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  1. He was an amazing designer. His Semiotic Standard inspired this keycap set that I put together a few years back.
  2. Or given her those horrific bangs.
  3. Big thumbs up to the work Chris is doing converting BT to RW/Hero. A very worthy effort!
  4. And as to who will be the next Black Panther (same video as Starlord's link, but with the in-point set to the relevant position):
  5. Disney was dumb enough to shoot a movie in Xinjiang and then dumb enough to turn it into a PR nightmare; they might just be dumb enough to re-cast T'Challa. #AnythingIsPossibleTheseDays.
  6. That will never happen. Disney (Feige in particular) understands the optics of doing something like that, and will find a rational way forward that doesn't involve recasting T'Challa.
  7. Out of curiosity, what, exactly, is the goal of trying to convince anyone here what Marvel could or could not do about this?
  8. Writers usually get themselves out of such binds pretty regularly in the comics. Bad writers do a bad job of it, but Marvel's writers have been better than most in the superhero cinema space. I have faith in Feige and Co. that they will figure out a way (acceptable to fans) to move forward with the Black Panther franchise, without Boseman and without the magical herb.
  9. Unless multiverse time travel shenanigans allow the return of the herb from some other timeline.
  10. From a fan perspective Cavill is ideal for Superman. However, it is well known throughout Hollywood that he is hard to work with. Not exactly a team player. And he absolutely is not on Team Warner Brothers.
  11. Actually, that movie was more of an allegory for the American exercise of power and its penchant to act unilaterally (and potentially irresponsibly) outside its own borders, all in the name of saving others. Without the legal MacGuffin of the Sokovian Accords there is no "civil war". So it really all comes down to what those accords are attempting to do, which is to place operational constraints on the Avengers and put a multi-national committee in charge of them. It had nothing to do with heroism or justice, but international arms control. The reason this put Tony at odds with Steve is becaus
  12. Sure, but someone had to try it first. It could have been DC instead of Marvel, having a potential jumping off point with the success of the Nolan movies. But it turns out that it was Marvel who had the right people with the talent and vision to see the possibilities, and the patience to let a long game unspool as Feige saw fit. DC had none of that, and still has none to this day.
  13. I feel like that is a false dichotomy. DC could have used Nolan's Gotham City as the basis for a shared universe even without Nolan directing beyond his three Batman films. It would have required a producer like Feige at the helm over at Warner Brothers with the vision to do that and with the mojo to secure Bale as Batman going forward, but they didn't.
  14. Iron Man came out the same year that The Dark Knight came out. TDK was the second movie in its series, which meant that DC was already one whole movie ahead of Marvel in terms of potentially establishing a usable continuity/franchise for a shared universe. But DC simply didn't have the vision to walk that path. They sat around and watched Marvel spend the next five years building a cinematic universe one movie and one core character at a time. By 2013 when Snyder's Man of Steel came out, and DC saw what they thought was their ticket to a cinematic universe, they were hopelessly behind and desp
  15. I like the idea of a Batman movie dipping its stylistic toes into Noir Detective territory, but the idea of trying to be "realistic" is still ridiculous to me any time you're talking about a costumed crimefighter going up against outrageous, costumed criminals/villains.
  16. DC seems to think that their "hyper-realism" approach to superheroes is the critical distinction that sets them apart from the MCU; the one thing that prevents them from being accused of trying to mimic the MCU. And since they don't have what it takes (patience, vision, talent) to embark on the long-form narrative journey that Marvel did, they are doubling-down on their gritty, hyper-realism play instead. But it gets worse. They are also developing this mess of a Flash movie whereby they are dragging previous incarnations of Batman out from the dustbins of nostalgic pop culture and calling it
  17. \ If you are making a Batman movie and this is what your Riddler looks like, something has gone horribly, horribly wrong. Everyone in Hollywood has a major hard-on for "re-imagining" iconic characters from fiction. 99% of the time these efforts are miserable failures, and all the so-called creative energy that was spent on them would have been better spent creating an entirely new characters. DC still doesn't know what it wants to do. They are rudderless in terms of overall creative direction. Their repeated attempt(s) to get people excited for their piecemeal approach
  18. In reading Ragitsu's post, I think it is about disliking a change that lost functionality/compatibility (with an addon he uses) that was previously present and working without issue. I think the issue is that forum software can't be expected to work with every third-party addon out there in perpetuity. And just because said addon works with other sites doesn't obligate this site to maintain compatibility with it as a priority.
  19. The site is also super slow right now. It takes several seconds to load/navigate to any page.
  20. If you're not doing at least a little bit of acting when playing an RPG you're basically just moving a piece around a theater-of-the-mind boardgame (I think the word "theater" is quite appropriate here). Doing that makes D&D not much different from Chainmail (with the fantasy supplement), which is not an RPG. A lot of people have grown up believing, thanks to video games, that any game which tracks the progress of a character over time is an RPG. And maybe that's all it takes for a video game to be a "video game RPG", but that's not what a TTRPG is. And you don't have to be an accomplished
  21. Oh, I definitely agree. Metagame knowledge should not be permitted to affect the game. I just think that when it comes to intellectual and social abilities, this cuts both ways to an extent. Yes, we are playing characters who are not (usually) copies of ourselves, with abilities we don't necessarily possess. But RPGs are like boardgames where players have the unique opportunity to "play out" social interactions verbally, and to work out mysteries and find creative solutions to problems themselves. They should be availing themselves of these opportunities rather than sloffing off th
  22. To my mind this is the Roll Playing vs. Role Playing debate, and while I fall somewhere in the middle on that, my old school gaming background pulls me closer to the role playing camp than to the roll playing camp. When it comes to mental and social activities in the game, I want the players to do most of the work themselves, and not rely on dice rolls. My rule of thumb is simple: if you aren't comfortable portraying a character with high mental and/or social abilities, then don't make one. Turning everything you do into a dice rolling exercise places too much emphasis on the Game and takes to
  23. Well, to be fair, in The Hobbit the DM had the charitable sense to give the hapless 3rd level Halfling Rogue an enchanted short sword and a mythril mail shirt, and to make a Ring of Invisibility available during the quest, knowing full well that the climax of the campaign was going to be an encounter with an ancient red dragon and a large-scale battle involving five armies and a huge werebear. And yet despite all that wonderful gear, said Halfling Rogue talked his way out of his encounter with the dragon rather than trying to fight his way out of it. And in an Old School game, this would be re
  24. Skills aren't necessary for coming up with and executing a clever plan to avoid combat and still achieve your objectives. In fact, the standard of play at the time allowed characters to do most mundane things without having to make skill rolls, so long as the player described what their character was attempting in a plausible manner. This notion that it's all about the player's abilities rather than the character's abilities (outside of magic or combat, for the most part) is what distinguishes "old school gaming" from contemporary RPGing. Combat was not the only objective resolution mechanism,
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