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  1. Running: 6"/12" if it's in Fifth Edition, probably doesn't need to be translated into normal people speeds; if it's on someone with a SPD of 2 that IS normal people speeds. If someone has 6+3 for 9" Running in Fifth Edition, they are moving 18 meters every time they move. If they have a SPD of 2 they move twice in 12 seconds. That works out to 3 meters every second, or 600 feet per minute if they can keep it up for one minute. This is what Hero assumes an ordinary normal Human can do. Bear in mind this is "combat movement." They can move that fast and still have decent chance of evading being hit. Running "flat out" as fast as possible is "noncombat movement" which is usually twice combat movement. Also bear in mind that if you want to know how fast someone can move, you need two numbers - the actual Movement rate, and the SPD. SPD tells how many actions you can take in a 12 second Turn; a full move is an action. An important point about the two editions: In Fifth, movement, ranges, and all distances, were measured in "hexes" which were assumed to be 2 meters. In Sixth, they just use meters. So a Running 6" in 5th is equivalent to Running 12m in 6th. As for why Running appears under Powers - Running is not a Characteristic. Running is a Power. "what things like rPD values stand for" - rPD means Resistant Physical Defense. Every character has both Physical Defense and Energy Defense. When you take damage, you reduce the damage by these numbers before marking off STUN or BODy. But if something is a KILLING attack, you only reduce the BODy damage by the amount of defense you have that is "Resistant." So whether 8 rPD is "bulletproof" depends on two things: First, the bullet. If the gun only does 1d6 Killing (and you aren't using rules like Hit Locations that can change how much damage it does) then you won't take any BODy damage (no serious or lasting injury.) BUT you still may take STUN damage if you don't have some more non-resistant defense. If you want to be bulletproof, the best bet is to use Damage Negation (it's in 6th edition.) Lucius Alexander The palindromedary is not in either edition.
  2. If it were the case that there were a rule stating "Only characters who have been formally trained in Acrobatics may take the Acrobatics Skill" then you'd have a point. But when you say "In the current HERO System rules Peter Parker would only have the "untrained" Acrobatics skill" you are simply mistaken. There is no rule stating "Peter Parker can't have the Acrobatics Skill." Nor does having that skill signify "training" necessarily. Having the Skill means you can do acrobatics. Maybe you can do acrobatics because you are an olympic gymnast or a circus acrobat. Or maybe you can do acrobatics because you were bitten by a radioactive spider. Lucius Alexander Maybe I have Breakfall because I've fallen off a palindromedary so often.
  3. Q: Don't they understand that there's no future in time travel? A: Invisibility? I'll believe it when I see it. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says there's no job security in a security job
  4. What is it confused about? Lucius Alexander Did it see a palindromedary?
  5. Lord Liaden knows how to get, how to get to Sesame Street! Lucius Alexander Now if I can get the palindromedary to stop calling me "Mr. Pooper...."
  6. Hey, there's Mr. Cooper! Lucius Alexander Can the palindromedary tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?
  7. Does his insurance cover it or will he have to pony up the money himself? Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says he's probably just caught a colt
  8. Weapon Element: Partners Lucius Alexander Weapon Element: Palindromedary mounted weapons
  9. Lucius

    More space news!

    To me too, now you've quoted the original text at me. I apologize; I did not remember the story as well as I thought I did. Lucius Alexander
  10. Lucius

    More space news!

    Sort of. They were found in the cores of stars (I don't recall that he specrified neutron stars) and were exposed when a star brushed against the physical edge of the universe, beyond which was "Nothing." The part of the star that would have extended beyond that black border of the cosmos simply ceased to exist, leaving the core temporarily exposed. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary reassures me that Nothing Threatens Morreion.
  11. Q: How do you like your balloon? A: Because I care Lucius Alexander Does the palindromedary care?
  12. I thought I picked Rosencrantz and Guildenstern for my troopers? Lucius Alexander My palindromedary ate my tagline!
  13. No, he doesn't. No one does. What he has is 2 levels with hand to hand COMBAT. With the exception of Overall Levels, a Level is either a SKill Level and can help Skills, or a Combat Level and can help combat. herrswags said: "the flurry of blows +9d6, hitting in a trail for +4d6, and a taser touch for 6d6NND. Standard stuff. With one rank in Power: Speedster tricks he's at 14-. Does his +2 to HTH make that a 16- for the attacks? It seems really high, but I honestly don't know." First of all, I'm going to point out that for another 2 pts spent on DEX, your roll with DEX Skills including the Power Skill will be 15 or less. Then I'm going to explain that you don't have to make that Power Skill roll to use ANY Of the listed attacks. You bought the powers, you can use the powers. What you do have to do to use them successfully is make an Attack Roll, which is not the same as a Skill Rolll. Your Attack Roll is 11, PLUS your Offensive Combat Value, MINUS the target's Defensive Combat Value. What these Combat SKill Levels do is modify either your OCV or your DCV. And since you have two, you can split them and do both if you want - be harder to hit and have an easier time hitting. Lucius Alexander Did the palindromedary eat my tagline? Godspeed.hdc 67.55 kB · 1 download Godspeed.pdf 82.84 kB · 1 download Silver Spectre.pdf 83.32 kB · 2 downloads Spectre.hdc 92.01 kB · 1 download
  14. Not necessarily. FIRST you have to actually spend points to BUY THE SKILLS. This character doesn't have anything listed under Skills. I don't think you did it right. This character knows nothing. Overall Levels can be used to improve Skills but won't actually give you a Skill you don't have. Okay, I'm running into a formatting problem so I'm going to split this post up. Lucius Alexander
  15. You ask why not? I'll tell you why not. Behold, the Jester's Staff! Behold, the Jester's Staff!: (Total: 9 Active Cost, 1 Real Cost) Summon 2 5-point gag writers, Friendly (x2 as many tasks; +1/2) (9 Active Points); Increased Endurance Cost (x10 END; -4), 1 Charge which Recovers every 1 Week (-2 1/2), Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), Only to Activate, -3/4), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4), Only In Alternate Identity (Must be in fool's motley; -1/4), Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4), Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4) (Real Cost: 1) Your majesty, are your court fool's japes and antics getting stale? Think he could use some new materiel? Bestow upon him the Jester's Staff! This miraculous item looks like a common fool's bauble, but once we teach him the magical incantation, he can use it to summon up a pair of gag writers who can invent jests suitable for any audience. With a little time to prepare and practice he will be fit to perform for anyone, from the delicate eared princes and princesses to a delegation of crude and unsophsticated barbarians. Your court can be famous for the quality of its entertainment! Behold, the Vessel of Endless Life! Behold, the Vessel of Eternal Youth!: (Total: 5 Active Cost, 1 Real Cost) Life Support (Longevity: Immortal) (5 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Season, Only to Activate, -2 3/4), IIF Expendable (Difficult to obtain new Focus; -1/2), 1 Continuing Charge lasting 1 Year which Recovers every 1 Season (-1/4) (Real Cost: 1) Your majesty, although it is gracefully formed, its aesthetic value is the least of this miraculous vessel's virtues. If filled with spring water and certain herbs, the secret of which we will gladly impart upon purchase of the vessel, it will after a season's steeping pour forth a brew with the property of halting the very process of age, rendering one immune to the wear of time for an entire year! As the effect lasts a year and the vessel may recharge each season, you would hold the power to grant eternal youth not only to yourself but to up to three companions! Note that each of the above costs only a single Real Point. I do not think there is a king in history or even in fiction who would offer the same price in gold for either item, or offer to trade the Vessel for the Staff. Nor do I think anyone possessing either item would part with them for a mere ten golden coins. Any attempt to set up a consistent "exchange rate" of gold to Character Points is sure to fail. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says if you still don't believe it we can tell you the story of the broadsword....
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