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  1. I usually set mine in a pulp era Hudson City. Just adapting "Justice, Not Law" for the early 30s. Here's the paradigm for the Doc Hawkstar campaign. It includes the changes for Hudson City. Doc Hawkstar paradigm.doc
  2. Oh I didn't bump it Bubba. That was done by our master of obscure and not so obscure information TheQuestionMan. I just seconded it in the strongest possible terms. One of these days I simply have got to play in a Hermit run campaign! I don't supposed you'd consider moving to southern New England, would you Hermit?
  3. It's an idea whose time has come. And in all seriousness, it's worthy of the bump. If you'd like to run it I'd definitely be interested in playing in it.
  4. Yes. Me. I downloaded it some time ago. PM me with your email. It's a 2.77 mb attachment.
  5. Re: DC / Marvel Characters in Champions Universe So? They can't all be gems. And for the record, my Nighthawk is a blatant rip-off of Batman, an obscure pulp character in that campaign world. After having his parents murdered in the same way, Brett Walker patterned himself after Batman.
  6. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Well I gave away about 20 million last night. Made about 20 people very happy. I've still got a few million left. PM me if you want it and we'll set up a time and place to meet.
  7. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game No. Her origin involves being a former rifle instructor in the Marines, but never being assigned to a combat unit because she's a woman. After her 4th tour of duty Gunnery Sergeant Marie Dulaine retired from the Corps and started patrolling the mean streets of Paragon City as Gunmetal Silk. But she has no qualms against using her figure to distract the bad guys before she shoots them.
  8. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game No problem, FB. BTW I've still got a lot of influence to give away. So let's try once more. Tuesday at 9 PM EST, Atlas Park, Guardian server. Look for Gunmetal Silk. Here's a pic.
  9. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game In the past when I've done that at MMOs, the account has been hacked, used to powerlevel, spam the other players, and there have been charge backs on it. I don't wish to go through that again. Also according to the user agreement CoX will delete accounts that have had no activity for more than two months. So the characters would be deleted anyway. I might as well make a clean break.
  10. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game I'm going to be deleting my characters and closing my account in a couple of weeks. But I have accumulated a considerable amount of stuff and am more than willing to give it away to players who need it. If you're interested I plan to be under the Atlas statue this Sunday at noon EST. Guardian server. Among the things I will have to give away are the recipe for Rocket Boots and about 30 million+ in Influence. I hate to see it all go to waste when I leave, so come and get it.
  11. Re: WWYCD: "Dear Superhero" (Warning: Ugly situation) Nighthawk probably wouldn't get the letter. If by some miracle he did, although he wouldn't give a damn about international law, he would be smart enough to know that not even he could take on an entire country. Therefore he would go looking for advice from people he respects. This inturn would lead him to his great-uncle - Preston Walker, Maj. Gen. USA ret. aka ... Patriot would first go straight to the top - the President of the United States - but the US has the problem of its hands being tied by international law. Unless they
  12. Re: closed beta applications Thanks.
  13. Re: closed beta applications How did you recieve the invites? By email or at the CO forums?
  14. Re: A Crazy Mixed-Up World History I need some help getting this one started again. So many characters to build and so little time to get them built. If anyone's interested in giving it a try, just pick a character from the history and have at it. Please take experiance into account based on the character's debut years. The history has been slightly revised to reflect a 2009 campaign start, and is presented here. Doc Shadow formerly TheImperialKhan
  15. Re: Trek Hero PDF available
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