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  1. Sadly, I believe they are trying to make us believe that Lena really is that deeply wounded by being kept out of the We Know Supergirl's Secret Identity Club for so long. It is how they are explaining her soft villainy (i.e., not going Full Luthor) this season. Lex himself gets to have all the brutal, over-the-top masculine villainy while Lena gets to have the gentler, more feminine villainy whereby her not-so-evil agenda is to "make humans nicer to each other". I can't believe the execs at CW actually approved this season's premise and story arc. It's become this weepy, maudlin melodrama about a bunch of women who don't know how to have healthy relationships with each other (and I metaphorically include J'on J'onzz and his brother in that assessment). Actually, Batwoman has been kinda the same so far as well. Are these two shows being written by the same person?
  2. Well to be fair, if genre conventions state that Black Widow should be able to martial-arts her way through a hallway of goons, so too then should Buffy and River.
  3. Combat tech is basically magic in Hollywood; Batarangs, body armor, silencers, and .50 cals. Nothing obeys the laws of physics, rather, they obey the laws of (melo)drama.
  4. It's implied that he had 5 years to level up as a super ninja swordsman. It wasn't overnight.
  5. Are you referring to Eve Tessmacher? It gets worse for her character in the current season.
  6. Hey, don't complain...I didn't even get a t-shirt...
  7. Is there going to be a Cave of Wonders inside there too?
  8. If by "no saving it" you mean you won't watch it any more, then I can certainly sympathize. But if you mean it will be cancelled by the CW, then I'm not sure I agree. The CW, as a network, sets the bar pretty low for itself, and permits shows to continue season after season with very "meh" writing. I think Constantine was the only Arrow-verse show that they cancelled after only one season. And that wasn't because its writing was any worse than any of the other superhero shows. CW ratings don't seem to correlate with the quality of the writing, so even if the writing on Batwoman doesn't noticeably improve soon, I wouldn't be in such a hurry to start a 10-count for it.
  9. I am, and always have been, a big proponent of the digital revolution. But at the same time I still love physical books, and I think a lot of other people do too. Digital publishing may be a growth industry, but when it comes to RPGs it seems that being on game store and book store shelves is still perceived as a major indicator that an RPG is "for real", and is worth investing time and money into as a player (or group).
  10. No, but the perception has pretty much always been that way in America. That is probably changing though. Thanks to the massive commercial and cultural success of the MCU, we now have a generation of kids who are growing up recognizing the validity of superheroes as a lens through which to tell any kind of story, even a mature one. And as much as I find shows like The Boys and Watchmen to be pretty much the opposite of what I want from "superhero storytelling"*, I nevertheless acknowledge that they may have an important role to play in moving the needle on this. * The Boys features plenty of super powers but few, if any, heroes, while Watchmen features precious little of either.
  11. Kate is a Kane, not a Wayne. She can be forgiven for having neither the genetic predisposition nor the traditional Wayne family training in such matters.
  12. GAC could conceivably be misnumbered; it could have been intended to be 435 but landed at the printer with a typo. There is precedent for this. Both my 4e Fantasy Hero and Fantasy Hero Companion are numbered #502 on their spines. The Companion was almost certainly intended to be #503.
  13. Kevin Feige is the exception to nearly every rule in Hollywood. Keep that in mind as the Marvel movie division continues to break new ground and defy expectations, even if only in ways that seem small and relatively inconsequential to the lay-person.
  14. I think the question of "What happened to HERO?" treads into territory that can't be meaningfully addressed by "a few highly motivated people" unless those people are very wealthy. I have not seen the intersection of "highly motivated" and "sufficiently capitalized" appear within the ranks of the HERO player community in all the time I've been a part of it (which goes back to 1982). That, combined with the lack of resources available to the current brand holder, is the primary reason the Hero System has not seen any measurable growth while the hobby as a whole has expanded thanks to the explosion of popularity of D&D 5e.
  15. Back in 2nd edition days, we used the Enemies books as examples of possible character builds.
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