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  1. The PDF edition of the new edition of Chivalry & Sorcery is now available on drivethruRPG. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/m/product/293870 There is a detailed review of the game here: https://www.savevsplayeragency.net/2019/12/23/review-chivalry-sorcery-5th-edition-pdf/
  2. Several of Guy Gavriel Kay's books are set in a fantasy world without magic, drawing heavily on medieval history. A Song for Arbonne draws its inspiration from the troubadours of Languedoc and the Albigensian Crusade; Lions of Al Rassan from El Cid and the Reconquista. To some extent all historical fiction is fantasy, as it's a fictionakisation of particular events. Some invent fictitious locations - Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth is notable; the town of Kingsbridge is fictional and loosely located somewhere in southern England. I pity the place - nearly every bad thing that happened an
  3. You've convinced me. No colossus can replace that east-meets-west vibe.
  4. I use Tasha's Ultimate Sheet, which exports to HTML, then print it to PDF. It's worth noting that Chrome doesn't recognise page breaks, which leads to messy PDFs. Instead, open the HTML file with Firefox and print to PDF from there. Each page is nicely preserved.
  5. One magic system I've used for divine magic is to have effects powered only by an END Reserve that will only recharge while the character is performing religious acts, such as prayer. I did this specifically to emulate HarnMaster's ritual and piety point system, and to give divine magic a very different flavour to arcane magic. You coud vary is somewhat - recovering END only while on ground consecrated to the character's deity, for example (though one might then allow a specific temporary Consecrate ritual which costs no END but requires significant extra time so you can set up a t
  6. Re: attacking individuals. Under "attacking individuals" the rules note that the ban on attacking individuals is for ease of play. Most actions for prominent individuals are not attack options, but leadership. inspiration and intimidation. However, the rules note that if a prominent individual chooses to attack a unit, it is treated as a unit of one person (ie, the unit it is attacking can attack it back). Determinging damage from individual attacks - yes, the rules note that under most circumstances the Unit Modifer should not be less that 0, in order that a smaller unit may da
  7. It's worthwhile noting that the TA resources go much further than the TA setting book, Fantasy hero Battlegrounds and Nobles, Knights and Necromancers. Fantasy Hero Grimoire and Fantasy Hero Grimoire II are specifically noted as being the grimoires for Turakian Age - in their spell descriptions (and even names) you'll find snippets of background lore on wizards and the occasional historical events. These were removed (and spells renamed) when the two volumes were combined for the 6th edition Grimoire. Personally, I rather like the fanciful names of the 5th edition grimoires.
  8. I must admit to a personal dislike of theeing and thouing as a faux medieval thing. Mostly because I come from a part of England that still uses thee and thou - and it is the familiar form of the second person singular. You use it with friends and family. As we say, tha thees them as thees thee (you use 'thee' with people who use 'thee' with you, in standard English). But because it's in the KJV, people think it's polite and quaint. There has been a lot of streamlining of rules over the years; our mantra with this edition is "rules elegance" - no unnecessary complexity
  9. I ran a game in Bahrain using the free 5th Edition Quickstart rules recently. Here are the player reactions.
  10. Thank you, Doc. A little update on the Kickstarter campaign. We funded fully in less than 16 hours. The first stretch goal is unlocked, and we're eyeing the second. There's 27 days to go, and I'm hoping we unlock the final stretch goal in that time - that brings a war game back to C&S for the first time since the 2nd edition of 1983. Three war games in fact, since Ars Bellica includes an abstract pen-and-paper war game for quick battle resolution, a miniature skirmish game and an army-sized miniature war game. By the way - even if C&S isn't your thin
  11. The kickstarter for a new edition of the legendary Chivalry & Sorcery is now live. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cns5/chivalry-and-sorcery-the-medieval-role-playing-game This edition builds and refines the rules presented on the 4th edition, published 19 years ago. Sections on medieval society are greatly expanded, taking advantage of two more decades of historical research. Judaism and Islam join Christianity in the core rules for the first time, with sections written by members of those faiths who have studied medieval beliefs and practices. Gui
  12. Precious few heroes from colonial Africa. That Blixen farm in Africa? That used to be my wife's family's land, before colonisation.
  13. The fact that they break procedure. They're cops who don't play by the rules...
  14. The core rules base the limitation value of characteristic rolls off skill rolls (they're an additional -0 limitation). They are subject to AP modifiers just the same as skill rolls - so you have a characteristic roll worth -1/4 of you have -1 per 20 AP, -1/2 if it's -1 per 10 AP and -3/4 if it's -1 per 5 AP, exactly like a skill roll. In addition to the AP penalty, yes, as you noted they can be drained or suppressed, and subject to change environment - just as a skill roll. If someone wanted by buy an unmodified activation roll equal to their characteristic roll... well, that's
  15. I wouldn't allow the 17- as an activation roll at all. 6E1 says activation rolls above 14- are allowed only with GM permission, and I wouldn't. Now if it's a skill-based roll, rather than an unmodified activation roll, this is a different matter - yes, it's possible to buy a skill to 17- or better, but it costs points to do so. A minimum -1/4 is perfectly reasonable.
  16. Hero System Skills expands Analyze to other areas, including Analyze Motive, which if just made allows a PC to realise an influence skill is being use on them, and if made by a greater margin of success, which influence skill is being used on them, or whther they're being lied to.
  17. You have a 0.46% chance of rolling an 18. The guidelines on Limited Power in 6E1 suggest a -1/4 limitation is appropriate for a circumstance that happens around 25% of the time, with "rarely if ever limited" a -0 limitation. It's your game, though.
  18. That's very similar to how I built Faith-based powers for Hârn - END Reserve, accessed through a Ritual (or whatever power skill you prefer). I then added a limitation to the END reserve REC: only recovers during religious activities (-1/2). In other words, clerics need to pray, conduct religious ceremonies, accept religious quests, and so on.
  19. I've been there. Learnt to sail around Mull.
  20. I don't post very often, but when I do people may have noticed over the years that I favour low fantasy and historical fantasy over the grandeur of high fantasy. So let me tell you about Barwick-in-Elmet, the Yorkshire village where I grew up. This will explain my username, and probably my low-fantasy preferences. Before I plough into it, I'll just note that this kind of history isn't unusual to most of us Europeans. Most of our villages date back about thousand years. Fantasy villages written by American designers seem more inspired by the Old West frontier settlements
  21. Looking over the thread, images I posted years ago of Gordale Scar and Malham Cove in Yorkshire never showed up. Gordale Scar is reputedly Tolkien's inspiration for Rivendell. The two locations are within walking distance of each other. Gordale Scar Malham Cove To these I might add Troller's Gill, near Appletreewick in Yorkshire, home on local folklore to a Black Dog known as the Barghest (yes, that's the one that gives the name to the fantasy monster). Also near Appletreewick, The Strid is a narrow, low gorge where the River Wharf
  22. Held action. "I plant myself here and will let no one pass." It's an issue common to all turn-based games - you're not actually standing still in the doorway unless you say so - you're already beginning your next action. We just break it down into turns to make actions easier.
  23. Demiurgos, welcome to the boards. You're grokking Hero System a lot quicker than I did when I started getting really into it. I'm just highlighting Lucius' point above because this is a really important part of Hero System. You buy the effect, not the description. If Mind Link works mechanically for what you want the power to do (and I'm not convinced it does), then you use that, and call it "privacy field" and make its special effect invisibility (or illusion, or light, whichever you prefer). That way, the characters in the mind link will be visible to someone who sees invisible things.
  24. Thanks for the input, folks. Much appreciated. Sounds like the "noisy" limitation is exactly what I was looking for - and is very close to what I've recreated through the Side-effect: Hunted. It could go as a campaign rule, rather than a limitation - but so could Gestures and Incantantions. I'm inclined to use it as a limitation. The magical sense would work - and that was my first thought when looking at this earlier. I've been trying to get away from that, however, as I really don't want to consider rolling for every shadow-creature that may be in range. Side-Effect: Hunted keeps it
  25. I've been pondering how to achieve this 'attracting unwanted attention' aspect of magic, as is done in MERP 2nd edition. In that, each time you cast a spell, there's a risk the shadow-forces notie and send someone (or something) to investigate. Castling spells in oneo fthe havens (Rivendell, Lorien, etc) is pretty safe, but in the Wilds it's risky, and in lands dominated by the shadow nigh suicidal. The best I've come up with is using a complication as a side effect (6E1 p394). Side-effect, always occurs, only effects environment near caster (side effect is Hunted by Shadow-forces, Inf
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