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  1. what show is this? I tried looking it up based on your discription, but couldn't find it listed on Netflix
  2. You're not taking a 3 hour tour while looking at it are you?
  3. No, everybody in the world is weird, including you, but we're just a different type of weird
  4. you mean kids, and their talking dog too.
  5. You mean school is canceled for 3 days with the threat of a snowflake. Real snow and school is out for a week.
  6. here is an entangle version: 3d6 entangle, 3 PD/3 ED, takes no damage from linked attack (+1/4) (37 active points); plus 1d6 RKA, constant (+1/2), trigger (when entangle succeeds (+1/4), reduced endurance (0 END; +1/2), uncontrolled (remains in effect until captured victims are freed; +1/2), linked (-1/4), no knockback (-1/4) (41 active points, 27 real points) 64 points total, adjust as needed
  7. how about buying an organization type contact. Something like Contacts: friends from dimensions I've been to 11-, contact has useful skills or resources, contact has access ot major institutions, good relationship with contact, organization (5 base points, 15 real points)
  8. Unfortunately, I don't get the chance to game much these days. Some of his builds/ideas have been interesting and made me think. My suggestion is to buy one. Then you can see the basic principle of how he builds them.
  9. Duke, I have bought several of his products. They aren't bad builds, but what he has done is take the many of the popular items from D&D and done a conversion to Hero. If you want to know how to build a ring of protection or wand of lightning it can help.
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