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  1. That might be a political debate that I would watch
  2. You should have read the menu more carefully, you accidently selected the option for raw.
  3. Glad I don't live in California
  4. or all unoriginal hacks have great minds?
  5. the second can be found in Champions Universe page 62
  6. he can save you up to 20% off your car insurance with Geico
  7. My 5' tall sisters are now among the tallest people int the neighborhood
  8. go to killerstrike.com for more information. He put a lot of information and discussion about different magic systems and the advantages and disadvantages about doing multipowers and VPPs.
  9. Wrong. There is only one way to do something, you do it with character points
  10. your alive and can log onto the herogames website?
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