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  1. 90% of this stuff I've never heard of. Which is good. So much coolness I'm finding, and bad so much coolness I now know I'm missing. Sorry Jess awesome as you encyclopedia is, it's a role playing poll. And while your book can lead to a lot of great ideas, Darren's the one who shows us how to play them. So is it weird my vote was torn between two books on the Golden Age?
  2. My condolences to all who new him. I never met him personally, but I always took great pleasure reading his posts.
  3. Speedster elephant? O.k. I want one. I only ever made a superstrong pig.
  4. Well theres the creepy library, the creepy church, the creepy boathouse, and the creepy thing standing right behind you
  5. O.k. Two things pretty much the same but I had the second idea first. But all that talk of stairs leads me to.... The man on the stairs Every now and again people will notice a very short man standing on the stairs. The man is clearly staring at particular guests and doing so in an unfriendly manner. At least that's what people say to explain why they start shouting from the lobby up the stairs. Everyone else reports that the little man wasn't there. And second. The little girls ball. A cute little girl around six or seven. wanders around playing with a ball. After several
  6. O.k. This is a bit similar to the telepathy one, but I'll put it forth anyway. Plaintiff Mildred Shapely is suing Previsor. The plantif alleges that the defendant used psychic abilities to spy on her in the shower. The defendant admits to having had a vision of Miss. Shapley. However he did not intentionally spy on her, and only had the vision because of the explosion that was going to happen. Which resulted in the phone call that got her out of the bathroom, and saved her life.
  7. No no Burrito this is where you say "It's crime fighting time." You get Berserko, I'll get Nightshade.
  8. Re: (In Character) The Q.U.A.R.K. Column begins anew! Well whoever is giving the advice I need some. As the Crimsion Claw I've had a pretty good success rate as a mid tier villian, but now I have a shot at the big leauges. I recently stole an object from a creepy estate. As seems to be the way of these things, as I was checking it out, I accidently summoned a demon. It made the typical aswome power for your soul deal. But no fool I, I said no. Then I offered to feed it other people's souls. It's counter proposal is 1/3 of my soul and ten other people. As I still retain 2/3 this seem
  9. Nothere

    Super City

    Re: Super City The DigBig digging company- One wouldn't think a company that digs holes would be so profitable. But the DigBig company gets dozens of requests a month. Weither it's a tunnel or a hole in the ground large enough to fit a skyscraper. Digbig will get it done quickly and discretely. What we do with the dirt is none of your buisness.
  10. Re: Haymaker! Cover Caption Contest I suppose their good. It's hard to tell as they've never finished a song. For some reason the instruments keep breaking.
  11. Re: Guess the inspiration behind this superteam! Ah close Clonus. But the show you should have been looking at is the Laff-a-lypics. The villian team the Really Rottens. To be precise Daisy mahem,her pet pig Suey, Muttley, the Dread Baron, the Great Fondue and Magic Rabbit.
  12. Re: Guess the inspiration behind this superteam! I'll take that as an I give up, but before I revel the answer here's two hints. 1. It's a cartoon 2. That isn't the whole group. The cartoon had a lot of charecters, so I did most but not all of the bad guys.
  13. Re: Guess the inspiration behind this superteam! Molly Mayhem and her pet pig Slop- Molly the youngest of the disreputable Mayhew clan would of stayed causeing headaches for folks in Arizona. Unfortunatly she found out her and Slop's superstrength was coming from toxic chemicals the local plant was dumpping. Since there wasn' anymore around her, she went to the big city to steal some. And she's been causing a ruckus ever since. The Dread Pirate- Weither he is a pirate is debatable as he's almost never seen on a ship, he dresses the part though. The Migthy Souffle and his pet cat- The
  14. Re: Guess the inspiration behind this superteam! Nope sorry Dm I give up. Who are they?
  15. Re: Your PCs might be overpowered if... Supervillians use a dimensional teleporter to leave the universe if it's rumored your awake.
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