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    It flatters me that at least four people are now using quotes from me as signatures. Maybe I should go into the aphorism business.

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  1. I go with AI rules. Lucius Alexander I also go with a palindromedary
  2. My Base: Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic. My organization: The Monster Squad from the old TV show. My Big Guy: Frankenstein's Creature Lucius Alexander My tagline: A palindromedary
  3. Doctor Strange Lucius Alexander and a strange palindromedary
  4. Shires Lucius Alexander the palindromedary says pluralizing is ok right?
  5. I did not expect to get a, "Like" on a 7-year-old gaming quote. :)

  6. We have threads for quotes from games, books, movies, etc. But I think there should be a thread for quotes from life. With or without context. Things you have said or heard yourself, that were not directly lifted from gaming or fiction. From my divorce: My wife: "It's not just a sex thing with you, is it? It's a romantic thing." Me: "You've only now understood that? I always thought it was something that went without saying." After a silence - Me: "It's taken me seven years to realize, that you and I speak a completely different language of the heart." Lucius Alexander Man
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