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How to Do Invisibility to Infrared Perception with HD


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I am trying make a power where the character is Invisibility to Infrared Perception.  What is the best way to do that with the Hero Designer without have to select a sense power first and give it No Fringe?  Would I better of creating it as a Custom Power where I use Custom Adder then edit the text of the Power by changing the Custom Adder to No Fringe?


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Short answer: the same way you would do with pen and paper.


Longer answer: per 6E1 Invisibility is purchased against a Sense Group (for IR, this would be the Sight Group).  Only affecting some (or one) part of the selected Sense Group would be a Limitation...most would use Limited Power. The value of the Limitation would be up to the GM, based on how limiting it would be within the campaign/world.

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In HD, just due to its wordy nature, I rarely use Limited Power.  I use a Custom Modifier.  It amounts to the same thing.


I'd suggest, tho, NOT going through Invis.  I'd build it as a custom power.  Alternately, I'd be inclined to give "only to IR" a major limitation, probably -2 based on how likely it feels like it'd come into play.  Going through Invis....


Invis to Sight Group, No Fringe:  30 points

0 END (it feels like this would be the case?):  +1/2


So even -2 for IR only is 15 points.  This simply doesn't feel like it should cost 15 points, or even 10.  I'd simply come up with an agreement with the GM.  The structured constructionist approach in 6E/HD doesn't always lead to a good result.  Or, another alternative, for invisibility to a specific, add-on sense, start by saying the invisibility to it costs the same as the add-on sense...5 points.  It's still a standard and sense-affecting power, it's Constant per Invis, and costs END.  THEN go from there.  In general, this would apply well to IR and ultrasonic...ultrasonic is the underlying basis for active sonar.  I'd tend to allow invis to ultrasonic making you invisible to active sonar, if it fit the concept.  

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