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The October Eight competition


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Re: The October Eight competition


Let's see if I can abuse the spirit of this contest... How about the PCs from my game over on HeroCentral (Kinnison Institute)? As high school freshmen, there all 14, but being mutants, they can look a bit older. I'm sort of thinking of one of those forced group shots that half of them think is lame, either at the school or on some trip, and in civilian clothes.


I've got:

Nowhere Girl: 5'6”, looks at least 16, made completely of transparent crystal, so she's invisible with a bright fringe always on, and she's angry and rebellious over being the sheltered daughter of a supervillain. And she tends to wear as little as she can get away with.

Cornerstone: He's trouble – he's already 6' and looks like a juvenile delinquent (distinctive feature!), and gets even bigger when he turns into stone. Brown hair. It's not that he wants to be bad, but he's had a bad life and doesn't know anything else.

Rumble: He's blond and a running back. We'll say he's wearing his props, some shiny steel bracers and a metal-plated belt with a knob on the buckle, that he says are the source of his vibration powers (shh! he's really a mutant.) This is over his generic jock style. And while he puts on a good face, his eyes are older – his girlfriend is in a coma after being beaten just for being a mutant, and he's looking to do something because of it.

Vivace: She's 5' with curly, fiery red hair (and Canadian). She tends to favor loud and colorful Ren-fair inspired clothes. She wears glasses, also loud in style. She has sonic powers, and might have a lute along.

Snap Dragon: A 4'11” Chinese-American girl with mid-back length black hair done up in a new style every day or so (being a shapeshifter helps with that). She wears normal fashions, or whatever would fit in. She's part dragon, or something; the explanation wasn't clear, but she has some diverse abilities appropriate to an Asian river dragon. She's mischevious, and skilled in kung fu.

Omen: 5'1”, this Persian-Australian girl has found herself the avatar of an obscure creator diety. Among other things, this is why she look almost legal, and has no eyes – they burned out during first contact, so she wears a blindfold (she gets around with sonar now). She has long Mahogany hair, but all of her clothing tends to bleach itself white while wearing it. She has a slight aura around her, mostly manifesting as a faint shimmer around her profile.

Kid Sasquatch: Bigfoot in pants. Really. A young Sasquatch who is pretending to be a mutant teenager to investigate the human world. Looks like the classic Patterson-Gimlin flim version. Taller than Cornerstone, but less intimidating or upright. He wears pants, and maybe a vest, and has a magical totem on a string around his neck.

Force: Uses Final Fantasy X's Yuna as a base. 5'2”. Telekinesis, and can grow a pair of angel wings if she wants (metamorphic, not telekinetic). She is a newly famous rockstar who just had her breakout album before going to school. Despite a good stage presence, she's fairly shy and withdrawn in person. And she is the most attractive of the bunch, with an almost magical “I always look this good” field.

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Re: The October Eight competition


Professor Fortius and The Dark Duchess


Professor Fortius was once a supervillain speedster known as Dash, but after an injury to his calf muscle he turned into a mastermind who had the ability to see the potential in others. With this knowledge he created a team of supervillains who followed his orders. The Professor is of average height with a slim build. He wears dark pants and a red sweater. His curly brown hair is beginning to bald and was sometimes called a bird's nest, even by members of his own team.


The Dark Duchess is a German aristocrat. And she is a skilled sorceress. She was first approached by Professor Fortius to assist in a magical project, the taming of the entity referred to as El Diablo Fantastico. This was a huge success and they worked together many times. The Duchess always dresses in black clothes with a huge cowl which overshadows her sharp face. She has green eyes which burn brightly red when she is using her powers. Her hair is long and red, worn in a braid.


The Professor and the Duchess fell in love, but they kept their romance a secret, because they feared it would destroy their villain's reputation. But now they have gone public. This fall we'll see th Great Supervillain Wedding.

Professor Fortius will be wearing white, because the bride was unwilling to accept any other colour for her wedding dress than pure black.

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Re: The October Eight competition


Probably a case of real life intruding on stuff. Seems DocD hasn't been on the fora since November. (Mind you, I was MIA even longer, so it's not like that's necessarily any kind of cause for worry...)


(Heh - he probably started drawing Kraken, and had an aneurysm or nervous breakdown over all the bloody suction cups! My bad!:o)

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Re: The October Eight competition


He logged in today' date=' so maybe he'll let us know what's up.[/quote']


Sorry! I have been veeeery busy of late, and this sort of slipped off my rader, but I hope to finish it off soon. Sorry again! In the meantime, here is a steampunky picture, as we now return you to your regular scheduled programme... jw_steampunk_small.jpg

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Re: The October Eight competition


It's great to see you again' date=' DocD![/quote']


Ta! Back on track now following a frightening build up of deadlines. Since I've also been working with some new software (MangaStudio), hopefully I can get back upto speed properly.



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