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  1. Well, I consider such an allegorical story from Plato to be the equivalent of a folklore/mythology mashup. I put the story of Atlantis in the same category as Arthurian legend, which is to say folklore/myth. Scholars are of course free to quibble with my terminology, but I think everyone grasps what I mean.
  2. We should expect that two major competitors in the superhero comics business would duplicate each other's character concepts now and then. In any fan debate over which company was the "original creator" of such character concepts, well, most arguments tend to fall flat in the face of all the folklore and mythology said companies borrow heavily from anyway.
  3. And while that's kinda inconvenient if you don't have the original module, I think it is a pretty good approach overall. However, I recall how in the 1990s, before M:tG made WotC filthy rich, an overly-litigious Kevin Sambieda sued them (or threatened to) over conversion material in The Primal Order for the Paladium system. The claim would never have stood up in court, of course, but WotC was too small back then to afford any kind of legal defense. In effect, Sambieda won the way most corporate bullies win, by having more financial leverage over their competition (rather than by having a legitimate legal claim).
  4. Nolo.com has this to say on the subject of transformative fair use: ...the status of a transformative work seems to be defined by two questions: Has the material taken from the original work been transformed by adding new expression or meaning? Was value added to the original by creating new information, new aesthetics, new insights, and understandings? I think a rewritten D&D module, adapted for a completely different system could easily pass the transformative work test. But ultimately the question can only be answered by a judge.
  5. Has she accepted the role? The latest news I saw only said it was being offered to her.
  6. I agree. Justice Inc. is a real gem. However, I can understand the impulse to leave it shrinkwrapped for its collectibility. I have a copy of Espionage! still in shrinkwrap and I wish I had a shrinkwrapped Justice Inc. to go with it!
  7. So I'm about a third of the way through season 6 of Game of Thrones and I heard a line of dialogue that completely took me out of the story. In truth, it was only the most recent example of the language anachronisms that are absolutely littered throughout the show. Remember when a Starbucks cup made it into a shot and made global headlines? Well, the linguistic equivalent was when Cersei said, and I quote: "Give us the room." Now I realize that the "common tongue of Westeros" is being translated into contemporary English for our benefit, but this is not the way to do it IMO. Tolkien did the same thing in his Middle Earth stories, but he never resorted to modern colloquialisms and/or slang. He understood that conveying the sense that the story took place in a historical past (i.e., equivalent to medieval Europe) required making the language sound, at the very least, old fashioned to a modern ear. Without question, "Give us the room." fails to follow this principle. And it makes me wonder if this sort of thing actually appeared in Martin's original novel text, or if this is just the result of lazy Hollywood adaptation.
  8. I have to believe that Kevin Feige feels the same way. He's the one guy in all of Hollywood that truly loves and understands the source material.
  9. Yes, but translating the work into a different game system is like translating a text into a new language, and would be categorized as a transformative work. The degree of transformation, and thus the proximity to violation would fall to a local court. However, I am presuming that all the original module text would be re-written in the adaptation author's own words, and probably even changed a bit to suit the target game system. "Derivative" or not, it doesn't take much for the derivation to be judged a new work.
  10. There's a very simple (and very open) license agreement for the Hero System available--is it still in the download section here?--but as Hugh alluded to, you'll probably have to cite the WotC (Hasbro?) copyrights and trademarks on the old AD&D modules. Now, assuming you aren't copying any of the text of those modules verbatim, then you won't be in violation of copyright law, and since none of the character names in those modules are trademarked, you should be fine there too. There might be trademark implications if you use the name Greyhawk though, so tread carefully (does the G/D/Q module series take place in Greyhawk? I don't remember.)
  11. None of the MCU shows will be airing until Fall 2020, Spring 2021, or later. Therefore, 100% of the Disney+ content will be non-MCU related for the next year or so. In fact, of all the shows available at launch on November 12th, the only one that interests me is The Mandalorian. I guess I will be waiting at least a year before bothering to subscribe.
  12. That shouldn't be difficult if they give her the full range of her comic book powers:
  13. I think a lot of people will go to the Eternals movie just to see Angelina Jolie in the MCU and also to see "Robb Stark and Jon Snow" back together again, as it were.
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