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  1. My favorites as a kid were always: A Wolf in the Fold Shore Leave The Arena A Piece of the Action
  2. There was one in the works and, as I understand it, it was to be the final volume in the 6E Core Library, but Hero Games lacked the financial resources to complete the project and get it published. You'll have to use the 5E vehicle books and convert to 6E. And no, I'm not aware of any conversion documents specifically for 5E vehicles anywhere.
  3. I'm old school. Paper and pencil for me. 4th grade math doesn't scare me. I can do that stuff mostly in my head. I think doing it manually is a good way for beginners to learn the Hero System. You get a deeper grasp and appreciation for the character building architecture of the game when you do everything yourself. Once one has mastered the system, however, I can see how using Hero Designer could be a huge time saver. Hero Designer could also be a good way to "check your work", so to speak, and confirm one's understanding of the game. But in general I find that software can't keep up with my creative flow as I toy with various ideas and concepts, whereas I find no such cognitive lag with pencil and paper.
  4. Why not just use the 5E rules? There's really no advantage to using 6E, in my view.
  5. Sure, but this whiplash-like variation in his characterization is a relatively modern phenomenon, representing in my judgment an inability on the part of DC to maintain readership without constantly thrusting out a new hot take on the character every few months. More gimmick than organic character development, these takes on the character feel more like random experiments than natural progressions of the original character concept to me. In part this is a natural consequence of having so many writers put in charge of writing stories involving the Joker. However, the fact that the Joker has virtually no core identity anymore, apart from his name and arch-nemesis status to Batman, is a failure of editorial leadership over at DC in the last couple of decades, in my view. Much like there has been zero leadership taking charge of the DCEU, and look at the hot mess that turned out to be.
  6. Leto's Joker is IMO the most "Elseworlds" of all the cinematic Jokers. For me, Elseworlds stories/characters are only one tiny step above fan creations in terms of legitimacy within the canon. They may be entertaining in their own way, but they aren't "the real thing" in my view.
  7. Yeah, this Ryan Wild character sounds like a riff on Cassandra Cain.
  8. I can't say I was that impressed with Shazam! Don't get me wrong, it was competently made, I just don't think I was its target demographic. The whole conceit of a kid driving a (super-powered) adult body, but still thinking and acting like a kid, was something that just didn't appeal to me all that much (as an older adult). That concept was cute when it was just a light, fluffy, dramedy starring Tom Hanks back in 1988, but it just didn't resonate with me as a narrative vehicle for telling a superhero story today. Aquaman was another movie that a lot of people liked but left me fairly disappointed. While it had a lot of very comic-booky moments that I could appreciate, it was full of too much dumb stuff (most of the underwater action, for instance) for me. Plus I just can't get on board with this particular depiction of the character's personality. I don't care for Miller's bumbling, socially awkward Flash, and I don't care for Momoa's crass frat-boy Aquaman either. I always thought Cavill and Affleck were good choices for Superman and Batman respectively, but I agree with Spence that neither really got to play those characters (except for Cavill who got to be Superman for Justice League's final act). I thought Cyborg was well conceived and executed in the movie, but he was weighed down with too much brooding angst, and I think that really marred what was otherwise a terrific portrayal. That leaves Gal Godot who takes the award for best portrayal as I feel she embodied--and more importantly, was allowed to embody--the character of Wonder Woman in all her powerful, compassionate, thoughtful glory. Apart from a by-the-numbers, CGI-heavy Final Battle, the Wonder Woman movie did pretty much everything right, and in some cases showed flashes of cinematic brilliance. That's why, in my view, it stands head and shoulders above all other DCEU movies.
  9. Wonder Woman is the only DCEU movie I would watch again. It is the only DCEU movie I own on physical media. It is the only DCEU movie worth watching more than once, IMO.
  10. I feel that Snyder's upcoming changes are basically an attempt to put lipstick on a chicken. There's simply no saving Justice League. Whedon may have added dubious elements to it, but it was rotten to the core before he got his hands on it, IMO.
  11. In my experience, a team of opponents (villains + thugs) of equal point value is easy, medium, or hard based on the skills of the GM. A GM who knows how to coordinate the attacks (and powers) of his villains will be far more effective than their point totals suggest. A GM who is only a mediocre battlefield tactician is going to present an easy-to-medium challenge to a hero team of equivalent points.
  12. I kinda agree with Spence on this. Adobe has effectively priced the hobbyist out of their product suite.
  13. No. It is only 244 pages. Like I said, the 4e softcover Champions sourcebook had the same cover as the BBB.
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