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Has it shipped?

Max Callahan

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Re: Has it shipped?


Re: Sweden -- sadly' date=' no. Once a book leaves the printer we have no control over it. Sometimes they get where they're going quickly, sometimes it takes an oddly long time.[/quote']

Oh, well . . . It'll get here when it gets here, and no sooner.


But I need it now!!!!!


Thanks bunches, Steve. :)

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Re: Has it shipped?


It is NEVER in the online store until 30 days after it has been made available to the retailers by agreement with the retailers.


My game store is ususally one of the first to have it, alas, no luck yesterday. I'll keep looking though.


Even having a history with Fantasy Hero and a familiarity with Star Hero, this is the first Genre book I've actually been dying to read since Champions. I never owned the original DC (though I snagged a few 4th ed supplements in anticipation). So I really want to see it.

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