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The Stilleto


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Think you have a cool vehicle idea?


Check out the Stilleto! http://www.oft.osd.mil/library/library_files/trends_375_Transformation_Trends_7_December_2004_Issue.pdf


This long document has many very interesting items in it. It talks about the Wolf PAC concept that SOCOM is experiementing with. It also talks about a new vessel that is on display today at a highlevel SOCOM conference.


The Stilleto is a medium sized ship with a supercomputer in it. Its very configurable for multiple missions. It has the 11 man RIF boat onboard to transport the team to their missions and its stealth! Pretty cool? It has multiple, not talked about and probably classified capabilities. One rumor I've heard is that it can submerge to shallow depths. Basically if it can get out 10 miles from the enemy and submerge its undetectable excepts visually from the air or if it makes noise.


I know a little about the type of software that can be run on this vessel. For gaming purposes you can give the vessel itself a lot of very cool abilities. For a high-tech, fun, Dark Champions mission this thing is pretty cool. The RIF is written up in The Ultimate Vehicle Source Book as the Pegasus I believe. If I am not mistake its the same craft.


Well, get out there and sanction the enemies of Freedom! With Extreme Prejudice!

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Re: The Stilleto


I read a book last year called "skunk works" about the guys who worked for Lockheed spy plane programs eg u-2 and stealth fighter . that mentioned that the stealth tech came from navel research . a really grate read about men who think out side the box.

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Re: The Stilleto


Well the Stiletto is quite stealth apparently. So it looks like stealth ships panned out for the Navy. They use active and passive jamming for the big stuff.


I like the 11 man RIF that pops out the bottom. They don't even have to stop to retrieve it.


I am curious as to what operational capabilities the cusltered super computer gives them...

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Re: The Stilleto


I guess it all depends on the setting location and the need for such a vehicle.


My intention is to do a military style campaign - SpecOps vs. Very Bad People (think Bond style villians in addition to terrorists, etc.)


Also with a vessel this size people can have and easily justify a 2ndary character to use if (when?) their first one gets killed off.

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