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  1. So at what point did everyone realize it was Luke Skywalker coming to the rescue in the finale? When Ahsoka said that a Jedi might come searching for Grogu (and that not many were left), three episodes earlier? The moment an X-Wing fighter landed on the light cruiser? The moment a black-cloaked figure appeared on the video monitors? The moment the figure swung a lightsaber? The moment the lightsaber was shown in color (being green)? Only after Luke pulled back his hood? (I don't know how to make this into a poll).
  2. I would have loved to see a prisoner break-out sequence. It would have been far more entertaining, and it would have made a lot more sense. But it would also have taken a lot of time out of the episode (to do properly), and they had a very important date with an Imperial terminal to focus on instead.
  3. Hollywood is becoming dependent on Chinese box office the way western society is dependent on Middle Eastern oil. It is difficult to be the master of your own destiny when you are beholden to someone else's resources.
  4. Been watching Mandalorian season 2. Episode 7 was the "Mando and Mayfield Show", and it was full of contrivances and plot holes big enough to drive a sandcrawler through. And how did Fett's armor get so clean and freshly painted? Are we to believe he kept a supply of dark green and red paint on Slave-1 all these years just for that purpose? Also, his armor doesn't look like Beskar because it doesn't look like raw metal. But I don't know much about Beskar and if it can be--or typically is--painted.
  5. Yes, indeed. You did a much better job at articulating the crux of this than I could. My general point about Marvel feeling the pressure still stands. One wonders if Kevin Feige will let fan pressure dictate his production slate ever again though, particularly when it conflicts with his (or his boss's) business instincts.
  6. Yes, that's right, slikmar. Disney gets all of that sweet, sweet streaming revenue, and they don't have to share any of it with theaters or foreign distributors. They get 50-60% of box office returns domestically and only about 25% of foreign box office, so raking in 100% of the streaming revenue surely feels like a win to them. However, the all-important optics of being a box office smash still mean more from a purely PR perspective than the financials will ever justify, even in the age of COVID. And in that regard Black Widow is another disappointment (along with other MCU "under-performers" like Ant-man). But honestly, even had the theatrical schedule not been torn apart by coronavirus, I don't think Black Widow would have done much better than Ant-man anyway. It's just not the kind of movie that gets that many people excited. For instance, I also don't think that a Falcon and the Winter Soldier movie would have fared any better. In fact, Black Widow might have been better placed as a Disney+ show than as a marquis MCU movie. But Marvel was feeling intense pressure to make another female-led superhero "blockbuster", and so here we are.
  7. Greywind put it quite succinctly. The rings of power amplify the intrinsic nature/character of the wearers. Dwarves only want to mine for treasure and build great mountain kingdoms, so it turned out there was little there for Sauron to exploit through his One Ring. Men lust for power and immortality, and that is a very easy thing for Sauron to take advantage of. And while it's true that Sauron would not have been able to "touch" the Elves through their rings, he would no doubt have been able to discern the locations of those rings through the One Ring, and would have spent considerable and terrifying effort to obtain them (and use them against the Elves in some fashion). I would say that the One Ring has the ability to Sense the other rings of power over any distance, but this "Sense Rings of Power" is not a common ability of all rings of power, just the One. I would also say that the One Ring has the ability to extinguish the powers of the other rings, excluding the Elven rings of course. One has to imagine it was the threat of this that kept the Ringwraiths loyal to a large degree. I suppose you could write that up as some kind of Transform, but for simplicity's sake I wouldn't bother since the One Ring is essentially just a Plot Device artifact anyway.
  8. The One Ring was designed to make it easier for its wearer to dominate others, particularly those of weak mental fortitude or those easily corrupted. Sauron was all about domination and control, and the One Ring reflected this. He knew he would never be able to subdue and control his most hated enemy, the elves, through military action or the sheer power of his will alone, so he tricked them into crafting the means by which he could: the rings of power. His greatest fear in the Third Age was that his ring would find its way into the hands of someone who could use it against him; an elf lord, a descendant of the Kings of Westernesse, or another maia. They would have the means to bend Sauron's armies to their will rather than his, and he would be supplanted as the "lord of the rings" (and all of Middle-Earth as a result). In terms of FRPG "powers", I would say it grants Invisibility with a very slow Transform Self into Wraith side effect, and a small Cumulative Mind Control with a massive Area of Effect that can only be unlocked by someone with a massively high EGO and PRE (and the Endurance to keep it going long-term).
  9. Disney works very hard to make all their Marvel stuff "must watch now" type content. They heavily promote the notion that their movies and streaming shows are cultural events. You don't want to be left out of the national conversation about what's going on in pop culture right? That's why their streaming shows are released one episode per week, and why nearly every Marvel movie is designed to set up the next one in the series. They want everyone feeling like they have to see this stuff at release for fear of spoilers and basic FOMO. This strategy seems to work very well on most fans under the age of 50.
  10. Ternaugh is absolutely correct. We single folks are not expected to get the same value from the PVOD price as a family, or even a couple. As usual, those of us who do participate subsidize all the families out there (just like with health insurance and other financial programs with society-wide reach).
  11. I just finished watching WandaVision. I liked Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany tremendously. I found the show entertaining and enjoyable overall. However, this show firmly proves, to me at least, that "magic" in the MCU is an incoherent mess. That is not good (for the integrity of the MCU). Not being able to make sense of a setting's magic removes viewer engagement. We become trained to just accept that anything can happen at any time because plot advancement requires it. Sure, there was one magic "rule" that was established towards the end of the show that had a dramatic payoff, but I fully expect that they will forget all about that rule going forward and we'll never see or hear about it again in the MCU. Magic is like time travel in that nobody in Hollywood seems to know how to use it properly as an element of world-building. Next up...Falcon and The Winter Soldier.
  12. Shazam! was mediocre at best, in my view. It tried too hard to be an homage to Big, and while that worked for lots of people, it didn't work for me. The movie suffered from tonal whiplash to a degree, and the supersuit was awful. As for Aquaman, I agree with you. It was colorful, but the underwater action scenes made no sense whatsoever and were a complete cinematographic mess more often than not. Moreover, I don't care for this take on the character, which isn't Jason Momoa's fault; he does a great job doing what he is asked to do. I just think this particular Aquaman characterization is rather misguided, and almost a little embarrassing to watch sometimes.
  13. WB/DC is the studio where they just throw stuff at the wall in the hopes that something will stick, and then make sub-par movies after a successful first outing. Box office disappointment follows. Then they decide audiences must want something diametrically opposed to what briefly worked, and they throw something else at the wall. That's how we get Latino Supergirl, black Superman, gender-bent Terry McGinnis, and a desperate "multi-verse" play. It's sad, really, because the traditional DC superheroes have a lot to offer, and, with the exception of Gadot's Wonder Woman, have yet to be depicted authentically in live action in my view.
  14. I wonder what the studio execs think the reason for that is. I wonder what the real reason for that is. (The answer is rarely the same for both.)
  15. Decades from now, when history looks back on the evolution of social media, it will be said that the greatest trick TikTok ever played on its dim-witted members was to convince them that lip-syncing was a cool and clever way to express oneself.
  16. Unreliable narrators add a great deal of verisimilitude and (realistic) ambiguity to a narrative, but they drive people who love "canon" bananas.
  17. Dependence feels like the wrong area of the system to look for a solution for this, but maybe that's just me.
  18. Do the +1/4 Advantage and -1/4 Limitation cancel each other out in this case of "modeling the fiddly bits"? If so, then this is functionally equivalent to just describing how it works in a small block of text and not assigning any modifier(s) to it at all, right?
  19. That depends. Is Feige a DC super-fan? If not then I'm sure he would let someone else take the mantle of that IP. He's already the Marvel Czar and even has a Star Wars movie in development (supposedly). His plate is full.
  20. I happen to think it matters just how often this slow-drain END issue is going to affect the character. If the answer is "very rarely" then I question the merit in modeling it so accurately and bothering with all the bookkeeping it requires.
  21. James Gunn managed to get hired at WB (and rehired at Disney), so anything is possible. Especially in Hollywood. The general public has a rather short memory, even if hardcore fans do not.
  22. Is there some place where forum ranks and the point system are described/explained? Apparently I am rank 12 out of 14 ("Mentor") and need 111 points to reach the next rank. But I don't understand what any of that means.
  23. I guess you could assign a -1/4 "Real Powered Armor" Limitation, like the Real Weapon Limitation that imposes "real world" limitations to weapons as a single catch-all Limitation worth -1/4.
  24. Well, yeah, they got the spirit of the character and setting right, but the execution was just plain awful in so many ways. It is actually kinda sad that any of us feel compelled to agree with the above statement.
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