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Adventure Seed: Alt Deleted
Worlds collide after an experiment switches a doctor with her other self from another reality. Can you find the doctor's other self before reality falls in on itself? If you do, it only gets harder from there.
We publish new content every week, from adventures to comics to other bonus content for the Metahumans Rising RPG. Pick up a copy of the Super Powered RPG at Itch: https://housedok.itch.io/metahumans-rising
Enjoying the Steel Aces comic? We are independent creators. Help support our story, and get a ton of perks by joining the Patreon!
#Metahumans #Superheroes #TTRPG #TTRPGSolidarity #TTRPGRising
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Adventure Seed: Spider Jack Meets The Pumpkin Prince
Join us for the final adventure of Spider Jack. Learn the truth behind the haunting of Perez Park. Find out who has been pulling the strings all along, as reality breaks and the dream ends.
Want even more Spider Jack, Patrons get Exclusive Access to Diary Of A Madman, expanding on the lore around this Adventure Seed.
We publish new content every week, from adventures to comics to other bonus content for the Metahumans Rising RPG. Pick up a copy of the Super Powered RPG at Itch: https://housedok.itch.io/metahumans-rising
Enjoying the Steel Aces comic? We are independent creators. Help support our story, and get a ton of perks by joining the Patreon!
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Join us this Saturday, October 22nd at 7 PM Eastern, as we live stream Spider Jack Meets The Pumpkin Prince, the latest Halloween adventure for Metahumans Rising as part of an all day charity event hosted by Fool's Moon Entertainment Inc. 

There are great games going all day so log on anytime.


We look forward to seeing you there. 


#TTRPG #TTRPGRising #TTRPGCommunity #ActualPlay #ActualPlayRPG


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On 5/10/2020 at 1:03 PM, Certified said:

Metahuman News

As Memorial Day approaches we wanted to take a turn from our more light hearted adventures to reflect on events within the US, and at the same time acknowledge the long history of comics as a means to highlight inequality, and problems without our society. (Some great comic examples include Black Panther 19, Green Lantern & Green Arrow 76, and of course a whole lot of X-Men)

This adventure can be played without alteration, but provides guidance for an allegorical tale. Our goal was to give people an entertaining story, that while potentially uncomfortable at times will help inspire conversation and awareness of violence in our country.


This Adventure Seed was recently updated and is now available on Itch and DTRPG. 



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On 10/25/2020 at 10:46 AM, Certified said:

The Adventures of Spider Jack in the Cotton Candy Forest

Halloween is just around the corner. Children are telling stories of Spider Jack, the man who lives in the woods and decorates the trees with cotton candy. They are fun stories, until kids begin going missing. Join us for some wicked fun, and uncover the mystery of Spider Jack.

Patrons get access to bonus content like, more on Elder Speech, an alternative to fighting Spider Jack, and new options for defeating him. Also, ways to cure Jacklings.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Metahumans


For Halloween, we uploaded another adventure! 


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On 11/22/2020 at 10:38 AM, Certified said:

Gobbler III: Foulest Kaiju


It seems this thread came after the first Gobbler adventure. Here we go though: 


Gobbler: The Tide of Turkey
With turkey day creeping up on us, House Dok is re-releasing the first full Gobbler adventure seed, the Tide of Turkey, with expanded content. The PDF is available on both Itch and Drive Thru for the price of whatever you want it to be. 

Save the city from a flock of gigantic turkeys, then head off Gobbler himself before he reaches the city. 

We hope you enjoy this silly holiday one shot.   


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On 9/27/2020 at 11:10 AM, Certified said:

Adventure Seed: Poisoned Apples, Part 1
Who is the Dog Catcher, and why did the police let him go after being captured? It starts with a cellphone video, but quickly spirals into more. Can you uncover the truth, without being framed as a criminal?



P.S. I think this was the first time I used the ACAB tag on any game related post, although it probably shouldn't have been.


Poisoned Apples: Who Let The Dog Out? - A Metahumans Rising Adventure (Part 2 of the Iron Cycle)

A criminal returns to the city only to continue enforcing his corrupt dogma. The heroes stopping him is only the first part of the story, as evidence around his escape from police custody afterwards emerges.


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On 11/28/2020 at 12:41 PM, Certified said:

Poll: Dec Adventure Seed 
It's that time of year again, sleigh bells ringing, the Nazi's are scheming, and the Krampus's eyes are gleaming. Help support indie roleplaying games by becoming a #Patron & vote for your favorite tory idea!

Option 1: Stille Nacht II: Holly Has Fallen: This adventure follows the events of Stille Nacht with the Eisenreich's new plan to coopt Christmas into a sign of Nazi superiority. Using their Iron Sleigh led my a cybernetic monster thought to be long dead, the Eisenreich will unleash terror across the world. For those who want to catch up, here's a link to the original adventure: http://housedok.com/stille-nacht-the-iron-santa-initiative/

Option 2: Naughty!: For years the power of the Krampus has been contained, but he has stolen brother's sleigh and will soon bring justice to the world, for there are no good children left! If the heroes cannot stop Krampus, every living being will be caged, thrashed, and cooked down into coal. 

Option 3: Unholy Knight: While people around the world celebrate, the Queen in Red has other plans. Crafting a ritual that taps into the spirit of the season, the Queen will open a portal to the Outer Realms, resurrecting Mordred, the Hell Knight once more and warping the lands around them to their image. 




Stille Nacht: The Iron Santa Initiative - A Metahumans Rising Adventure
It's Christmas time, so how about a Christmas one shot! Save Santa, punch Nazi's and make it home in time for the holiday. 


Want to help spread the word?

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On 6/6/2021 at 10:38 AM, Certified said:

Adventure Seed: The Immortal’s Trail
What starts as your run of the mill museum heist evolves into a globe trotting adventure through history. Walk the Immortal's Trail, and uncover the secrets of Pythagoras.  

Want a preview of what's in store? Check out our Actual Play on the Wandering DM's Twitch stream. 
Part 1: Museum Troubles https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1037520476
Part 2: On The Immortal's Trail https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1045063546


The Immortal’s Trail - A Metahumans Rising Adventure
What starts as a museum robbery turns into a globe trotting adventure. The heroes must face off against Nazi holdouts, deal with government agents, a mysterious cult, and finally confront an immortal madman.
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On 8/30/2020 at 10:50 AM, Certified said:

Adventure Seed: Gene Jackers
Your heroes are in Chimera’s sights. The techno-organic cult is looking to improve their shock troops and they want your blood to do it! Gene Jackers can be played as is, or spread out across other adventures, as Chimera slowly collects the genetic material they need to improve their soldiers.


Gene Jackers - A Metahumans Rising Adventure
This two in one adventure pits the heroes in the middle of an emerging gang war as Chimera set their sights on their genetic code for the next iteration of Drifter soldiers.
Can you stop a war, and Chimera at the same time?
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On 5/8/2022 at 11:39 AM, Certified said:

New adventure time! Sorry for the day, but this one got an actual play stream and I didn't want to spoil it!


Adventure Seed: The Fear Factory
Dreams are powerful tools, and Chimera is not above weaponizing them. Unfortunately for our heroes, the nightmare begins after they wake up. 

If you caught our livestream with Fool's Moon, you may have an idea of what's coming! 


The Fear Factory - A Metahumans Rising Adventure

After being abducted the heroes find themselves in a strange lab. As they struggle to escape, they find their worst fears have somehow slipped into the real world.

Is escape even possible or are they sinking deeper into Chimera’s Fear Factory?



Want to help spread the word? 

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On 2/14/2021 at 9:30 AM, Certified said:

Adventure Seed: A Valentine in Red & Black
Love is in the air, and that's a power some hope to capitalize on. The mysterious Queen in Red is siphoning the very love from the world to reshape reality, and pull a soul back from the abyss. 


Updated and expanded 


A Valentine in Red & Black - A Metahumans Rising Adventure

The immortal Queen in Red has plans this Valentine’s Day. It begins with sapping the love and joy from the world, and ends with her piercing the abyss and calling back her servant Mordred, the Hellknight.

Itch: https://housedok.itch.io/a-valentine-in-red

DTRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/5388/House-Dok-Productions

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On 3/15/2020 at 1:08 PM, Certified said:

Metahuman News
This week we take a break from our martial arts series to bring our readers a new One Shot Adventure, On A Black Horse. With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, our story delves into the origins of the holiday along with the history and lore of Ireland. On A Black Horse pits heroes against a headless rider who stalking the mortal world for the first time in centuries. Can they uncover the mysteries of the Dullahan before it is too late?  
Content Warning: The following adventure contains occult elements, and discusses Celtic and Christian religion and history. Imagery may be inappropriate for young readers. 



This month we are updating one of my favorite adventure seeds so far. 


On A Black Horse - A Metahumans Rising Adventure
Find out what happens when the fae decide to take a personal interest in the local St. Patrick's Day celebrations. It will take heroism, cunning, and a bit of luck to survive this holiday romp. 

Itch: https://housedok.itch.io/on-a-black-horse

DTRPG: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/429151/On-A-Black-Horse--A-Metahumans-Rising-Adventure

Help spread the word: https://twitter.com/HouseDokPro/status/1632431827444178945

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