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  1. I'll bet that they weren't Fox News journalists you heard from !
  2. Will Mueller's move of going through the Southern District of New York for his endigtments and sealing much )or at least some) of the evidence that hasn't been made public yet protecting him from the sycophant that Trump has named as acting Attorny General ?
  3. Was watching CNN and some of the people there were saying that it is more likely that Whittaker will starve Mueller of funds (as he suggested in an interview some time ago) to bring the investigation to an end, then suppress any report. Win for Trump. loss for democracy and the rule of law.
  4. Having to listen to Bannon is punishment enough without being expected to pay for the "privilege".
  5. No, but there seems to be (And I admit ti being an outsider looking in on this) an unprecedented level of insults and threats , much of it coming from Trump, that appeared to have stirred things up to an unhealthy level.
  6. That is disturbing. As an Australian I am surprised that something like that could happen in the United States; but then I guess a lot of Americans are just as surprised.
  7. If, as has been reported, Trump is cooling on Kavanaugh as his supreme court nomination and may withdraw it, who is his next choice ?
  8. That mood seems to be prevalent in many other places as well.
  9. Well if Trump "isn't compromising at all with Canada" I hope that Trudeau takes the same "No compromise" position, then does deals with the U K, China and everybody else !
  10. Oops my bad. I obviously need a copy of "The Observers Book Of Trump Sychophants" to keep track of who is doing what.
  11. Was it Sessions who wanted to buy a used mattress from a Trump hotel ?
  12. Shouldn't we ask Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougall about this ?
  13. It is a conundrum. But then again, if Trump IS that thick, how much thicker are the people who believe his lies ?
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