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Wizkids: Rocketmen!


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Hey all, Jak here.


I came across this new game from WizKids that has all the makings of Pulp Space Hero... And I knew it had to be posted here. When you go to the site, you should check out the episodes... they're high-larious!


Welcome to Rocketmen, the newest Constructible Strategy Game from WizKids! Earth has been overrun by the evil Legion of Terra, and it’s up to the Alliance between Earth’s rebels, the Mercurians, and the Venusians to stop Terra’s and Mars’ Axis of Evil.





Later, Space Rangers!


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Re: Wizkids: Rocketmen!


I don't partciualry like the CCG paradigmn that they've adopted with this -- I'd be much happier with an actual RPG.


That said, there's a lot of potential here -- Nick Sion is a prototypical pulp hero and appears to be a lot more capable than he looks (and he looks pretty capable -- strong, tough, and actually fairly smart).


There is also a great story hook in Nick's lost brother. It was terrible for Nick that his brother died -- but I have a feeling that he might not have died, which would be even worse....

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