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  1. I think this falls under "Set Effect" making it -1. Lucius Alexander Images, only to show a palindromedary
  2. claiming undead. Lucius Alexander And palindromedary taglines
  3. Fauna: From the worm that creeps into the grave to the vulture that haunts the desert sky to the jackal that gnaws upon bones, all who scavenge the dead are Mine. They are the cleansers, the purifiers, the Eaters of the Dead. Every mortal's last gift is the gift of their flesh to these, My creatures. Sentient Creatures: All, all must die and pass through the Dark Gate and be reborn. For it is only by this cycle that an enduring world can be sustained. But there are those who would fight the cycle: necromancers who bind a spirit to its body and force it to remain there, or who seek to retain their own consciousness and exercise their will beyond the span of their own lives. Such undead abominations and those who truck with them, as well as the Righteous Undead, the haunters seeking justice, are Mine - not necessarily as a monarch claims sovereignty over subjects, but as a magistrate may have jurisdiction over the criminals or petitionors who come before her. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says that's a start
  4. Further afield, you can probably do a lot more with African and Native American settings than Robert E. Howard did.... Lucius Alexander The palindromedary recommends looking into the Maya.
  5. I've always thought Classical Greece was underutilized as a setting. Not an empire or great kingdoms, but many relatively small city states. A common language and a degree of common culture, but the laws, form of government, customs, and mythology can change if you so much as cross a river from one city state to the next. Lucius Alexander A palindromedary is honored in one city, but across those hills will be regarded with suspicion....
  6. You mean this isn't "Foods for those who just don't SCARE anymore?" Lucius Alexander The palindromedary notes that it's past midnight now
  7. If you're going to do that, drop the concept of buying "Martial Arts Damage Classes" entirely and just allow people to buy more damage for specific individual maneuvers. Lucius Alexander Skill Level with All Palindromedaries
  8. One thing that strikes me about adaptations of Alice in Wonderland - No matter how faithful or otherwise to the original, every one of them seems to have felt compelled to drag something in from Through the Looking Glass - not the same thing in each case, but always there was something. Lucius Alexander House of the Palindromedary
  9. And the dead parted as I led her forth to a place where a rift in the seabed led into the Riddledark. The rift was guarded by Deathribbons, a species of seaweed so poisonous the Amamaun dared not even touch it, and she said "Lady, I will of course follow where You lead, but know that this is Deathribbon and it will kill me if i touch it." I said "Fear not" and taught her the password that allowed her to pass without danger. And to this day in a Temple of Arepo the Sanctum is set apart by a doorway hung with ribbons and the pious or superstitious regard that barrier with dread and whisper that the ribbons bear death within their rippling lengths. And in the Riddledark I taught that woman of the Amamaun much, how to sing a prayer, how to set up an altar and the ways to honor each of us who are of the Council of the Deathless, above all how to sing away the restless dead and how to treat a corpse so that it will not become a font either of physical nor of spiritual corruption, and how to guide the bereaved through the processes of grief. And too I taught the rituals of initiation and how best to choose those to initiate, so that there would be priests and priestesses to come after her who would know and use the Lore. This is My gift to the civilizations of the world: Priestcraft, including the secrets of funerary rites and of initiation. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary is my gift to taglines
  10. The Amamaun were the first people to live in this new world and thus the first to die. They found many ways to the Dark Gate: some lingered too long in a pool that became cut off by the endless cycles of inundation and rising, and thus left high and dry when the pool at last drained; some fell to the predators of the deep; some learned too late that certain bright patterns proclaimed "Touch me not, I am poison." And sometimes corpses were left to bloat and become unrecognizable vectors of disease, or the departed's companions would tow the corpse about with them and speak to it, hoping for a response. And sometimes there would come a response. And the spirits were restless and haunted the dreams of the Amamaun, until all feared to close their eyes for the horror of the terrifying visions that may ensue. For it is the way of mortals that the living shall fear the dead, who remind them that they too must in time come to the Dark Gate. And I, Arepo, the Lady of Death and Rebirth, came upon a band of the Amamaun whose fear and grief were so heavy they could not swim about but only follow the seafloor; and they were besieged by an army of corpses, for the dead, unable to pass the Gate, had returned to their flesh to encircle their kin and gaze at them with blank dead eyes demanding to be put to rest. And the Amamaun recognized Me and cast down their eyes, save one, who gazed at Me pleading, and I saw that her compassion for the dead was greater than her fear of them. To her I said "The people suffer, living as well as dead. To end that suffering, would you give your own life?" And despite her fear she said "I would" and then I knew that I had found the First Priestess. To be continued.... Lucius Alexander The palindromedary and I have places to go, people to siege.
  11. I've used it to let a player know a given plan might not work, or give a clue what the opposition might try. Lucius Alexander Remember, a palindromedary can reverse direction instantly....
  12. I should have kept reading- instead I found a line I liked and quit reading at that point. Okay, Extra Time doesn't work as written either. Looks like it does come down to a custom Limitation. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says all these tools in the kit and still somehow you need to craft a new one to get the job done.
  13. Actually, when he said "it took me to do it" he was lying. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says his lips were moving
  14. Actually, according to the Character Creation book p. 374, the character may take other actions during that time. So I think you hit on the actual solution here. Khas' Gun: (Total: 80 Active Cost, 16 Real Cost) Blast 8d6, Time Limit (5 Minutes; +1) (80 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Hour, -3), OAF (-1) (Real Cost: 16) Use for five minutes, pause an hour, use for five minutes, pause an hour, etc. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary pauses for a tagline op.
  15. "...Listen: there's a hell of a good universe next door: let's go." e e cummings Lucius Alexander All in green went my love riding, on a great palindromedary
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