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  1. I really want to see them tackle The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill in the MCU, but I don't feel that Taika is the right director for that story. I'd rather have the Russo Brothers in charge of something with that much noble gravitas.
  2. A Rolls Royce Wraith only cost £1700 back in 1938. What a piece of garbage it must have been.
  3. Comparing box office numbers without accounting for inflation is also apples and oranges, and yet that is the approach taken by Hollywood because one-upsmanship is more important than making valid comparisons. In show business, perception always wins out over reality.
  4. My main character--currently 40th level--is a Hit Girl clone: Staff Fighting/Willpower Brute. I have two other versions of her (same costume) with different power sets, all of them Brutes: Street Justice/Willpower and Dual Pistols/Willpower, neither of which is even 15th level yet. All of them are fun to play, but I definitely prefer melee dps over ranged dps in terms of style of play.
  5. Adjusted for inflation, that Avatar figure comes to about $3.3B. Which is still quite a bit less than Gone With the Wind (when similarly adjusted). Endgame never really had a chance.
  6. The term "plot hole" is going the way of the word "literally", losing its original meaning in favor of a colloquial (mis-)usage that has gained immense cultural momentum thanks to the power of millions of people normalizing the solecism. But that's an entirely different bugaboo, perhaps for a different thread... My issue with Endgame's time travel isn't the so-called plot holes it creates, but rather the glossed-over questions of ethics vs. pragmatism. When your script establishes the notion of infinite timelines with infinite variations of the reality that the protagonists (and thus, the viewers) experience, I feel there is a narrative duty to do a better job of explaining the consequences of interacting (interfering?) with those timelines. It leaves those of us in the Nerd Tribe with too many nagging questions for which there are no satisfying answers because the writers chose not to place any importance on providing any.
  7. Power sets were proliferated between archetypes little by little over the course of several issues. I'd love to see the Homecoming team proliferate Weapon Mastery to Brutes.
  8. Saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse on Netflix over the weekend. I didn't really care for it, tbh.
  9. There is a very good trade paperback collection of that original storyline called The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill. Worth getting is you can find it (on eBay probably).
  10. Yes, that was the document I was thinking of. Thanks Spence!
  11. Dude, we are of the same tribe, you and I. From my brain to your fingers, it seems. However, I will say that superhero genre conventions do make their way into my playstyle in that they inform the nature of the problems that the heroes will face. They inform the way the heroes will be treated, by citizens and by villains. They inform the way I expect citizens and villains to be treated by the PCs. And so forth. Genre conventions should make the game feel like the source material, so that players could never mistake a superhero campaign with, say, a fantasy campaign.
  12. So this "plan" is not really an explicit plan per se (i.e., nobody actually comes up with a strategic plan of attack), but rather an abstract thing that is just used to rationalize giving out bonuses or Luck dice or whatever?
  13. Yeah, this is a blatant attempt to push Endgame past Avatar. Which is really kinda silly since total box office results should be adjusted for inflation, and before anyone tries to claim bragging rights to the top spot all-time, they have a little movie called Gone With the Wind to contend with.
  14. Maybe "tropes" has become overused and doesn't really belong in this discussion. If so, then I'll gladly switch to the more traditional and acceptable term "genre conventions".
  15. Yeah, cuz new players from other games/genres need to learn how to be heroes somehow. They can't be expected to have a moral compass that points to "lawful good" all on their own... 😩
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