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Ask a Stupid Question.....


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Okay, first I'm going to to explain how I can be so ignorant.


I have to confess, the last Hero products I bought were FREd, and Ultimate Martial Artist, right when they came out and DOJ had bought Hero Games and had effected the Ressurrection and all was good.


Then the Gods decided it was a good idea to pick up my life, shake it vigorously, toss it around, and finally leave it upside down in a corner, half shatterred. As I recall I did manage to hang on here for a while (with borrowed internet access) but finally that came to an end too, and I only came back to the boards within the last few months.


I found this forum called "Dark Champions" and from casually perusing it came to the conclusion that what that means is, people who want to play Champions but don't necessarily want their characters and games to qualify for the Comics Code Authority seal of approval. Who don't want all the often silly and definitely "goody goody" genre conventions I associate with comic books. People like that guy (I forget his name) who said on these boards a few years ago "I don't run games about superheroes. I run games about people who have superpowers and what they do with them." I also ran across a lot of references to "street level superheroes" and figured that also tied into what Dark Champions is about - heroes making a difference in a local community, not being "world savers." Assuming I'm interpreting the phrase "street level" correctly.


But I've run into a few comments that don't quite fit. Like saying postapocolyptic giant robots are Dark Champions. And that the Scooby Doo gang would fit in Dark Champions. Say what?



So I'm going to go ahead and ask the direct, stupid question;


What exactly DOES "Dark Champions" mean??



Lucius Alexander


The palindromedary is just smirking at me.

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Re: Ask a Stupid Question.....


Different things to different people no doubt.


To me it means street level characters (either heroic or low-powered supers) fighting crime in a gritty setting. My own campaign feature player characters who are normal (heroic) vigilantes.


Heroes (or anti-heroes) in these campaigns are able to kill and are much more likely to than normal Heroes. The vigilante player-characters in my campaigns tend to leave bodies in their wake. A dead criminal will not offend again. Most of the campaign would probably qualify as an R-rated movie.

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Re: Ask a Stupid Question.....


To me, Dark Champions means anything from Vic in The Shield to Batman and V for Vigilante.


In response to Giant Robot DC, that's there because of my vision for the world, which is very gritty, nasty, drug-laden and dangerous. The material in Dark Champions itself and its super skills fit perfectly with my vision of that interpretation of the world. It's not Fantasy HERO (Giant Robots) and it isn't Star HERO (it happens on Earth with extra-planar influences). I don't want to put it in "Other Genre" because it won't get any views, which would bite.


So I stuck it in Dark Champions until I can think of somewhere else to stick it, or it gets bumped.

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