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  1. Well, sure, Critical Role is focused on entertaining viewers, not presenting an accurate view of what TTRPGs look like in the Real World. But I would compare it to live sketch/improv comedy rather than porn. The skill set involved is very much the same, and disregard for the "rules"--in the service of entertainment--is also the same. I have no objections to this, but unfortunately newbies to TTRPGs who don't know any better will come away not understanding the true nature of what they are watching when they watch Critical Role. After all, what else do they have to compare it to? Poor movie and television depictions of kids playing D&D? It's not ideal for real-world GMs who have to adjust their expectations, but at least Critical Role brings new players to the gaming table.
  2. Spells can/should be listed on the character sheet by name only. That's what you'd do in D&D. That's what you'd do in just about any game. When the detailed description of a spell is needed, you'd consult a separate document. Eventually, after using a spell enough times in play, nobody will have to consult the detailed write-up anymore. This is just like any other fantasy RPG. There's no reason for Fantasy Hero to be any different in this respect.
  3. Sure. But I would much rather they use techno-babble with entirely made-up words and phrases than use words that have real meanings and ignore those meanings entirely. For instance, here are some words they probably shouldn't use if they are going to misuse them so horribly: time, space, energy, quantum, genetic/mutation, anti-matter. The CW writers do occasionally resort to using "magic" whenever their junior high science vocabulary fails them or they can't be bothered to invent a custom term for the phenomenon they want to write into the script (e.g., opening a bottle secured with a lock operating "at the quantum level"). With words like "magic", the absurdity of it all is readily apparent, which I find to be at least somewhat more creatively honest.
  4. I have only so many This Is So Stupid It Physically Hurts Me passes to give. I ran out long before the paragons arrived in a place that obeys a set of cosmic axioms that would not support life as our universe defines it. Oh, and apparently, this Crisis was so far-reaching that it made Captain America a pop-culture icon in this DC-derived universe. I'm surprised WB got permission to drop that name...
  5. Oh boy, you shoulda stuck around to see who pulled that train stunt and why. Talk about groan-inducing... oy.
  6. When all is said and done, I'm not sure that I enjoyed this event. It had too many problems for me to overlook. For instance: There were too many scenes where you could tell the writers/producers struggled to give many of the characters something to do (Both Batwoman and Black Lightning come immediately and repeatedly to mind). Smoke wraiths that are defeated with the slightest touch are a waste of CG effects, IMO. All the fights with them lacked any tension or drama whatsoever. Someone forgot to tell the writers that matter and anti-matter annihilate each other, so the idea of the main characters "visiting" the Anti-Monitor's universe (or vice versa) is completely nonsensical. It is just as bad as time travel. Someone forgot to tell the writers that you can't have a place "outside time and space" because without both you have no energy, you have no matter, you have nothing. You have no "place" at all. Nor any living beings to occupy it. Can someone explain to me how Dreamer's powers can form energy blasts or force fields? She enters people's dreams and then interprets them, right? How do you get energy blasts from that? Batwoman's use of her considerably limited supply of bat-shuriken against a horde of smoke wraiths made her look like an idiot. I have a feeling some of the CW writers hate her character. The Speed Force is the most egregious writer's crutch I've ever seen. Anybody who uses it should feel the most profound sense of professional shame. I could go on and on, but I won't. My fingers are getting tired.
  7. Okay, maybe I misunderstood your retort. It seemed to be in response to this statement: And in so responding, it seemed to me that you were saying that the money Venom brought in was evidence that Sony is a company that makes good (Spider-Man-adjacent) movies just as Marvel does. To me that is equivalent to asserting that Marvel and Sony are on par creatively.
  8. Lousy movies make piles of money all the time. Doesn't change the fact that they are garbage that merely prove the old sayings about suckers being born every day and that a fool and his money are soon parted. I think you'll need to use something other than box office figures to support the assertion that the creatives at Sony are on par with those at Marvel Studios. That's not to say Venom in particular was a lousy movie, mind you, I'm just making a general counter-assertion.
  9. No, that was a 4e change. 4e rationalized the various 3e "pools" into the VPP framework. 4e rationalized Detects and Senses. 4e unified the Skill system. Etc. Etc. I'd argue that by any reasonable measure 4e was the most dramatic and effective update to the rules since the game's inception. Rolling back to any version prior to it would be like asking people to give up their smart phones and go back to rotary dial landlines.
  10. IMO, regressing to EGOx1, EGOx2, EGOx3 rather than EGO, EGO+10, EGO+20, etc. and the old Reduced Endurance cost structure is a Very Bad Idea. That's why I don't endorse a 2nd edition re-issue. Too many things were fixed after 2e that shouldn't be re-introduced into anyone's game today, even in the name of "simplifying" it for newcomers (which I do think is a laudable goal, depending on how you go about it).
  11. I'd say we were immunized by the Law of It Doesn't Really Matter. Fidelity to the source material is an extremely fluid principle in Hollywood, even in the hands of a superfan like Kevin Feige.
  12. Until a scriptwriter changes, or makes irrelevant, the character's background in a movie. I guarantee you that nobody will be confused by Henry Zaga's casting as Roberto based on what they see in the movie. Just like nobody will be confused by seeing a (half-)Samoan (Dwayne Johnson) cast as an Egyptian (Black Adam).
  13. Well, look at the decades-long depiction of Nick Fury in the comics versus what they did in the MCU. They went with a depiction from the Ultimates, which was played off as more of a joke than anything else in the books. Nobody really cares. Hollywood changes genders, races, and origin stories all the time; it is something we should be so used to by now that we don't even bat an eyelash at it when it happens. I mean, there is no world in which Valkyrie, a figure from Norse mythology, should ever look (or sound) like Tessa Thompson, and look where all of our collective teeth-gnashing over that one got us.
  14. Well, he looks like this in the comics now: And given that Henry Zaga is Brazilian, I'd say they matched him up pretty well.
  15. Not boredom. Disgruntlement. My guess is she hates her bangs as much as I do. 😉
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