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  1. how about for one or more of the crimes the hero can prove he was somewhere at the exact time the crime was being done. Time stamped security tape at a police station with several police officers that can testify that the fifteen minutes the crime took place at the hero was in their sight and never left.
  2. the player taking damage part could be done simply with the side effect limitation how about: 1d6 RKA, usable as attack, ranged, constant, 0end, persistent, trigger (when character takes damage the target also takes damage, trigger automatically resets), side effect (whenever target takes damage the character takes the same amount)
  3. Now for the next level of fun with the grocery stores. After running out of so many things we get to see how long it takes to restock on product. Many of the chains warehouses have run out of product and have to wait for resupply from the manufactures. If they have run out of on-hand supply, how long will it take them to manufacture more, ship it to the warehouses, then ship to each individual store to then be stocked onto the sales floor.
  4. talk to the GM. He might allow it in this circunstance
  5. how about just buy lockpicking, security systems, and computer programing with a high skill roll. That might be the easiest way to do it
  6. You realize you'll have to fight Cancer over that.
  7. There's always a chance, but don't hold your breath
  8. Depends on how many states downwind you are
  9. You might want to look at Resource Points in the Advanced Player's Guide for an alternative to VPPs, depending on how you see magic items being built. For example, a Staff of Fire could have 5 attack powers most effectively bought in a multipower. By RAW you can't do that in a VPP, but you could in a Resource pool
  10. The end is near. The villain is telling us his master plan.
  11. you know, a earthquake in Florida might be a good thing. We might be able to get rid of some of the crazys
  12. If you have to ask, you don't need to know.
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