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  1. You forgot the ten foot pole to ensure social distancing
  2. Since your paying for access you might want to go by once and check it out. It can't hurt, and you might be surprised. You won't know until you see it and talk to the employees in person about your concerns.
  3. Apollo (god of plagues) is letting the world know how he feels about not being invited
  4. Yes, AP will have the targets defense, and if it still does not take damage the Pen will kick in
  5. yes there can be an advantage to making an attack Armor Piercing and Penetrating. It makes it more likely that you will do damage.
  6. If your apartment has that much dirt, I don't think a vacuum will work.
  7. No, What is on second, not Shouldn't.
  8. 1. buy resurrection regeneration that only works when character dies when in multiform. 2. buy extra BODY in the multiform to simulate the taking of damage that does not transfer.
  9. Weak-Willed advantage gives a penalty to their EGO rolls when it comes to obeying the summoner. Slavishly Devoted advantage removes the EGO roll completely. Whatever orders the summoned being are given they do.
  10. Is there a reason that you bought weak willed and slavishly devoted for Scarlet's summon?
  11. how about for one or more of the crimes the hero can prove he was somewhere at the exact time the crime was being done. Time stamped security tape at a police station with several police officers that can testify that the fifteen minutes the crime took place at the hero was in their sight and never left.
  12. the player taking damage part could be done simply with the side effect limitation how about: 1d6 RKA, usable as attack, ranged, constant, 0end, persistent, trigger (when character takes damage the target also takes damage, trigger automatically resets), side effect (whenever target takes damage the character takes the same amount)
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