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Fantasy Hero Setting HD files?


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Hi, it's me, the idiot, again. Sorry.


So I purchased Fantasy Hero Complete (FHC) and the Hero Designer (HD) software. I'm wanting to introduce my player group to FH as a possible alternative to That Other Fantasy Game, and as that introduction, I'm making a character for each of them in a very basic fashion to teach them about how FH / Hero System works. 


However, as I'm working on the characters, under "talents" in FHC, on page 48, I find "Rapid Healing."  I've got HD set up for "Hero System 6th Edition rules, with the "Heroic" sub-section. Under "Talents," I do not find "Rapid Healing."  I know that I could build my own rapid healing by applying ads / disads to regeneration, but I'm wondering why it's not there in the default list, and if there's another file I should be loading to apply specifically the rule set for FHC to these characters?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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That's what Character Packs are for.


HD implements the rules that are considered canon - for 6th edition, all rules and abilities that are defined in 6E1 and 6E2. Additional/non-canon rules and abilities laid out in the various supplements are only implemented when it is determined (by Steve Long) that they should be a part of the core system.

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The way Hero Designer works is you need to load the prefabs for the files you purchased.  They show up in a separate prefab subtab.   You can then select those abilities from the prefab tab without having to build them. Depending on how many files the package is split up into this may mean you need to load quite of few of them to get everything. 


When I first got the software, I purchased some of the packages, but found this to be very cumbersome and had some performance issues when too many prefabs were loaded.   I did try and load all the ones I purchased and due to the memory restrictions in the program it was taking causing issues.  I ended up unloading all of them and have not bothered with any packages since.    The base software actually works really well, but the add ones are in my opinion more trouble than they are worth.   

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