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The real Indiana Jones?


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A new wikipedia article gives an overview of the life of Sylvanus Griswold Morley (1883-1948), archaeologist, specialist in the Mayans and Anazasi, project director at Chichen Itza for more than 20 years - and, under the cover of his archaeological expeditions, the USA's best spy during World War I.


For more details, visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvanus_Morley

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Re: The real Indiana Jones?


Actually, Indiana Jones was heavily based upon Roy Chapman Andrews, the organizer of the Central Asiatic Expeditions of the '20s. While they went to the Gobi desert looking for the "missing link", what they found was much more valuable: dinosaur bones. Getting the bones out of the desert wasn't easy, because much of China at that time was experiencing civil war as various warlords fought for power. For more info, see the book, Dragon Hunter: Roy Chapman Andrews and the Central Asiatic Expeditions, by Charles Gallenkamp.






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Re: The real Indiana Jones?


Another (possible) inspiration for Indiana Jones is Merian C Cooper, the producer who helped to create the original "King Kong". I saw a special on "King Kong" on Sydney T V the other night and it suggested that Cooper (who apparently was a VERY imposing figure, 6 ft 6"" tall !) had got his start in film making making wildlife documentaries ( some of which were "reenacted" for the cameras) in Africa before he went on to make THE classic "Giant Ape" movie. This leads to an obvious idea for a scenario in which the P Cs are asked to provide protection, guides and general expertise for a movie being shot on location somewhere exotic. Throw in a hitherto unknown tribe (who perhaps think that the lead actress is the reincarnation of their long lost priestess), a double dealing director with a hidden agenda and a "monster" of some kind and you have the seeds for a good adventure just waiting to be run !

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