union operated. Universally rejected, however could be a fun tweaking of expectations, and a light messing with the players heads,On top of a good old superhero story.
  10. No, they aren’t. What are they came from, was initially plausible, until the invention of Superman. Before that, the man of mystery were quite believable. my hero academia, has a frightening level of bureaucracy, especially for a situation of a world with wild super powers just occurring in the environment spontaneously. However, Japan has had a prohibition on firearms since the 1600s, and a prohibition on swords in private hands Since after the last samurai rebellion, but there are exceptions to both, again with frightening amounts of bureaucracy. Even getting a drivers license in Japan is long and difficult.
  11. As much as I like the Desert Tech MDR, as Military Bullpups go., ones that have passed military trials are few, such as the French FAMAS that left official French service in 2016, The Steyr AUG and it's Australian variant, and the Israeli Tavor. One that fared well in French trials, but was ultimately rejected in favor of the SiG 416 (a variant of the AR platform with Swiss precision), was the Croatian VHS Bullpup. This rifle is modular, Ambidextrous, and can be switched easily between right, and left handed use without tools, and a few minutes of adjusting. Apparently the Croats are using them as their adopted rifle, but they are offering it as military solution (including a modular 40mm Grenade launcher). Bullpups, due to their short length are idea for confined interior spaces, vehicle crews, or ship/ space ship interiors. Note that with a bolt , barrel, and magazine well change, which is possible with this weapon, that callibers can be changed to probably any of the currently available intermediate cartridges.
  12. He's expensive, but available, and still playing Champions every weekend. It was great finally meeting Dennis face to face. bryce and I sat with him over burgers and shared stories of the early days of computer graphics and illustration. Dennis and Luray Richmond were the representatives from Aaron Allstonj's gaming group, and they shared their stories as well. And yes, I tell the story of the Wizard with two #Elbows on his right arm...
  13. Here's the map at high Res. Enjoy! https://imgur.com/a/5IcmFXZ
  14. Fascinating. Also I posted an alternate link that you can hopefully lol at.
  15. Here is a different link for the Western Shores map. https://imgur.com/a/5Kmh0cf
  16. An acquaintance of mine did a full color Version of the old FH Background, Western Shores, as a D&D style map. I thought some of the old crowd might appreciate it. So anyone else have any neat campaign maps?
  17. Watching The Medicis last month. There were several plots turning on the the sale of Alum and how important it was to the Pope’s accounts.
  18. Been watching “The Borgias” on Netflix, with my mother. Beautiful scenery, beautiful actors, lots of politics, we’re enjoying it.
  19. The tents in the back were awful. SJG released Killer, which we played next year at highschool, and the con was overrun with Ninjas, but still Champions was the highlight.
  20. For coinage, just steel the English system from before 1968. Fairly simple, and it’s 256 pennies to the pound. Rather than decimal. Groups is 12 rather than 10.
  21. There was a a gathering at a Steve Petersen’s house for the old Hero Games employees. He told the story of how Champions came the be, and the mad rush to hand collate 1500 copies of that first book, and of what a disaster con registration was for Pacific Origins, and how they turned it into an opportunity, but sending their booth babe, dressed as Wonder Woman down the the lines to hand out flyers. How the had Bruce Harlick squat on the only open gaming tables inside the hotel (the rest of the open gaming was in sweaty tents around behind the Hotel.) the game was a success People would play the demo, then get up from the table and walk into the dealers room and buy their copy for $10. From there , the rest is history. The distributors that picked up whole boxes at Origins would start selling by August. And the Distrubutors asked, so when are the supplements coming out?” So upon their return from the con, they wrote Enemies, and The Island of Dr. Destroyer. Here are some artifacts from that first weekend: https://imgur.com/a/0E72NAX 40 years later it’s still going. Scott
  22. I’d love to see those Grumman Skyrockets in flight.
  23. Oh I talk about it to my friends often. I love the show, and for me Superman & Lois is the only CW show I find worth watching.
  24. Warner studios are run by third generation Hollywood exec s. Ann Sarnoff is the granddaughter of television pioneer David Sarnoff. But what goes with the third generation in the family and business is that they weren’t there to see how the business matured so their priorities tend to be more selfish than the previous generations. They are more concerned with their social stationing their peers, than good customer service and the bottom line. This is why AT&at brought in Discovery to manage Warner Media, because Warner Media was feuding with AT&T management. The whole Black Superman, is spite casting. J. J. Abrams getting brought in was a response to the poor box office of Batman v Superman. They.didn’t care that Abrams is a franchise killer. Abrams is a consummate politician and can be counted on for initial box office success (followed by audience dissatisfaction). Abrams wife is also one of the founders of the #MeToo movement, so they are linked heavily with the whole socio-political situation in Hollywood, hence the spite casting for virtue points,, at the expense of the characters heritage and the fans. There is a three to five year time between when a script is commissioned to when a film is completed. As such. Bad decisions made now won’t work their way out of the system until 2024-26. Warner’s reputation among industry people is of scattered and out of touch leadership, making inept decisions then blaming failure on anyone bye them. It makes the studio a paranoid and crank middle management hell. There are exceptions but in general there is a lot of pettiness there. I was on eggshells when I had to make deliveries there.
  25. George R. R. Martin is at his core a nihilist, who loves a good yarn, but sneers at heroism, and all of his characters are disposable. Great story, but ultimately pointless. I love the approach, especially the flavor of English History, but the observation that his characters don’t grow or change is accurate. He’s kind of soured me on reading fantasy because he makes other authors look like cliche’d fan fic(wth exceptions), so I’ve kind of stopped reading recently, though I will do in occasionally for a short, trashy space ship Nobel from the Amazon cheap seats.
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