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The Balloonist

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Straight from the create a villain team thread comes


The Balloonist


5 str 15

24 dex 42

18 con 16

13 body 6

18 int 8

18 ego 16

16 pre 6

14 com 2

8/18 pd 5

9/19 ed 5

5 spd 16

7 rec

36 end

30 stun

8 run 4

2 swim


Charecteristics 129


33 Airgun 10d6 eb -1/2

25 Balloon trap entangle 5d6 5 def  -1/2 oif -1/4 8 charges

24 Padded uniform Armor 10 pd/10 ed -1/4 iif

17 One shot Glider Gliding 30  " -1/4 iif  -1 1/2 1 Continuing charge 1 turn

20 Martial arts


4 martial dodge +5 dcv dodge

5 Defensive strike +1 ocv +3 dcv 3d6 strike

5 offensive strike -2 ocv +1dcv 9d6 strike

3 Legsweep +2 ocv -1 dcv 4d6 target falls

3 Martial Throw +1dcv Str+v5 target falls


40 16 Airmen 100 points

35 War Dirigible


3 Breakfall 14-

3 climbing 14-

3 Combat Pilot  14-

3 Computer Programming 13-

3 Electronics 13-

3 Inventor 13-

3 Mechanics 13-

3 Navigation 13-

3 System Operations 13-

5 tf All Air

3 Ps Engineer 13-

3 ks History of Aviation 13-

3 Ks Aviation World 13-

3 Ks Aircraft 13-

3 SS Engineering 13-

3 SS Aeronautic Engineer 13-


Powers, Perks, Skills 279

Total 390


20 Wants to build Skyopolis (vc, s)

20 Enamored with classic style (Vc, S)

15 Wants to rule (c,s) 

15 hunted by superheroes (mp- 8-)

20 Hunted by police (mp, nci, 8-)

15 Hunted by the Unknown Agent (ap, Nci, 11-)




Percy Armbridge gained a fascination with flight at a young age. He dreamed of soaring among the clouds, and constanly read on the subject. Then one day he ran across an old pulp magazine full of air stories. All the fantastic types of aircraft and daring do fired his imagination. As he grew up the thing that most interested him was the idea of a floating city. Finding he had a great skill at engineering he began designing a sky city he would one day build and rule over. He named it Skyopolis. Unfortunatly one thing quickly became clear.


He had no where near the money or the technology to build even half of what he was imagining. So he decided to steal it. He set aside his Skyopolis plans and instead designed his first War Dirigible. It wasn't very impressive just a smoke screen to hide among the clouds and a device for quickly raising and lowering people and equipment. Still he stocked it with a crew of thugs, and a pretty blonde named Carol Knightly, and took to the skies as the Balloonist. For years he was pretty successful  Oh the War Dirigible was destroyed a few times, and he spent a couple of stints in prison. Usually at the hands of the goverment's man without a face the Unknown Agent . Still he had funds and some of the most advanced air technology on the planet. He designed some high tech weapons, a new and improved War Dirigible, and always was redesigning Skyopolis.


Then one day he got an offer from a Latin American dictator. Immunity from prosecution if the Balloonist would give him mastery of the air against his neighbor countries. It was an easy task for Percy.For nearly a decade he and Carol lived in a mansion in a small villiage guarded by government troops. Percy was named the Air Marshal, and fell into a funk. He even stopped redesigning Skyopolis. Carol however was quite pleased at no longer running around risking their lives, and ran the place with her usual cold efficiency. That is until the Unknown Agent was sent in to learn who the mysterious Sky Marshal was and hobble the dictator's plan's. He did so by organizing the villagers into a resistance. Percy and Carol were forced to flee for their lives.


Returning to the states Percy seemed reenergized. He quickly built a new War Dirigible, and began redesigning Skyopolis. As he began gathering a new crew of Airmen he got a surprise, Carol refused to participate. She would handle managing their money, and the business fronts they had built up over the years, but she wouldn't go on anymore raids. Percy got a new hot blonde to stand next to him on raids, and she immediately started trying to come between him and Carol. His crew prepared The Balloonist once again took to the air. But things were different. Older he had to let others do more of the fighting. The heroes he faced instead of having grand battles between people on opposite sides who might not like each other but respected each others skill  seemed only interested in mocking him, and beating him the most humiliating way possible. After a few months he did something terrible. He stole enough poison gas to kill thousands, and threatened to release it unless paid a large ransom. Numerous superheroes tracked him down and a massive battle was held in the skies.


During the battle The Balloonist was knocked from the War Dirigible. Over the course of his career he had "fallen to his death" easily a dozen times. So he once again activated his hidden emergency glider. Or tried to. This time something went wrong, and it didn't deploy. Percy looked at the rapidly approaching ground, and turned over. Oh the War Dirigible was hurt and bellowing smoke. Still the superheroes trying to bring it down looked like gnats and the sun created a halo around it. Percy smiled as he fell from sight the last time. 


Carol collected the final Skyopolis plans, threw the new blonde into some rotator blades, and retreated to her chalet in the Swiss Alps. Though she does keep up with the supervillain scene. Now and then she pops over to lend financial or tech support to a criminal, but for the most part she's content.


Personality/ Motivation


The Ballonist is above all else a dreamer. He sees the day when he will be king of his own city state in the sky, and dosen't mind doing bad things to make that a reality. He's not much of a killer, though he will kill if he has too. He prefers to put a foe in a death trap. Sure he doesn't expect them to survive, but annoyingly they tend to. When not fighting he can be gracious and friendly.




"You fought well, but I have to get on with becoming King of the Sky. So I'm afraid this is where you die."


Powers /Tactics


A fairly decent hand to hand combatant The Balloonist knows he can't go toe to toe with most supers. So he relies on gadgets and his airmen to even the odds. He's more interested in escaping with his objective that killing people so if forced to fight, he'll first try to entangle them. Failing that he'll usually stall for time until his airmen can cause a distraction for him to escape.


Campaign Use


The current charecter sheet is for The Balloonist at about midpoint of his career. He makes a good mid level master mind. To represent him more at the start of his career raise his strength to 18, lose some of his weapons, reduce the number of Airmen, and put fewer points in the War Dirigible. At the end of his career lower his dex, give him more weapons, wealth, more and more powerful Airmen, and up the number of points in the War Dirigible.




The balloonist at the start of his career had black hair and blue eyes. He dressed in a red and purple vaguely military suit , with a white shirt and black cap. His Airmen had black pants with plain red and purple striped shirts and black berets. Towards the end of his career The Ballonist's hair was white, and he war a sash covered in phony medal to try and cover that he had gained weight.

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Ballon Gadgets

  1. Gas Balloon 
  2. Flash Balloon 
  3. Animal Balloon (PRE Attack) 
  4. Message Balloon (Alert Cops) 
  5. Cuff Balloon (Entangle "Handcuffs") 
  6. Exploding Balloon (Trigger Only When Balloon Popped!) 
  7. Air Lift Balloon (Flight Usable as an Attack or Against Others) Carries bad guys strait up and up. (Remote Cancel and Drop) 
  8. Please add more... 

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8, Infatolloon Force wall

9. Bounceolloon superleap +running


As for Harvey. Considering his turn as a villain on Wild Wild West I suppose he could do in the  later part of his carrier. But for the young Ballonist sorry Harvey it should be someone more dashing. Not sure who I would fill the role with.

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You can use the 'code' tag to preserve spacing.  Example:

     value          cost
STR    15             5
DEX    24            42
CON    18            16
BODY   13             6
INT    18             8
EGO    18            16
PRE    16             6
COM    14             2


The airgun and entangle can be put into a multipower together, to save 19 points, which would let you buy up other things.

                                                          active cost
Gadget Belt            50 pt multipower (All: OIF (-1/2))    50   33
 Airgun                 10d6 Blast vs PD                     50    3 f
 Balloon Trap Entangle  5 PD, 5 ED, 5d6 Entangle             50    3 f
                                                           Total: 39

This would make the points available for whatever other balloon related tricks you wanted.

Flight, usable against others, linked to then entangles? (to lift the people entangled in balloons straight up)

Realistic inflatable animatronics? (summoning?, images?, triggered teleportation (that was just a inflatable copy of me, I'm really over here)?)

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