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  1. Weeell, they're partly Danes down there ...
  2. Pariah codes exclusively in Brazilian Portuguese.
  3. Cancer, unbidden, motorised the shopping carts at his local convenience store. Oh, the carnage! Oh, the humanity!
  4. A newly released Japanese MMORPG made the bold move of replacing slimes as the default beginner monsters with tribbles. Death Tribble took umbrage, and five persons were hospitalised.
  5. Theirs was not to question why Theirs was but to do or die Burma Shave!
  6. Youngest brother A. with family truly does live in the countryside. Their closest neighbours just had a bear in their yard. A. and his missus, A*, are worried about their sheep.
  7. "Community caretaking"? That sounds like a real weasel phrase. What does it mean in actual life?
  8. Hermit's autobiography was the basis for the game Half-Life 2.
  9. The twelfth of this month, we celebrated the 400th jubilee of the issuing of our little city's town charter by Gustavus Adolphus. The town was then located around Öjeby Church; it was moved to the present location in 1667, after a disastrous fire in 1666.
  10. The Trickster's Interference Pick: every man Jack and lady Jane among the Orcks have fur allergies.
  11. "Man kan göra så ... men det är inte rätt."
  12. Death tribble's football side is Manchester Untied.
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