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  1. Okey dokey Attention all board members the moderators of this board do hereby declare that any criticism of the film Black Panther is racist and anyone suggesting a lack that complete and total love for the movie will be forever banned. Nothere will be given one final chance to praise it or be banned from the board forever. Nothere "Never having seen the movie I think Black Panther is the greatest movie ever made in the history of movies. This movie is so great Hollywood can close now because they can never make a movie close to this one. You should burn all movies and T.v. shows you have at home for being an insult to the unquestionable greatness that is Black Panther. All cable channels should only show this movie 24 hours a day." All members of this board who have not praised Black Panther have exactly 72 hours to come to this thread and declare it's greatness or this board will call you a racist. 72 hours after that if you have not praised Black Panther you will be banned.
  2. So I'm curious the general statement Is you can hate this movie and not be racist. You then implyied I'm racist and threatened me with being thrown off the board for saying something bad about a movie. Other than proving me right about people going crazy over this. Whats wrong with me saying a movie is bad? Espically when I admit I think I'll like it when I see it.
  3. O.k. I haven't seen it yet, but I'd like to say one thing. The Black Panther was complete and total crap. The cinemtograpghy was done by a blind man, and the acting made porn films look like Oscar winners. Now your probably wondering if I haven't seen it, how I can say that? Because you can say that and not be racist. As for when I actually see the movie. I'm thinking it'll probably be pretty good. Marvel hasn't really made any missteps. But I'm gonna hold off. I thought people waiting in line for weeks for Star Wars was nuts. The people in line for this the first week, well people on this board have seen it and liked it. Maybe I'm worrying needlessly.
  4. Nothere

    80's Man

    Well the ninja guy remembers them. The 80's were the time to be a ninja in america. Ninja movies even made the only a ninja can kill a ninja rule to answer the question. Why don't you just shoot him?
  5. Wait and wonder before Half Finished Idea Man.
  6. Well I was expecting bagpipes and loch ness to show up sooner or later. But I wasn't prepared for the Loch Ness Mobster:)
  7. Of course it could. Think the old noble class for d&d. It's one of those things that got me started thinking about the Batman reveled thread. Everyone goes on about how everyone should be duh of course Batman is Bruce Wayne. Like he's the only wealthy playboy in town. It's just a matter of what you do with it. In fantasy hero it's the Baron's third son. He's never going to inherit the castle, so he doesn't tell the players what to do. And he's not going to go into the caves of certain death, so he won't adventure. But he's still rich and can use a sword. Or in the superhero or pulp genre their the billionare playboy Lamont Cranston or Bruce Wayne meet at the club before sneaking off. The only thing is Hero doesn't have classes so it would be a package deal. High Society ks Upper class Ks Town nightclubs 5 wealth gambling cards and for the type who like to pop over to the wrong side of the tracks occasional maybe add seduction and streetwise or at least ks call girls
  8. From the first post ever catsuit. From the bottom of page 1,2,3, Axe wag bucket blood.
  9. Don't be silly Superman isn't on the Xfiles. They got a lift from Doc Savage. He was there first anyway. And not a movie plot hole, but as long as were talking about people being first. Green Arrow wants his Arrowcave back.
  10. The man known as Big Splash could always control water to a little degree. And he always figured he was a mutant But then one day while testing that theory with a mutant detector nothing happened. Oh the water moved. The detector didn't So he pushed harder and harder. The detector didn't move. But he finally touched the aether. gallons of water suddenly filled the room. Over time he could create massive tidal waves on dry land. What he could do next to the ocean was truly terrifying. His only problem now I does he simply move water around the Earth, or draw it from somewhere else. If the later he can simply keep making it and drown the world. If the first, he needs to find someway to destroy the icecaps. Fotrunatly he knows some really destructive people. When drawn into the aether he leaves behind a massive hunk of black ice. The Scottish Terrors (O.k. I feel a bit bad doing this with Crack a few people up. But the instrument and loch I'm pretty sure are coming so.) Angus Mccullen spent his youth hearing stories about how his family was created from a lord's tumble in the sheets with a pretty maid not his wife. So the poverty they lived in was sadly a bit of chance. He didn't accept that. He poured through historical records hoping to find some proof he could take to court. As he was looking he ran across an account of someone in the village who supposedly had gained mystic powers from a strangely carved stone given them by the little people. Not getting anywhere in his quest he took a detour and found where the man was supposed to be buried. Digging up the grave he found lying on the coffin a stone just like the one described. As he was fiddling with it, he felt himself moving. It took him a moment to realize the ground for hundreds of feet around him was riseing into the air. After the shock wore off he realized he could move it and make it form shapes. He could also cause it to break off and hit targets. As his section of ground becomes too small, he just carves a new stone and a new section rises. He decided to stop worrying about being a lord, and become King. But before he could take over the Untied Kingdom, he needed to take over Scotland. So the man now called Highland recruited five more, and has waged a campaign against the Scottish government ever since.
  11. Scardey Cat says "Uhm you do know that not only is that money full of die packs that could explode in your hand at any moment? That's not even counting the possibility that the cops have a perfect picture of your face. Their probably on their way here right now and you'll get shot. Or they'll just run you face and prints and shoot you at home. The Negatior backs away from the till in fear, and flees the bank. Mr. X Depends on what powers he has at the moment. If none seem applicable he pulls the tracer he just happens to have in his pocket out. Places it on the Negatior. Waits an hour to change powers including a high level of mental resistance and tracker locator. Darkblade Huh Mind controller. Well lets see if he can control me. Draws the darkblade and launches a sneak attack leap.
  12. Lord Liaden is correct. You can also upgrade a pool babe if anyone recalls that thread. Or troll horror sites and film screenings. Any gal rooting for the killer will probably not ask where her new fur or diamond braclet came from.
  13. Nothere


    That's Disco Dazzler to you. As for the focus yeah when I did this I used oaf, but the character jus needed any long thing to use the power. Stick or pipe what your talking about is a bit more restricted and might be a second disad. Focus any long piece of metal.
  14. Activate the fun o ray. Turn the dial to 60% Just remember at 80% it gets into the red area.
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