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  1. Low ratings could also be due to mainstream audiences being disgruntled over the fact that WB/DC won't do a Batman series, and seeing Batwoman as an unacceptable substitute.
  2. The story I read said: "The report did not mention how the change would impact the comics wing of Marvel, which is still operated by editor-in-chief C.B. Cebulski."
  3. I'd like to see Kate move on as well; she's got more important things to do now anyway. Having said that, Kate seems to be big on Being True to Oneself as a way of life, and probably thought that Mary was too. You'd think that Mary's willingness to hide and suppress her sexual orientation from the military was a big huge clue that she wasn't into standing up to society and its institutions if it makes her life complicated and difficult. Mary is not like Kate, and the sooner Kate accepts that, the sooner the show will have the narrative space to concentrate on what's really interesting about a Bat-anything character, which is the detective-vigilante thing. But this is the CW, and so romance is unfortunately going to be pushed hard one way or the other.
  4. Has there ever been, in the history of Hollywood, a prisoner transfer that went smoothly? Sheesh. Thankfully it looks like next week she gets the red hair and bat logo.
  5. Aquaman. It was okay. Not bad, not great. Didn't love it, didn't hate it. It was fun at times, but it was also quite cheesy, cartoony, and predictable. The vfx were decent (I particularly liked the Karathen), and the cinematography of the Sicily action sequence was superb, but the movie was a bit ruined for me by the plastic surgery horror show that was Nicole Kidman's face.
  6. I remember when there was a decent Nancy Drew show on tv, but back then it was called Veronica Mars.
  7. 1. I think the problem with Jon, née Aegon, was that being a Targaryon meant there would always be a chance that some faction would try to push him onto the throne as its "true heir", not buying into Tyrion's new concept of a Republic. The safest place for him is in the "real North", where he seems to feel the most comfortable anyway. 2. The other leaders probably understood the benefits of a unified Westeros, with only the northern lords being stubbornly beholden to old, outdated attitudes. I agree though that the seventh and eighth seasons were too short, and the unfolding story felt rushed as a result.
  8. I'm going to withhold judgment until after I've seen a few more episodes. I mean, until she's got the red hair flowing from the cowl and the red bat logo on the chest, she's not yet really Batwoman in my view.
  9. Just finished watching Game of Thrones. It took me about five months to go through the DVDs. I (and my gf) are probably the only people on the planet who have no problem with the way season 8 ended. I have my theories as to why that is...
  10. Kara (Melissa) got a little chubby again between seasons. And those bangs have got to go. Ugh! So ugly. And I'm not a huge fan of the new suit. I'm all for a super onesie, but something about the one they gave her just isn't flattering for some reason. And after bingeing eight seasons of Game of Thrones since seeing the last Supergirl episode from last season, the tonal shift (and overall stupidity level) gave me whiplash. But I still can't quit her! Shakes fist at Melissa Benoist!
  11. Why does Disney think anyone would even remotely care what Eccleston's terms would be for returning as Malekith?
  12. The whole "cinema" vs. "movie" thing reminds me of the elitists who insist there's a qualitative difference between "sci-fi" and "science fiction". Or the nerd wars over "trekkie" vs. "trekker". Peeps gotta feel superior, I guess.
  13. I also think it depends on the audience in question. There is a sizable audience for whom Boyz n the Hood is as deeply cinematic, dramatic, and meaningful as Raging Bull is to any Scorsese fan. Martin Scorsese is certainly free to hold up his movies (and by implication the American New Wave in general) as exemplars of cinema, but he can't expect everyone to agree with him.
  14. I'd say that when it comes to properly stroking Hollywood egos in interviews, Dini is a quick learner. You play the Hollywood spin game, or you don't get to play in Hollywood at all.
  15. Until the Suicide Squad movie came out, Harley Quinn's signature motif was a red and black. It wasn't until the movie's "success" that this shifted to red and blue. There is nothing in the movie version that resembles the comic book version that came before it; if anything the comics have since decided to adapt to the movie version of the character.
  16. Harley in the comics (and the animated series) is less self-aware and a little more clueless about things. She succeeds almost by accident much of the time, and is never in as much control of matters as she thinks she is. This movie version seems kinda the opposite of that.
  17. IMO, this movie isn't even for Harley Quinn fans since the movie doesn't present a Harley Quinn that any fan of the (comics) character would remotely recognize. It's worse for the other so-called "Birds of Prey" characters. This movie seems aimed squarely at the feminist empowerment crowd, posing Harley as a mistreated gal who washes that "J-man" right out of her hair and takes the reins of her life into her own sociopathic hands. I don't see much evidence that Margot Robbie or Christina Hodson understands the character very well (if at all), and whoever thought it was a good idea to co-opt Barbara Gordon's crime-fighting crew for this garbage should be banned from ever producing another DC movie ever again.
  18. I'm totally underwhelmed by the trailer. I'm not sure I would even bother to watch it for free on Netflix (not that it will ever show up there, but you get my point).
  19. After the first Avengers movie came out, the template for a successful cinematic superhero franchise was drawn, and WB/DC accepted the challenge to do the same for their own properties, believing that "Anything Marvel can do we can do better," something they've taken as institutional dogma since the 1960s. It is only in the wake of miserable failure and an inability to even come close to what Marvel accomplished that they--and their fans--adopted the "Okay, well, we don't have to do what Marvel does," position. Conceding defeat to Marvel was never DC's way in the past, but apparently it is now since they realize they simply can't compete in the cinematic franchise space. I guess once you realize you can't win, the best you can hope to do in order to save face is pretend that you aren't even trying to compete.
  20. Actually, they never did. They removed him from the third Guardians movie and pretended to sever ties with him, but it was all for show. They never "re-hired" him either since he was never actually fired in the first place.
  21. Neither the first Star Trek reboot film nor The Force Awakens built a strong foundation for a franchise. In that sense he "kinda ruined" them, at least in my view and the view of many others. Handing him the reins of the clinically dead DCEU is not a solution, it is a eulogy.
  22. Well, J.J. Abrams kinda ruined Star Trek and Star Wars. This does not bode well for the tattered remnants of the DCEU. Everyone, including Warner Brothers, should just dispense with the idea that there is, or ever will be, a single cohesive DC cinematic universe. Without a WB/DC equivalent to Kevin Feige it's just not gonna happen. And no, a loosely (barely) connected collection of superhero movies do not a cinematic universe make. WB/DC would be better off just sticking to what they do best: animated tv shows and video game licensing, and leave the cinematic universes to the professionals.
  23. Yesterday's news that Feige would be producing a new Star Wars movie was Disney's brinkmate move. Sony's capitulation was inevitable.
  24. There's no denying that Perlmutter and Loeb are both sub-par hacks as producers go, but the tweet from MCU Direct makes it all about how they put up roadblocks to Black Panther and Capt. Marvel, painting Iger as the woke hero of Marvel's diversity push. The fact that it was a tweet could be partly responsible for that (not much room to elaborate), but I think they put the focus exactly where they wanted regardless.
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