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  1. Re: Yet Again: Please Help Name My Character White Noise Feedback Bass Squelch Subwoofer (actually would be a great name for a sidekick/pet dog).
  2. Re: Silly question: Because he was stapled to Grond.
  3. Re: Help with naming a spider themed character. can we please stop posting pictures of spiders? I have a fear of them that is best described as totalfreakoutednessophobia. How about naming him Arachnophobe. Or I can get a can of raid and just feel better about life.
  4. Re: Fallen Avenger This one is silly: Emovenger
  5. Re: Fallen Avenger I have a suggestion. Part of me thinks it sounds cool the other part says kind of lame, but here it is... Tarnish
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Be civil to all; sociable to many; familiar with few; friend to one; enemy to none. Benjamin Franklin
  7. Re: Super Fantasy- The Land of Mar'Veldc Martha and Jonathan were simple tenant farmers from the village of Kent, raising enough food to pay their taxes and survive a healthy life. They had everything they could desire except for one wish. But that would never happen. When Martha was a child she had become sick for nearly a year, she recovered but discovered herself unable to ever bear a child. Life was perfect until the invading army came. The king and his army fought valiantly, but were defeated by Lionel, a powerful and charismatic warlord. Lionel was swift in his conquest
  8. Re: Child of Mine . . . Hideout Tactile telekinesis used for feats of strength and incredible toughness. The Comedian and Harley Quinn
  9. Re: Child of Mine . . . Savage: Marcus Walters-Cassidy always felt a hidden anger deep inside. One day he snapped and the inherited powers of his gamma radiated symbiote came out. Strong, merciless, and looking like a Christmas nightmare, he now stalks the streets seeking those without joy. Max Mercury and Saturn Girl
  10. Re: The best questions you can ask! Not really a question. "Look buddy, I know you have information I want. I could stand here asking questions and having you refuse to answer. I could wait and slowly wear you down until you told me want I want to know. But that takes time I don't want to waste. Conversely I could drag your sorry butt to the top of that skyscraper and dangle you by your ankle, listening to you scream and beg for mercy, but even then you wouldn't tell me everything I need to know. So instead I'm going to shove you into this handy wood chipper here, and let your buddy
  11. Re: [Character] Paragon I have a character named Paragon in my universe as well (Hence my board name). My Paragon is the "Superman" of the world and an NPC so I've never stated him out as he's just a color NPC. He too has a very simplistic view, he doesn't understand the "shades of gray" heroes. I was going to suggest taking Political Science as a major. Understanding how governments work sounded like something that that such a character would embrace.
  12. Re: In Praise of the Champions Universe The Champions Universe is almost a parallel to the growth of comics since the 60's. There have been shining moments of greatness as well as mistakes we all wish we could forget. George MacDonald, Steve Peterson, Bruce Harlick, Ray Greer and Mark Williams are the Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby of this whole shebang. Creating a place were dreams of being a superhero could come true. Aaron Allston and Denis Loubet are the Marv Wolfman and George Perez, taking the potential of the Champions game and refining it bringing sophistication
  13. Re: Super Fantasy- The Land of Mar'Veldc Green Lantern - Once a powerful prince, Hassan Jo'dan, was tricked by his evil vizier and imprisoned into a magical jade lantern. Centuries later an aspiring artist, name K'el Rain discovered the lantern and when he cleaned it freed the trapped prince. The time in the lantern imbued the prince with impressive magical powers. Together they fight the injustices and evils of a kingdom that has been plunged into darkness. Crossbones - Once he was the most feared pirate on the high seas, plundering and destroying any ship that crossed his pat
  14. Re: Hand to Hand Reflection I've used to methods to handle this question. One is a Damage Shield. You can build limitations on it that refelct how much damage can be returned. Method Two requires building Martial Maneuvers. Just add Counter to all abilities. Or you could get silly and build an EDM power that sends the character to a world were the person that just attacked him is getting punched by him. Hahahha
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