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  1. I'm a huge Chris Cornell fan. That dude had such range. For me it is between him and Freddie Mercury and I'm sure Chris would be honored to be mentioned in the same conversation.
  2. I'm also a backer. I'll admit that part of it is my compulsive need to have every iteration of the game, but there's also a belief that more is better. Let's say I buy it and decide it isn't my cup of tea. You know... the other versions are still there. I've still got those and I can pick one and run with it. But I fervently hope this is something special and worthy of a place on my game shelf.
  3. Dang! Finally home to come download all my old purchases for safekeeping and I'm a week late.

  4. Re: Superhero Showdown #11: Justice Society of America v. The Avengers Heh. You know it's all about arguing the unprovable, using characters who power ranges vary from issue to issue. I'm pretty sure whatever happens, Scarlet Witch just retcons the whole thing so that it never happened
  5. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game It removes the FoW from whatever map you are on at the time. This makes it good if you're in one of those horrible caverns where you swear you've been everywhere. POOF... hey there's a tunnel I missed! But click it too early and you do a lot of backtracking over areas you've ben to before because you're not sure you emptied them.
  6. Re: Favorite Marvel 'What If?' I also seem to recall (from that issue) What if Moon Knight fought Wendigo in a Snow Storm, What If Blackbolt were a Rockstar, and Aunt May as various superheroes (Aunt Ant, et al)
  7. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Similarly, I have about 4 heroes (not sure really) in the 50 range and a bunch more in the high 40s, and at least 3 villains at 50. I forget what the 66 month award was (I think it was the "remove fog of war" power, which was a good idea, but ultimately if you remove the FoW then you have no idea what part of a base you haven't searched yet).
  8. Re: Fantasy Art Thread I was gonna say "I Sea Nothing", but it turns out it's just that Flickr is blocked form work (the images don't show up). Still I had to unload my pun. Whew. I feel better.
  9. Re: Global Guardians - Champs by email (review) Wow, I came in thinking this was a new thread then saw comments I'd made back in '04 on the first page of this thread Never did get around to joining one of these. I think I decided I prefer the devil I know (that is, the players and GM I know).
  10. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Does her origin involve being tragically born without nipples?
  11. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Interesting. I'll doubtless buy it only because I'm a completist
  12. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Yeh, I hear ya. They never quite go the way I expect. And the one in particular shuffled a few things when I published it. Definitely a bug. I'd assign the poses and then they'd be of different people after publishing. First one I made didn't do that.
  13. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Just set up a mission called "Rock Gods". It features a number of recognizable individuals. (Though for some reason the Lieutenant named Zombie Cobain never appeared.)
  14. Blue

    Doomed Campaigns

    Re: Doomed Campaigns Wow, this is so long ago I barely remember posting it. 2003? Man. Maybe I should give the overall result... In retrospect, I think most failings of the campaing, if any, would be squarely hung on me, the GM. I think I did a fair amount of railroading, didn't leave enough space for roleplaying. I'd consider the campaign a moderate success. If anything it would have done better if I'd spent less time on it and let it grow more organically rather than masterminding everything. The characters did have a minor difference in power level. Ultimately when
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