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Speak with dead

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I am looking to build a necromancer and want to create the ability to speak with dead.  My first though was to use clairvoyance but that does not really work that well.  The other way I am considering building it is to use transdimensional telepathy.  I only want to be able to talk with the dead person so I probably only need to get surface thoughts.  The communication only limitation looks like it would also fit this. I have bought a detect soul ability that has the perceive in a single dimension adder to allow me to see dead souls.   


What do you think of using telepathy to speak with the dead.   

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Are you trying to have an active conversation with the spirit of a dead person? Then Telepathy with Indirect and Transdimensional (to afterlife) makes sense.


Or are you just trying to speak with a corpse to learn information it had while living? That sounds like the special effect of Clarsentience with Retrocognition, with heavy limitations -- only what the corpse perceived, and only what can described in limited conversation, etc.



PLAYER: So are my dead parents watching over me?

GM: Uh, yeah, sure.

PLAYER: So they can see into the living world?

GM: Yes?

PLAYER: Hey Mom, can you look down and tell me what Prince Mieux Que Toi is plotting right now?

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The way this works is the character can carry on a conversation with someone who is dead.  The dead character can lie to him if they want to.  The character will need to use skills like conversation and persuasion to get any information.  


Why would indirect be needed in addition to transdimensional?   

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There are three examples in Champions Powers 6E that may be helpful.


Animal Spy: Remember When p31

Clairsentience (Sight, Hearing, and Smell Groups), Retrocognition (60 Active Points); Only Through the Senses of Animals (-3/4). Total Cost: 34 points


Speaking Statues p217

Clairsentience (Sight and Hearing Groups), Retrocognition (50 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Turn; -1-1/4), No Range (-1/2), Requires Appropriate Artwork (-1/2), Retrocognition Only (-1), Time Modifiers (-1/2). Total Cost: 10 points


Retrocognition: Eyes of the Past p247

Clairsentience (Sight and Hearing Groups), Retrocognition (50 Active Points); Retrocognition Only (-1), Time Modifiers (-1/2), Vague and Unclear (-1/2), Only Through the Senses of Others (-1/2). Total Cost: 14 points


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