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  1. Countless players had little or no issues playing 4e (errata aside) without running to BBSes every session. If you had to do that then you just didn't grok the game system. 90% of the material added to the 5e (and 6e) rulebook was stuff most players I knew had no trouble coming up with on their own using the very same rules framework Steve Long did.
  2. I agree with Chris to an extent. I always felt that the best edition was 4e with a few of 5e's new ideas sprinkled in. But using 5e or 6e as the foundation is not my preference. One huge advantage of 4e, in my view, is that it doesn't lure you into thinking you have to search the rulebook for the "official" answer to every tiny piece of minutiae that comes up in play (or during character creation). Quite a bit is left up to you and your players to reasonably extrapolate from what's given. Once you get the hang of that, you'll be using the system as a general framework for playing a
  3. He was an amazing designer. His Semiotic Standard inspired this keycap set that I put together a few years back.
  4. Or given her those horrific bangs.
  5. Big thumbs up to the work Chris is doing converting BT to RW/Hero. A very worthy effort!
  6. And as to who will be the next Black Panther (same video as Starlord's link, but with the in-point set to the relevant position):
  7. Disney was dumb enough to shoot a movie in Xinjiang and then dumb enough to turn it into a PR nightmare; they might just be dumb enough to re-cast T'Challa. #AnythingIsPossibleTheseDays.
  8. That will never happen. Disney (Feige in particular) understands the optics of doing something like that, and will find a rational way forward that doesn't involve recasting T'Challa.
  9. Out of curiosity, what, exactly, is the goal of trying to convince anyone here what Marvel could or could not do about this?
  10. Writers usually get themselves out of such binds pretty regularly in the comics. Bad writers do a bad job of it, but Marvel's writers have been better than most in the superhero cinema space. I have faith in Feige and Co. that they will figure out a way (acceptable to fans) to move forward with the Black Panther franchise, without Boseman and without the magical herb.
  11. Unless multiverse time travel shenanigans allow the return of the herb from some other timeline.
  12. From a fan perspective Cavill is ideal for Superman. However, it is well known throughout Hollywood that he is hard to work with. Not exactly a team player. And he absolutely is not on Team Warner Brothers.
  13. Actually, that movie was more of an allegory for the American exercise of power and its penchant to act unilaterally (and potentially irresponsibly) outside its own borders, all in the name of saving others. Without the legal MacGuffin of the Sokovian Accords there is no "civil war". So it really all comes down to what those accords are attempting to do, which is to place operational constraints on the Avengers and put a multi-national committee in charge of them. It had nothing to do with heroism or justice, but international arms control. The reason this put Tony at odds with Steve is becaus
  14. Sure, but someone had to try it first. It could have been DC instead of Marvel, having a potential jumping off point with the success of the Nolan movies. But it turns out that it was Marvel who had the right people with the talent and vision to see the possibilities, and the patience to let a long game unspool as Feige saw fit. DC had none of that, and still has none to this day.
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