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What's your favorite street vigilante that you have encountered in a Dark Champions campaign?


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Howdy all,


I saw a post in the Champions forum about favorite superhero team names, and it got me thinking what's your favorite street vigilante from a Dark Champions campaign, either that you have played or that you have ran as a GM.  What's their name and their origin story?  Why are they so memorable?


My favorite street vigilante from Dark Champions is Kiss of Death.  Dayanara Sloane is a wealthy socialite by day and a crime-fighter at night.  She is the daughter of a mob lawyer, who was accidentally killed by another vigilante Nocturnal (who happens to appear as an NPC in another Champions campaign) in a battle with the mob. He warned Dayanara not to follow in her father's footsteps.  Soon, Nocturnal is ambushed and killed.  Inspired by his example and ashamed of her father's involvement, Dayanara becomes a vigilante herself to avenge his death and to continue the battle against the mob.  This campaign actually exists in another existing Champions campaign, but the adventures of Kiss of Death are more centered on street level threats.  Thanks, looking forward to hearing about other street vigilantes.  

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Mine would have to be for a group I was the GM for. They ended up naming the group "The Dragon" for reasons that will hopefully become clear as I introduce them. Also not that the initial premise is that they were all associated with the same school in Miami. They did not make their characters to blend together as they came to.


Street Dragon: A martial artist and the most vigilante minded of the whole crew. He nearly died his first time out, because he decided to take on a major drug deal going down complete with ten guards, all with automatic weapons. After the first hits though, he started using cover and the occasional dodge, then moving in on their reload phases to take one or two out. That became indicative of Street Dragon's tactics, as well as good team tactics with his teammates. He came to be known as "the Heart of the Dragon."


Sniper: A former Israeli sniper who moved to America on retiring. She was one of two characters with a mild penchant for killing. Bottom line: she'd become used to the idea that problems could be solved with a well-placed round. Between her rifle and her own skill levels, she could do called shots anywhere on a target at 3km. She became known as "the Eyes of the Dragon." Well, that or "God," because of one adventure where they were trying to get information out of some thugs, and Street Dragon commented that "God was watching." (They used subvocal head sets by this point to stay in touch.) The thugs laughed, so Street Dragon shook his head and says, "Bluebolt," and one of the thug's knees exploded from a shot by Sniper.


Badger: Claws, regeneration, heightened senses, and superleap. I don't think I need to elaborate much farther there. He was "the Claws of the Dragon."


Juggernaut: A flying powersuited brick. He also had the highest defenses in the group, and was the movement actor for a lot of team maneuvers, as he could also move the fastest of anyone. He became "the Skin of the Dragon."


Char: Of all of them, Char was probably my absolute favorite. He was a flame based character, with the ability to immolate himself (Damage Shield) and project fire. He became the group's favorite on the night they raided a crack house (set in the 90's, give me a break). Char went in as his normal persona to scout the place on the inside. There were three guys taking the money and passing out the smack. Street Dragon also went inside, but he came in later and making threats and requests for information. As they were about to start shooting, Badger leaps from across the street, sweeps through, taking one of the three with him. Presence Attack, the remaining two are standing there in astonishment. Sniper takes out one of the three outside the house. Street Dragon does a kick to Inside Guy #2 that puts him through the wall behind him. That leaves Char with the third. What does he do? He gets the attention of Inside Guy #3 and asks, "Do you want to see something really scary?" He then turns on his flames, and everyone's cheering. I won't go into the rest of that episode, unless I'm asked, but this was the downhill slide toward the National Guard getting called in to deal with them, and the Dragon leaving Miami. Char was, of course, "the Breath of the Dragon."

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Sounds like a pretty cool team.  An interesting mix of street level vigilantes and low powered superheroes!

Thank you, sir. It was a good group of players who didn't mind playing within some homebrew rules I'd made up to try out to even out defenses and damage potential at the start. Basically the starting limits on DC were based on the character's speed, and the cap on defenses was based on your DCV. The system actually worked amazingly well, and I think it helped with that meshing of the team, as they had to cover and rely on each other.

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My character Appolyon, who was insane.  He believed he was the usher of hell, sent to earth to take evildoers to hell.  He believed that once the last evildoer was killed, then he would himself be taken down as well, to pay for all his murders.  He was a basic Batman skilled normal with equipment type, but was less about gadgets than a powerful gun and armor.

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