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Question on pathfinder

Duke Bushido

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The Hero System has quite a bit of crunch in its combat system, what with all the various possible modifiers (maneuvers, skill levels, situational mods like range and so forth), the vast array of options for your Half and Full Phase actions, the amount of potential bookkeeping to track damage, END usage, drains, charges, and all the other track-over-time effects, the differences between normal attacks, killing attacks, AoE attacks, etc. I mean, compared to systems like FATE, the Hero System is as crunchy as a mouth full of rusty bolts. In fact, it might be hard for the average RPGer to decide which system is crunchier (between Hero and Pathfinder).

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7 hours ago, Lord Liaden said:


Did you ever look at SAS for Tri-Stat System? Quite different from D20, rather simple mechanically but pretty elegantly flexible.



Honestly, I didn't know there were other versions.  (and to think: I sprang for the hardback!  Gad!) 


I don't know if Tri-stat is for me, though.  I'm not super-rules addicted, but Tri-stat is a bit rules-light for my preferences.


though I'd like to see it for HERO-- actually, I _know_ I would.  Just not 6e.  Or too deeply 5e.



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