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  1. For the record I live 7 miles from Gillette Stadium and find your remarks extremely hurtful. Goodbye And you can forget about that draft. Right now I don't want anything to do with you miserable f***s.
  2. Yes it could be any of those. Here are some more: Periodically turning into a villain, like Carol Ferris. Being convinced that the Protagonist is guilty of a crime, like Gwen Stacey who believed that Spider-man killed her father. Batman's fear that anyone he becomes involved with will be used against him by his many enemies. Being convinced that the True Love is a loser and doing everything to duck those dates, like Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Tony Stark's reputation as a "player" pretty much keeps any woman but a gold digger hoping to mine him for settlement from getting too close. And of course that good old Secret Identity that the Protagonist can't tell anyone. When you get right down to it, all the ex-lovers are complications as well.
  3. I'm sorry guys but your protagonist must be a published, fictional hero. Although the idea of making the protagonist ourselves is interesting. Maybe next year, assuming this one goes well.
  4. No. Although your Protagonist must be your first pick, the rest may be made in any order you choose.
  5. Rosters Owner: Title: Protagonist: Ex-Lover: Ex-Lover: Ex-Lover: Complication: Complication: Complication: Option: Option: True Love:
  6. Ah yes, February, the month of love. Or so the florist industry would have you believe. But often the path of true love is a difficult one. Fraught with many pitfalls, roadblocks, and heartache. Particularly if you're a superhero. From lovers who turn out to be villains, to being dismembered and stuffed into a refrigerator, to editorial interference often your stalwart, upright supers just can't seem to catch a break romantically. And doubly so if your name is Parker! That's the theme of our draft this month. True love and the rocky road to get there. Your first choice will be a heroic Protagonist, this is the guy/girl whose love life sucks. This must be your first pick. Although the idea for this draft came mostly from supers, plenty of other heroes have lousy love lives so you may choose from any professionally produced fictional hero for this all important pick. After picking your protagonist, you will choose (in no particular order): 3 ex-lovers, 3 complications, 2 options and finally your protagonist's True Love. In this draft Options are used to draft more complications or more ex-lovers. All picks may be drafted twice except the Protagonist. True Loves can be drafted by another Owner, but only as an ex-lover. If you have any questions please ask, and I'll do my best to answer them. The Draft will begin on the 4th of February. Picks are earned at 5 pm EST. One pick per day. Picks can be saved to make a double or even triple pick later on.
  7. In the Shadows of the City It was raining in New York the morning they found the body in the Hudson River. Altogether a fitting time to find a dead body all things considered. Dark and brooding. In fact if it hadn't been for the bright yellow of his clothing they might never have seen the corpse floating down river. In a few more hours it would have been washed out to sea to eventually sink into the muck at the bottom. A quiet enough resting place at least. But that hadn't happened. Instead the harbor patrol had pulled the corpse from the waters. It's condition was the first shock. There was no head, it had been severed from the body with an extremely sharp blade. Multiple claw marks, slices from swords or knives, and bullet wounds had turned the body into something that was only barely human. There were acid marks and evidence of blunt force trauma as well. Even the strongest stomachs could barely stand more than a few minutes with the mangled remains of the body. Who it was, was the second shock. It hit the papers in the afternoon edition. The Bugle was plastered with a huge new headline: "Mutant Vigilante Found Dead In River" "Killer still at large" So now the hunt was on for whoever had somehow managed to kill the unkillable mutant, vigilante, and superhero that the world knew as Wolverine.
  8. And my last two picks, two superb martial artists/assassins Option 3a: Cheshire Option 3b: Lady Shiva
  9. Does the Watchtower have a gigawatt range laser pointed down ... at the Avengers Mansion?
  10. Technically I believe this is a phase four movie. Phase three ends with Avengers: Endgame. Anything that comes out after that is phase four. Time for a new thread!
  11. That's pretty much what I've been thinking. Trump gets his stupid wall, but we get Universal Healthcare, Tuition Free Public Colleges, and 70% tax on income in excess of $10,000,000.00 per year (from all sources including capital gains and money in offshore accounts).
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