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  1. In my experience, a team of opponents (villains + thugs) of equal point value is easy, medium, or hard based on the skills of the GM. A GM who knows how to coordinate the attacks (and powers) of his villains will be far more effective than their point totals suggest. A GM who is only a mediocre battlefield tactician is going to present an easy-to-medium challenge to a hero team of equivalent points.
  2. I kinda agree with Spence on this. Adobe has effectively priced the hobbyist out of their product suite.
  3. No. It is only 244 pages. Like I said, the 4e softcover Champions sourcebook had the same cover as the BBB.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Hero-Hero-Champions-4th-Ed-Champions-4th-Edition-SC-Fair/362963141875?epid=1604651865&hash=item54824a04f3:g:6u4AAOSwondeiTUA
  5. Well, fortunately Feige does not face such a binary choice. There are plenty of beautiful women out there with acting talent sufficient to carry off a role like Clea. Feige does not need a Meryl Streep for this. He really only requires an actress who can embody this particular role convincingly, even if she will never win an Oscar in her lifetime, just like, say, Gal Gadot.
  6. Yep. Softcover with the same art as the BBB. It is quite rare. They also did that for the 2nd edition books as well.
  7. I presume slikmar is referring to the latest episode where Mxy gives Kara an opportunity to fix things (with Lena) by going into various points in the past and telling Lena her secret identity, only to find that telling Lena was never a good idea under any circumstances.
  8. I feel that Champions Complete is more like the first three editions of Champions than it is like the 4e BBB. The latter had more comprehensive coverage of the superhero genre in its S and C sections. In fact, the S and C sections were later printed as the Champions genre book. 4e was really quite an elegant product line, IMO.
  9. The 4e BBB is also my favorite edition. In fact, it's my favorite RPG rulebook of all time.
  10. MJ and Clea have risen way beyond "supporting character" status, IMO. I feel they deserve as much fidelity to their traditional comic book depictions as Peter Parker and Stephen Strange.
  11. The original Star Fleet Battles game came with a rulebook that was small and readable. It was with the addition of all the supplements and follow-on games that the official rules became a massive tome requiring a three-ring binder ala Advanced Squad Leader. I guess this is the nature of successful systems that evolve and grow and amass a body of rules too big for beginners to digest. The HERO System has followed a somewhat similar path, though I think the issue there isn't one of "too many rules now" but one of "bloated presentation".
  12. Apparently Emily Blunt will be Clea. I liked Emily Blunt in Edge of Tomorrow, but she just doesn't look like Clea to me (i.e., she's just not pretty enough, IMO). I refer to this as Mary Jane Watson Syndrome. Hollywood has plenty of iconic drawings of these characters available to guide them, but insists on ignoring them. Pssst. Hey Hollywood, MJ should look like this:
  13. I guess what I mean is that either the rights revert to Disney or they don't. I don't think they can "seem" to revert.
  14. Yeah, it can be a real problem when the GM isn't well-versed in the conventions of the genre in play. But this particular GM also didn't grasp the vast difference in power levels between four-color supers and the default GURPS Fantasy setting. I was making characters appropriate for your average Champions campaign (e.g., a Colossus clone named Warhammer), but he was stuck in a conceptual space where he expected a few thugs with guns to be a serious threat. Because, after all, in his GURPS Fantasy campaign, a band of brigands with crossbows were deadly business to his typical adventurers.
  15. I played in a GURPS Supers game for a brief time back in the early '90s and it was awful. Part of that was due to the GM not really understanding the superhero genre (he was really a GURPS Fantasy guy), and part of it was due to the fact that GURPS simply does not scale up to superhero power levels without utterly breaking. Or at least, that was the case with GURPS 3rd edition; I wouldn't really know if 4th edition is any kind of improvement in this area. Moreover, the Supers book had glaring omissions. For example, in Supers 1st edition, there was a Flash attack but no Flash defense. At GenCon that year I asked Lloyd Blankenship (the book's author) why there was this glaring asymmetry and his reply was that he didn't believe that every attack in the game had to have a corresponding defense. I already had a deep disdain for GURPS as a whole, but that really put the last nail in its coffin for me.
  16. I think that's an astute observation, N-B. As the mecha genre evolved, it became more infused with samurai culture in Japan, whereas it became purely an expression of the technology culture in America. That's why mecha in anime move like people in samurai armor wielding katanas, whereas here in America mecha are primarily military ordnance on legs--ala BattleTech--emphasizing powerful ranged weaponry over the Japanese conceit of "pilots" squaring off as if they were dueling samurai. So I think it is important to know which mecha tradition one is trying to simulate in a campaign: the Japanese tradition or the American tradition (such as it is). Because in the former, mecha are probably best built as characters, whereas in the latter they are probably best built as vehicles.
  17. There seems to be confusion as to what "HERO" refers to. Does it refer to the system (i.e., the mechanics) or the presentation of the system? I think Scott is saying that you can't meaningfully streamline the HERO mechanics without altering them to a point where they resemble some other game rather than the HERO System, whereas Gnome seems to be focusing on the idea that the presentation of the game can be streamlined without altering the mechanics. I am of the mind that both are right, and that mechanics and presentation are orthogonal elements; radical changes to the latter need not have any impact on the former (nor, IMO, should they).
  18. The most straightforward way to represent Mecha in the HERO System is as huge vehicles. Unfortunately, the vehicle combat rules in HERO usually leave most players unsatisfied, particularly if they are looking for an experience akin to Battletech or Car Wars. Aside from the old Robot Warriors book that LL mentioned, I'm not aware of any official publication(s) that offer more detailed rules for Mecha-as-vehicles combat in HERO.
  19. I guess it depends on which cultural and literary traditions one's fantasy campaign is modeled after. European folklore from the medieval period is all about clear lines between good and evil, and characterizing "the other" as either savages or servants of the Devil (or both). A fantasy RPG that lives in that atmosphere of medieval superstition and fear of the unknown, which would likely include magic and those who wield it or are made of it, is going to be quite comfortable with axioms like All Orcs are Evil and All High Elves are Noble, etc. It is then up to the PCs to stand as exceptions to the stereotypes, giving them yet another way to feel like special snowflakes. In the "wrong hands", I guess that sort of campaign could serve to merely reinforce attitudes that are distasteful to contemporary groupthink, but in the hands of skillful, educated, and culturally enlightened GMs, these stereotypes could be used to teach valuable lessons.
  20. There have been countless attempts to overturn D&D's nomenclature for everything from "class" to "level" and everything in between, and they've all pretty much failed. I think the whole "race" vs. "species" windmill is simply not worth tilting. I feel that fantasy races, along with magic and fantastical beasts are what make a fantasy setting feel like fantasy. Without those elements, the game merely feels like alt-history.
  21. You're still getting less of the original full frame 4:3 broadcast image though. Compositionally it won't suffer thanks to the way Kenneth Johnson shot it, but I'd rather see a full 4:3 image letterboxed on the sides.
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