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Dark Champions Campaigns

Killer Shrike

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Re: Dark Champions Campaigns


KS, I'm surprised that Edsel has not updated this thread with what is going on in our DC world....

The Conclave campaign that Edsel started had a premature birth. I'm sorry to say that it was Stillborn.:mad:

On a MUCH Brighter note, Edsel has revisited Hudson City, and we have started out with MUCH lower stats.

We are 50/50 with a 5 pt posible kicker for a decked out background. :eg:

As soon as I figure out how to include a link to the active thread where this campaign is going to be played out, I will try to post it!:o

Well, tell that slacker EDSEL to stop pretending to hunt vampires and to start posting here with the skinny.

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Re: Dark Champions Campaigns


My problem with the Dark Champions "genre" is that I'm a bigger fan of the 4 color superhero games. Dark Champions was a response to the infusion of Iron Age comic books and it became this monster of sociopathic, gun-totting, faux-heroes. It was something I couldn't stomach.


That being said, Dark Champions does allow the GM to create a world very much in the style of the Gotham/Bludhaven world we've seen in Batman and Nightwing, and more recently in Batman Begins. Not so much Dark as Dim.


This has got me developing a campaign set in that kind of duality, a big successful city (albeit with it's own problems) creating a shadow over a smaller, darker place, protected by very few.


Now to see how it plays out.



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Re: Dark Champions Campaigns


In spite of the name DARK Champions I've always considered DC to be more or less compatible with Action/Adventure and suitable to doing "realistic" style games based on movies like "Wild Geese", "Hamburger Hill", "The Untouchables" as well as less realistic films such as "Leathal Weapon", "Die Hard", "Rambo (2 and 3 as 1 was very realisitc)" and anything that ever had Gov. Arnold in it.


I would love to do a Viet Nam era game - going on patrols around Chu Chi city, combatting front line NVA Units, trying to get back home in one piece and solving the mystery of how the NVA are supplying men and weapons into the interdicted city.


I would love to do a mercenary game in Central Africa, fighting warlords, getting food and medicine into famine struck areas, fighting other mercenaries...


I would love to do some Gun Fu takedown of a drug overlord, finding his secret distribution center, blowing it all to hell and shooting very big holes through his minions.


I'd love to do a game based on the latest high tech SpecOps, going in under cover of night, infiltrating enemy strong points at 1000:1 odds and setting them up for a laser guided present from Uncle Sam.


Its not for everyone but the genre has a lot of appeal to some. I'd like to clean up the crack houses and get the prostitutes off the streets in my real city. Barring an ability to do that, its at least fun to try in a game.

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Re: Dark Champions Campaigns


I'm just working on building up a Hudson City Campaign here, taking elements from Dark Champions and working towards a semi Iron-Age game without the gun-fu.


So far I have three really good character conceptions from my players (a "UN Peacekeeper" with a twist, a Native American spiritual warrior, and a Gadgeteer with a second hand store) with two more characters to come. One player started with a very cool idea, and promptly normalized it when he realized he'd be expected to follow some of the RP hooks from the concept; and I haven't had time to talk to the fifth one.

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