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Conclave: A DC Campaign


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Attached is a pdf that contains the first 6 or 7 pages of campaign background for the game I am working on. The characters will all be members of an organization called the Conclave. A black ops government supported group that combats criminals, terrorists and supernatural threats. Since I won't be able to do much work on it for a few days I thought I'd post it if anybody cares to take a look and comment. The attached background covers the History of the Conclave from its inception in the 1890s, up until the 1920s.

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Re: Conclave: A DC Campaign


Hey! now I kno that you want to sway me from the Forensic Occult Specialist- which is kewlz cause that's not the route yer take'n cause yer want'n to make it, basically a team of vigilanties....so here's my newest proposal -


Character was a sweeper/cleaner for a local crime boss...he did it all for the money. He got the shaft from one of the boss's Lt's and killed him on the spot. Well that put a sour taste in his boss's mouth who the placed a contract on him.


One thing led to another and he was killing these thugs that were come'n after him to kill him - the local cops caught wind of this and dubbed him a Vigilante cause all of his targets were basically criminals...etc etc..


NOw if you'd like I can work out something that's a little darker revolving around hunting the supernatrual - like an older vampire hunter concept I had before..


this work out better for the setting?? :)

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