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  1. I consider this to be the ideal strategy as well.
  2. And Feige is still in charge of QC for the MCU. I do not look forward to the day he leaves that post.
  3. I wouldn't put too much stock in that sort of feedback. Steve Peterson revealed at numerous GenCons past that when asked what genre they'd like to see Hero Games focus on, "Pulp Action" was frequently and passionately suggested by Hero players, but then when it came time to actually buy the pulp-themed products, nobody bought them. It was as if players like the idea of the genre, but didn't care to spend their money on it. I would argue that the superhero genre is in the same boat today.
  4. A theory that could only inhabit the 616 comics continuity I'm afraid. There is no Mistress Death in the MCU, and I strongly suspect there never will be at this point.
  5. The thing is, that poll is a very select data sample. It only tells us what current Hero System veterans would like to see. It says virtually nothing about what type of setting would get the Hero System played by (more of) the RPG masses, which is what I feel a signature setting should aim to do. I'd further argue that in the 21st century, there hasn't been a single superhero setting that has caught fire with TTRPG players at large, and the CU is not going to be the one to change that. No superhero setting will be, as I don't believe the majority of TTRPGers are interested in playing in that genre (regardless of how much they may like going to an MCU movie once or twice a year).
  6. Now that's thinking like a comic book writer! Well done, archer.
  7. Hey, I'm all for a version of a team that may not be the "iconic" comics version of the team, as long as it turns out really good. I would say that the MCU Guardians rose to that standard, at least for me. The Netflix Defenders, on the other hand, did not.
  8. For fans who are looking to have that scratch itched, it looks like Valkyrie may have Capt Marvel to play with in the future. 🤔
  9. I'm not thrilled with the Birds of Prey team being Elseworlds'ed like this though, putting Harley in charge of a team of heroes/vigilantes in place of Oracle. It's as if the producers couldn't think of a better way to showcase Harley (as a title character) without appropriating another property in the DC catalog and "re-invisioning" it. 🤮
  10. Yeah, there was no way Warner Brothers was going to let Jamie Alexander take time away from Blindspot to help Disney make $2.5B.
  11. Me too. I just wish he'd been given better material to work with. I don't feel we got to see Affleck reach his full potential in the role.
  12. I think Affleck was a decent choice, and the fact that his version of the character didn't strike a deep chord with audiences isn't really his fault. As for Keaton, well, I guess he was okay. I must be the only person who never thought he was all that great in the role. He made for a serviceable Bruce Wayne, but I don't feel he was a convincing Batman. The whole "put him in body armor with fake muscles" approach was started with Keaton because he didn't have the physique to be a superhero, and the precedent it set in Hollywood has been truly unfortunate, in my view.
  13. Licensed settings are expensive if the setting is super popular already (like Game of Thrones). And even then it is a total gamble as to whether or not RPGers will line up in droves to play in that setting. There is substantially less financial risk in developing your own setting, and you also end up with much greater creative and logistical control over your product line. And the chances for long-term success are probably about the same.
  14. Hero Games doesn't own the IP to the Champions Universe anymore, do they? I thought they sold that off to Cryptic a long time ago. If so, then from a legal point of view, they don't really "have" it anymore. But that's sort of besides the point, I think, because even though historically it may be their signature setting, it has zero traction in the broader RPG marketplace. Moreover, I don't think a superhero setting is likely to ever gain much traction, despite the enormous popularity of superheroes on the big screen. As a TTRPG genre it's always going to be incredibly niche and, basically, overlooked. That's why I think that a signature setting in a new genre is needed. Something with broader appeal, like sci-fi (but please, not fantasy...that's space is just too crowded).
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